Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Hoax Alert: Abdullah Al Sabah The Kuwaiti Prince 'Convert' to Christianity Does Not Seemingly Exist

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The claims on the net about a member of the Kuwaiti royal family "Abdullah al-Sabah" converting to Christianity have no evidence to them at all. It really seems like a hoax. Honest people should stop propagating this story

I could not find anything on the internet to even verify this 'person's existence never mind the purported conversion to Christianity.

There's nothing independent on the internet to prove his existence and furthermore, there are quotes stating he does not even exist on the list of Kuwaiti princes: Some independent websites with Shiite leanings denied the reports and quoted another Kuwaiti prince,Azbi al-Sabah, who said: “There’s no one by that name in the Kuwaiti royal family.” In actual fact, the name Abdullah does not appear on the list of the 15 members of the royal family who rule this small, extremely wealthy country in different capacities [news2onlinenigeria.com]

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