Tuesday, 22 March 2016

James White's Bigoted Comments About Middle Easterners, Africans and Asians

Dr James White disparages non-Westerners as unsophisticated in their approach to logic, reasoning, argumentation and etiquette. I understand recently he has been criticised by some folks on his comments he made about an African American teen. Those comments indeed lacked wisdom to be mild. However, I don't think folk can label him a racist for those comments although they are problematic.

The comments about Non-Westerners are troublesome. He stereotypes Middle Easterners as dim-witted folk

Firstly his comments on an African Christian (Mr Wario) were replete with condescension and bigotry:

Mr. Wario is not a Westerner in outlook. Sometimes this leads to not only linguistic, but logical problems..

..So aside from providing a rebuttal to what Mr. Wario is claiming (the rebuttal is found in allowing my entire statements to stand as a whole) I think we have here an example of the cultural chasm as well. Often Westerners are left standing with their mouths open at the kinds of arguments Muslims find convincing. Ahmed Deedat is a great example of this. So often his arguments were so shallow, so poor, so disjointed, and yet you will find men shouting Allahu akhbar! in response. Why? There seems to be a cultural chasm at times that is difficult to bridge. Part of it may be language based, but much of it goes beyond mere language. Insistence upon logical thought, coherence, context, argument, is not necessarily the same across cultural boundaries.

The video of James White talking to Mr Wario is here:

If this video does not play, it's also uploaded here

James White's comments about Middle Easterners and were absurd

James White was called out for his bigoted comments about Middle Easterners. In fact an Arab Christian called his comments racist.

If this video does not play please see here

Instead of retracting his comments James White's pride got in the way. He stuck by his comments and made himself look foolish again.

If this video does not play please see here

James White needs to learn from his mistakes. Society moved on - this is not 1975. Society demands folk talk about other races with care, sensitivity and respect. I personally think James White knows his comments were in bad taste and were unedifying but he is stubborn thus struggles to backtrack and apologise.

James White is an elder at Phoenix Reformed Baptist church thus folk would expect a higher standard of behaviour, respect and humility from him. It clearly was lacking here.

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