Monday, 26 September 2016

Yusuf Ismail on Christian Apologetics

We had the privilege and honour in getting Yusuf Ismail's thoughts on various apologetics approaches that are prevalent amongst Christian evangelicals today. Yes, the hot potato of Christian minimalists was covered! Yusuf is a true gentleman, a really well-read individual and a brilliant orator. See the timeline below the video for rough time frames and discussion topics.

0.55 - Yusuf Ismail discusses his journey into apologetics; how and why he got into apologetics and dawah to Christians including how Shk. Ahmed Deedat influenced him in his formative years.

8.45 - Christian apologists using South Africa as a place to kick-start their careers in Muslim-Christian dialogue. The pioneering role of South Africa in Christian-Muslim dialogue in the English speaking world.

11.00 - Yusuf discusses the religious and apologetics landscape of South Africa and whether the secular ascendancy which has decimated Christian communities in Western Europe has taken hold in SA.

17.00 - Yusuf speaks about the South African Christian apologist John Gilchrist and contrasts him with some of the superficial and crude Christian polemicists operating in American fundamentalist Christian circles.

22.00 - Yusuf touches on the approaches of some of his past opponents in debate: James White (presuppositionalist), Mike Licona and William Lane Craig (pragmatic minimalists) and Jay Smith (revisionism and emotionalism). In this segment there's a broad and balanced discussion on James White leaving the door open for further debates between Yusuf Ismail and James White.

38.00 Yusuf Ismail recollects his debate with Mike Licona on the Resurrection belief

46.00 Yusuf tackles the question of why the minimalist movement amongst Christian evangelicals is becoming so widespread and how Muslims can interact with this Christian approach. Biblical inerrancy and its history is discussed in this segment too

100.00 Yusuf critiques the gutter-form of engagement that arises from the Sam Shamoun, Usama Dakdok and David Wood polemical approach. He elaborates on why this approach is popular amongst American evangelicals and how one can oppose such an approach.

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