Friday, 16 December 2016

Bart Ehrman and James White to Debate Whether Jesus was Yahweh According to the New Testament Authors?

There could be a debate on the horizons. James White challenged Dr Bart Ehrman to a debate on whether the New Testament authors thought Jesus was Yahweh. Well, it turned out Dr Ehrman was notified of this challenge by a comment on his blog and he has now responded opening the door to a possible debate.

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I'm not sure why James never contacted Dr Ehrman but if he's serious and he was not just offering a load of bluster for his followers who make up his echo chamber one would expect him to be rushing to email Dr Ehrman to set this debate up. Considering Dr Bart Ehrman called James White offensive and not a nice chap I think James would do well to take some of Sam Shamoun's advice to ensure the interaction, this time round, goes off smoothly and yields a meaningful dialogue without any negative baggage and resentment.

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This is the type of argument James White would expect to come up against in a debate on the theology of the New Testament authors from Dr Bart Ehrman.

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