Saturday, 3 April 2010

Islamophobe Takes the Biscuit!

An Islamophobe from India (MrAryansurya) stated:

Muslims are Demons in Human form, These demons doesn't require sympathy or Respect.

This comment was made on aYouTube video, this just illustrates the depth which the anti-Muslim sentiment has reached on the internet. The internet reflects real life, we needto realise Islamophobia to be real. Muslims and fair non-Muslims need to join forces in opposing this wave of hatred

Note: I have dealt with the "demonic" claim previously:


Single Winged Butterfly said...

Such Hatred!

Single Winged Butterfly said...

Can u put some facts about salat? My Islam homework says I need to learn 5 things about salat for every salat I make.

Responding to Christians said...

This is the rise of neo nazism. And we find christians nazis, hindu nazis, jewish nazis, atheist nazis, etc all seeking the holocaust of muslims. Islam will prevail coz it is the truth, never mind however much the disbelievers may dislike it.