Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sami Zaatari Responds to Ann Coulter's Islamophobia


Ali said...

Well yayah David doesn't seem to like muslim responses to what he and other christian spread. Not even a week goes by and posts some stuff about you.

I fail to see how David is a doctor. To be one you need patience and knoweledge. He didn't bring any when he blocked me off his site for refuting his little myth on honour killings.

What is with Christian and Aisha? How many times do we need to answer such things? Evidence points towards how Aisha was mature and everyone else around her as well at that age were mature. I don't get why Christians always deny evidence? Its also a trend for them to attack 3 world undeveloped countries that suffer from poverty, literacy and political stability and somehoe tie that to Islam. But here in the developed West not a month goes by to hear rapings and murders by priests and other high levels of christian authority. Many of whom bring biblical evidence. Contradictory to the Muslims who do the same anywhere in the world. Those who murder or rape or do whatever a christian wants to hear gets verses tied to them automatically. Is it some holy spirit thing that makes them do this? Because i can't think of anything else.

Yahya Snow said...

Actually concerning his doctorate...I was wondering the same thing whilst responding to his latest piece

Yep..They seem like talking about that issue. It is sadbecasue it wastes time in the sense that wecould have been comparing their core belief (3 in 1 god/s) to the Islamic belief of Abrahamic pure monotheism.
In my view Islamic montheism is better.

Well...personally I avoid mentioning the "holy spirit" because they seem to genuinelybelieve init and get offended so I shun away from that issue.
It has nothing to do with the holy spirit...their behaviour more due to a lack of spirituality and scholarship imo should doYouTube vids too. If you are on YouTube then let me know your handle so I can see your material
May Allah guide us all and forgive us our mistakes. Ameen

minoria said...

Hello Yahya:
The title says Islamophobia.Banning Muslims from flyng is MUSLIMOPHOBIA,since ISLAM is ideas.You can't ban judaism,atheism,communism,capitalism from flying.One can criticize IDEAS,those of Islam(Islamophobia,as it's put).

Yahya Snow said...


Semantics :)
Clever BUT surely if a Muslim is decalred aMuslim by following Islam then the twogo handin hand...Muslimophobia = Islamophobia

Thanks for the thoughtful incite


minoria said...

Hello Yahya:
I know in practice Muslims used Islamophobia(ideas) to mean Islamophobia=Islamophobia + muslimophobia(persons who believe in it).

Muslims are the only group to make the mixture.Every other group willingly accepts the sepration,like Judeophobia=Judeophobia(not Judeophobia + Judaismophobia).

For clarity the 2 have to be kept separate.