Thursday, 9 September 2010

Angelina Jolie Slams Pastor Terry Jones (and Supports Muslims)

It appears Angelina Jolie is rocking the boat of ingrained attitudes of a bygone era. As far as my memory spans back into time the perception has always been of the Church being the morally decent and well-reputed whilst those spiritually impoverished from the debauched echelons of Hollywood were lacking in decency whilst drowning in their egos.

In my cyber-vocation of investigating Christian outreaches, missionaries and internet ministries for accuracy, consistency and morality I have been shocked by the sheer irreligious nature of such; a genuine lack of honesty and scruples.

Now, just imagine my shock and horror in hearing of a PASTOR from the “Dove World Outreach Center”, Dr Terry Jones, announcing his intent to have a burn the Quran day on September 11th - can you imagine a “religious” authority acting in such an outrageously childish, reckless and offensive fashion? . This state of shock was perpetuated and further compounded by Angelina Jolie’s heart-warming visit to Pakistan.

Angelina Jolie, despite not being trained in any religious or spiritual capacity (as far as I know) was willing and able to put aside stereotypes and prejudice in favour of humanity by going out and helping the Muslims of Pakistan whilst the reckless egomaniac Pastor Terry Jones was scheming and working his hate-filled agenda assiduously. Do you not see a fundamental problem here? Angelina Jolie (from Hollywood) out-performs a Pastor (from the Church) in humanity and basic decency.

Cultural Sensitivities – Jolie Vs Pastor Jones

Angelina Jolie even had the foresight and decency to dress in a culturally sensitive fashion – a fashion which would have removed her to a back seat and given the platform of publicity, mainly, to the plight of the poor Pakistanis. This, my friends, is a selfless act and certainly free from ego.

How does the Christian Pastor fare in this regard? Well, whilst many Muslims in Pakistan are suffering from the effects of the flooding the Pastor had a real disconnection from concern and humanity and his eyes were firmly fixed on publicity at the cost of offending billions of Muslims worldwide. Quite simply the Pastor had no concern for cultural sensitivities or wisdom – he wanted his mug in the spotlight. What a sad egomaniac.

Hollywood shows the Church up (Again)

There is very little wonder as to why the Church is losing influence and followers in the West. Christians have put their own ego-laden agendas ahead of humanity and decency whilst the traditionally decadent institute of Hollywood continues to score moral victories over the Church.

Angelina Jolie Slams Pastor Terry Jones’ Evil Scheme of Burning the Quran

Jolie was asked about pastor Terry Jones’ intentions of burning the Quran, she offered a response which poured scorn upon the moral-midget that is Terry Jones:

"I have hardly the words that somebody would do that to somebody's religious book," she told reporters in Islamabad after returning from overflowing refugee camps in the northwest part of the country.
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It says it all when somebody from Hollywood is educating and rebuking somebody from a supposed “church”. Amazing, truly amazing!

Beaten + Humiliated by Angelina Jolie: The egomaniac that is Pastor Terry Jones

Terry Jones should grow up and have a rethink. What matters more to him - his ego or humanity? Pastor Terry Jones has failed this particular investigation for morality; his ministry has been brought into disrepute. Ministries being brought to shame is nothing new and is in fact a phenomenon which is becoming increasingly regular in occurence

UPDATE: It appears Pastor Terry Jones has had a change of heart I received this update from the BonsaiSky YouTube channel:
Ok, now he's "rethinking" his canceling of the Quran burning. Whatever that means. Like I said, if he does it, more people will come to Islam. Decisions. Decisions.

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