Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mass Muslim Marriage and Rape of Prepubescent Girls: Hoax

Lies about Islam

There is an Islamophobe hoax circulating the internet which showcases a Hamas mass wedding celebration and claims the brides were all prepubescent girls. A couple of key picture the Islamophobes use in this “Hamas pedophile” hoax:

Now then, the Islamophobes allege the prepubescent girls in this picture were being married off to the men and subsequently move seamlessly onto their sinister agenda of painting Muslim men as paedophiles and rapists. The reality is the girls in the picture were not the brides but were family members of the brides/grooms who were getting married– the girls pictured were NOT getting married.

It was simply a bunch of pictures (and video footage) from a Palestinian (Hamas) mass marriage celebration. This fact is confirmed by a SKY NEWS reporter, Tim Marshall, who was present at the marriage celebration; Tim Marshall was indeed livid at the sinister nature of the hoax as a result he came out to expose the hoax.

Tim Marshall went to the extent of leaving comments on the sites which ran with the hoax “paedophile marriage” claims:

“Dozens, and I mean dozens, of websites took the video of the event and wrote lurid stories about Hamas mass paedophilia with headlines about '450 child brides', and endless copy about how disgusting this was…I spent a few hours visiting websites and leaving comments where I could. To little avail.

Instead I received a steady stream of vitriol. The best response was on a site run by a Debbie Schlussel . The guy who posted it said he wasn't interested in the detail. The detail being the fact that the girls weren't the brides.

It showed how much some people want to believe nonsense like this, as it re-inforces their prejudices.. "

In fact, Hamas also denounced the hoax and confirmed most of the girls who were married were above the age of 18 and the youngest was 16. [2]


There was no mass marriage of prepubescent girls (or any rape for that matter). The girls pictured were NOT the brides but were actually the family members attending the wedding celebrations.

Somebody started this hoax off deceptively or through a lack of research and scrutiny. Sadly hateful, ignorant and unwise people spread this hoax all over the internet.

Herein lies the problem, people are willing to throw aside scrutiny and in some cases even fabricate plus invent in a malicious capacity in order to have a dig at Muslims and mudsling at Islam.

My dear friends learn about Islam from the Muslims rather than anti-Muslim hate sites. A funny quote I recently heard from a YouTube user (qwertyfshag): “don’t visit retarded anti-Muslim sites because they will make you retarded”
For further information on the concerning this hoax see hoax slayer:


[1] Tim Marshall from Sky News


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