Thursday, 14 October 2010

Foul Mouth Scandal: Walid Shoebat’s Son!!! (Ted Shoebat)

Meet Theodore Shoebat and his Foul Language

Recently we unearthed Walid Shoebat’s “mark of the beast” hoax and now we have just discovered a further scandal in the Shoebat household. Allow me to introduce Walid Shoebat’s son, Theodore Shoebat (Ted Shoebat), with the potty-mouth-scandal. Having just turned my glass of scrutiny towards Walid Shoebat, I had NO idea Ted Shoebat even existed. Here is Ted Shoebat’s shocking language on a Christian satellite station; the Christian host (ABNSat’s Samar Gorial) is left gob-smacked:

Theodore Shoebat - Deceptive? 

Who is Theodore (Ted) Shoebat?

Of course, we already know Ted is the son of his infamous father but our readers may not be aux fait with Ted Shoebat’s aspiration of emulating and even out-doing his father:

"Dad you think you are a marked man, that will be nothing compared to me.”

Ted is clearly looking for a whole load of condemnation and limelight; his language has certainly found him a spot of controversy and condemnation. It has also led us to further investigate Shoebat Jnr.

A Book at the Age of 16?

Ted Shoebat seems to have penned a book at the age of 16. Who decide to publish it? Walid Shoebat’s pals. Who decided to edit it? Nobody, the grammatical and spelling errors in the blurb serve as sufficient evidence Ted Shoebat’s writing skills are hardly authorship material. Whatever happened to the days when people would undertake serious study before penning a book – like father like son? Walid Shoebat’s misguided and ignorant “mark of the beast” presentation seems to have set a shoddy standard many missionaries are following.

Ted’s Book is In Satan’s Footsteps (published by Top Executive Media) - Theodore is in Walid’s Footsteps

It appears Theodore Shoebat is espousing wacky and paranoid conspiracy theories, I guess Walid Shoebat must have taught him the art of selling a book to the gullible fundamentalist Christian brigade is to inject some sensational conspiracy theories.

“Apparently the book advances the thesis that Islam, Darwinism and Mormonism are part of a grand conspiracy against Christianity” [1]

A word of advice to Theodore; don’t follow the misleading and shoddy ways of your father, Walid Shoebat. In short, don’t follow the footsteps of your father.

Walid Shoebat is Making Money with Theodore?

“All are invited to dine with Walid and his son, Theodore Shoebat, to hear more of Walid’s message concerning the Islamic agenda for Christians and the United States of America.
And what actually is a “prophesy dinner”?
… Admission is $35.00 per person including a dinner of carved roast beef plus dessert.” [1]

$35 dollars a pop? Hmmm, I think I will give events of this nature a miss.

[1] From:

Theodore Shoebat’s Bio (in his own words), click to enlarge.


Learn about Islam, here.

Muslims are the brothers/sisters of Jesus

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anonymousing said...

why do they call him ted? if his names theodore call him theo.

many bad christians are in ministry

Anonymous said...

Why are you so down on Ted's spelling and poor writing style? After all, an inability to spell and write well hasn't stopped you from writing.

Yahya Snow said...


Very witty :)

My errors are largely due to typographical mistakes...I don't have the time to review my posts in a detailed fashion.

However, our friend, Ted, is SELLING his book...despite this he cannot spell Mormon correctly

Why did you opt to comment on a side issue rather than Ted's bad language and bigotry (see the video)?

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

You call Walid's mark of the beast theory a hoax yet I have not seen any video or blog post on this from you. I have seen the codex vaticanus and what Walid says has a very good point.

You attack his son and make several personal attacks like spelling mistakes in his book etc. Where is the evidence, I'm sure most of your statements are based on assumptions.

Ibn said...

Anonymous: I have seen the codex vaticanus and what Walid says has a very good point.

James White doesn't think so. Read it for yourself here

Now tell me Anonymous. Why are you such an idiot?

Yahya Snow said...


I link to my video refutation of Walid's misleading "mark of the beast" claim.

The video is actually on a number of sites you can view it here:

You would do well to look into Ibn's information and note Dan Wallace also denounced Walid Shoebat's misinformation.

Again, I point you to watch ALL 6mins of my video refutation as it is quite clear Shoebat is not interested in accuracy:


Anonymous said...


James White is a Baptist who debates Catholics. From his youtube video's it is clear that Catholics and Muslims fall under the same category for him. The codex vaticanus in its earliest form is with the Vatican. If you have a look at the codex that is published by the Vatican online, it is the same as the picture that Walid draws.

I particularly object to James White reasoning that the word allah looked different in the oldest quranic scripts. If you go by the Bible account, Revelations is a vision that the apostle John had. It is silly to state that he should have had a vision with allah written as in the earliest Quranic text rather than how it is written today.

Ibn said...

Anonymous: James White is a Baptist who debates Catholics. From his youtube video's it is clear that Catholics and Muslims fall under the same category for him

I asked you why you were such an idiot. What does James White being a Baptist who debates Catholics and Muslims have to do with you being an idiot? Instead of actually answering my question, you do more idiotic things, such as bringing up the red herring about James White. If you are saying that James White's refutation of Shoebat does not carry weight because White debates Catholics, then in addition to a red herring you are also committing the genetic fallacy. What about Daniel Wallace who also refuted Shoebat's vacuous claim?

But there's more of your idiocy.

You say: If you go by the Bible account, Revelations is a vision that the apostle John had. It is silly to state that he should have had a vision with allah written as in the earliest Quranic text rather than how it is written today

Talk about circular arguments!

Both James White and Daniel Wallace show that the transcription of the mark of the beast in Greek does not resemble the Basmallah in Arabic. What does Anonymous say in response? That Apostle John was having a vision of how Allah is written in modern Arabic!!!!! If this is not a circular argument, I don't know what is.

In order to put an end to the pathetic idiocy of Anonymous once and for all, I have uploaded an image which compares the modern Basmallah to the mark of the beast as found in the relevant Codex. Here's the link

Unfortunately for Anonymous, even the modern Arabic rendering of Basmallah does not cohere with what Apostle John saw as per Anonymous' vacuous circular reasoning. Perhaps John was having a wet dream like Nabeel Qureishi?

Ibn said...

In case the picture does not come through, here's another link

1moremuslim said...


James White is a Baptist ....

So a baptist cannot say something true!!! James White says that Jesus is God the son of God, he must be wrong, Cause he is a baptist.

Ibn said...

Shoebat? Dingbat is more like it.

Ibn said...

Anonymous: I don't think nabeel's dreams involved 72 virgins and perpetual erections. You've mistaken nabeel for your prophet. That's the kind of mistake idiots make. The worst kind of idiot follows the idiot who says such a dream is from Allah.

What an idiotic loser! I give a detailed refutation of Walid Dingbat's nonsensical theory and what does Anonymous do? He goes from defending Walid Dingbat to defending Nabeel Querishi's wet dreams which has nothing to do with the topic at hand!! And Anonymous still won't admit he's an idiot!

In conclusion, James White and Daniel Wallace has shown Walid Dingbat to be egregiously and deceptively wrong when he said the Greek writing of the Mark of the Beast is the same as the Arabic Basmallah. All Anonymous did was offer a red herring and a circular argument. In the end, he also realized that truth was not on his side so he switched to defending Nabeel Querishi's wet dreams.

RefutingActs17 said...

Only if you supporters of Nabeel Qureshi truly knew why he left Ahmadism for Christianity. To bad we have to respect privacy. I'm really thinking about that interview Yahya....I hope you know what I'm talking about ;)

Anonymous said...

Idiot, I don't agree with Shoebat's claim. More than one person can comment anonymously, dummy.

You brought up Nabeel, so bite the bullet of your red-herring charge. You are only complaining now because all your foul mouth comments about others are not only easily directed at you, but all the more so against your prophet.

Ibn said...

Anonymous: Idiot, I don't agree with Shoebat's claim.

Christian Taqiyya in action!

Anonymous: More than one person can comment anonymously, dummy.

Christian Taqiyya in action!

Anonymous said...

Oh brother!

Anonymous said...

Next the idiot will tell us about Christian butt wiping procedure and the Christian way of getting Satan out of one's nose.

Anonymousing said...

wait thats all he called islam?
Islam is rubbish and bollocks!

bol·locks   /ˈbɒləks/ Show Spelled
[bol-uhks] Show IPA

1. ( used with a plural verb ) Vulgar . ballocks.
2. ( used with a singular or plural verb ) British Vulgar . rubbish; nonsense; claptrap (often used interjectionally).

1. Waste material; refuse or litter: "an alleyway high with rubbish".
2. Material that is considered unimportant or valueless: "she had to sift through the rubbish in every drawer".

is that all he said? lol? is there more?

Anonymousing] said...

"Look at the ladys reaction" - serious yahya?

she is about to open her mouth and ask a question like Samar always does. Only though ur lenses yahya, u see what u want to see.

YFC777 said...

I personally feel all the "Foul mouth" and "Fake Muslim exposed" video's should stop unless you really come across something genuine. I did not find Ted Shoebat's language foul, I can see more foul language on this post rather than the video.

Just to give you an example, I just saw a video a few minutes ago about Sam calling a person in the paltalk chat room cancer to the society. The video played this statement over and over again. The video itself is self contradictory because Sam is reacting to the person yelling at him at the top of his voice.. To the unbiased mind, this person yelling on top of his voice is a lot more insulting than Sam.
All of the above are my personal comments, hope I haven't miss represented anyone.

Yahya Snow said...


Your next excuse will be that she was yawning.


Nobody was shouting at Sam in that clip..I have the ENTIRE audio clip..stop making false excuses up for Shamoun

Anonymousing said...

BTW the first anonymousing that posted, i believe to be, a muslim impostor.(didint notice that at first)

Cuz it was not me.

And no yahya, she wasnt "yawning", but she was about to slip in a question, like Samar always does.

YFC777 said...

@Yahya Snow: Apart from religious differences we seem to have cultural and linguistic differences as well. What you consider "foul mouth" seems tolerable to me. What I consider "yelling" you consider "not yelling".

Below is the link to the video I was referring to, I believe it has been made by you or someone you know. Let the viewers decide for themselves who is more insulting and if that is yelling or not.