Friday, 26 November 2010

Are Coptic Christians Forced to Convert to Islam?

Coptic family converts to Islam

There is no force. Coptics come to the Truth of Islam through the guidance of Allah. All praise is due to Allah. If you are a Coptic Christian please pray to Allah and ask for guidance to the Truth.

Coptics finding the True path

Here we have a FAMILY of Coptic Christians who converted to Islam. One of the problems our Coptic brothers and sisters encounter is that of misinformation. Sadly, some Coptic Christians peddle lies about Islam within their communities in order to keep their dwindling Christian communities.These individuals should desist immediately and fear Allah.

The Truth is more important than the traditions of their Coptic forefathers. In fact, clinging onto a religion due to your cultural heritage is insincere and far from the attitude of the truth-seeker.

Video testimony: Coptic Christians converting to Islam

Mansoor Faraj Puts Truth first

An Egyptian Coptic Christian brother embraces Islam with his whole family. He offers his testimony of faith in the oneness of God and the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH).

He talks about his path to finding the truth amid all the twisted attacks on Islam among some of the Coptic Egyptians and the attacks on anyone who dares to converts to Islam in this Muslim country.

Emotional: New Coptic brothers and sisters

Our new Brother Mansoor Faraj is joind by wife, his son, and two daughter. They all talk about how beautiful it is that they found the truth after existing in a void. The ladies get emotional when talking about the ONEESS of Allah the Allmighty (SWT), and about their fear of Azab Alqabr (torment of the grave) and the Hellfire. It is such a beautiful thing to see the whole family come to the light after living a void existance. MashaAllah!!!

Invitation to the Truth

Would you like to worship the Creator of ALL that exists? It would be amazing to do so, right? If you want this spiritually fulfilling experience please become a Muslim today:

Learn more about the Bible:

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Anonymous said...

A Middle Eastern journalist has revealed that “one of the most explosive issues in the relations between Christians and Muslims of Egypt is the abduction of Christian Coptic minor girls, to force them to embrace Islam, after humiliating and demeaning them psychologically and morally.”

Mary Abdelmassih, in a story for the Assyrian International News Agency ( said, “This dangerous phenomenon which appeared in the 1970s and which has become a lucrative business for all Muslim participants including the Egyptian State Security has been steadily on the rise, with reports surfacing weekly of several disappearances without trace of Coptic girls.”

Abdelmassih went on to say that Zeenahom (Suzan) Nady Adly, 19-years old, “is one of the fortunate girls who was able to return home, after being drugged and abducted by Muslims to force her conversion to Islam.

The journalist said that according to the girl’s story, as she went out at night on Saturday, June 12, 2010, to buy soft drinks for some visitors at home, she was stopped by two Muslim men, who sprayed a substance in her face, making her lose consciousness.

“When I regained consciousness nearly two hours later, I found myself in the building of the Islamic Sharia Association in Minia, facing a shaikh [Islamic scholar] who tried to intimidate and force me to convert to Islam,” reported Freecopts advocacy in a taped interview with Zeenahom. “He tried to convince me that I would be safer marrying a Muslim, and leaving the area.”


- June 29, 2010 in Continental News, all emphasis mine.

Anonymous said...

[I]n Egypt, Christian Solidarity International and the Coptic Foundation for Human Rights released a new report detailing rampant abuse of Christian women by Muslims: “Cases of abduction, forced conversion and marriage are usually accompanied by acts of violence which include rape, beatings, deprivation of food and other forms of physical and mental abuse." John Eibner of Christian Solidarity International wrote a letter to Barack Obama about the treatment of Christian women, asking him to speak out and noting: “Trafficking of Christian women in Egypt is not a new phenomenon..."

- 12/25/2009 from Human Events Media

Ali said...

anonymous Christians also abuse Muslims. Muslim women are also frequently raped by christians. christians also burn muslim homes and kill apostates (i have this all on my blog)

nonetheless, what those Muslims do is unislamic. egypt btw is also quite secular, with alcohol legal to muslims. isn't that contradictory of islam as well?

Ali said...

furthermore anonymous, the web is flooded with christian sites. it's hard to find what christians do to muslims.

maratsafin said...

christians are at the forefront of decpetion, paul used any method possible to evangelize people even going around and saying he is the main apostle or at least insuniating it and this deception has carried on throughout the ages.
i bet nearly all of the information anonyMOUSE has posted is false and i really dont understand why people like anonymouse call coptics christians if he/she is reformed or fundy protestants like most of those that come and post thier idiotic comments here they do not regard coptics as christians since they are like the roman church and even have thier own pope. so i am guessing all these fake concern is not really about the welfare of the coptics but just another reason to bash muslims.

YFC777 said...

Ali said "furthermore anonymous, the web is flooded with christian sites. it's hard to find what Christians do to muslims."

I disagree, on the contrary the media is always on the look out for any news of involving Christians doing something wrong against Muslims. When Muslims are a victim of hate crimes the news is sensationalized and played over and over. However when Muslims are the one's doing the crime the media tries to be politically correct and hide any information that can give a clue of the persons religion.

You can disagree with me all you want but if you look at the mainstream media this is exactly what is happening in most western countries.

Ibn said...

YFCC: You can disagree with me all you want but if you look at the mainstream media this is exactly what is happening in most western countries.

Never heard of Fox News?

YFC777 said...


I knew someone would bring up Fox news. I agree Fox is the only American news network that "seems" to be pro Christian at times. All others are more about not hurting minority sentiments. In countries where Muslims are minorities the media tends to favor Muslims. The same cannot be said abt the media where Muslims are in majority and Christians in minority. Just yesterday I was watching a video of a Pakistani news channel verbally attacking human rights activists because they wanted to save a person from being put to death due to blasphemy charges.

prince of reeses pieces said...

media emerged as a propaganda tool and continues to be. It should be no surprise that in the middle east muslims are hearing about the claims against the fundametnalist christians in the US who want to convert all mozlems or kick them out of the states. It should also be no surprise that minority populations struggles are broacast and amplified for propaganda purposes here in the west. To my knowledge there has always existed bad blood between the Copts and Muslims. Neither of them being innocent. So let us not be stupid.

1moremuslim said...

In Egypt, the Muslims who constitute the majority are persecuted by the Christian minority. The Coptic Church has the full support of USA, they can pile up weapons, they keep young Muslim convert in their custody. They are free to do whatever they want.
Coptic women, when they want to divorce their violent husband, they find no choice but to convert to Islam to get a divorce.
All the alleged abductions of Christian girl are fiction. Coptic girls are fleeing the Church and their family.

prince of piece(reeses) said...

And to add to that one more muslim, I remember reading an article somewhere about the coptic church beibg the one to annul the marriage if the woman converted, not the evil demonic muslims or the mubarak regime..

Ali said...

YFCC I one hundred percent doubt the mainsteam media is supportive of muslims. i have a tv as well and a computer. very rarely do media outlets write something positive about islam nd when they do, their comment section gets flooded with attacks against the Prophet (pbuh). for example, i was reading an article on cnn about how the UAE was blocking certain features in the blackberry. i went to the comments section and were they talking about technology? nope, it was again attacks against islam.

also YFCC, pakistan has a 40% literacy rate with the average litterate person recieving only 2 years of education. only 15% of pakistani's actually attend university. there's wayyy to many uncivilized people their acting like total animals. this is not a good example of a muslim nation.
btw besides the blasphemy law, pakistan retains a secular government.

Anonymous said...

Yahya , check this youtube channel

they have an english subbed broadcast too.

it's run by a number of Muslim brothers in eygpt that refuted this lie and also exposed how christian converts to Islam are being tortured , abducted , abused and sometimes killed in eygpt.

forced conversions to Islam in eygpt is a myth invented by the coptic christians themselves.

Yahya Snow said...


Thanks alot.

You knw the brother in the suit and glasses is really good. I'm pretty certain I have some of his material (subtitled) in my faves on YouTube. I want to put the subtitled material in a written form so more people can get to the truth these brothers are presenting.

I will be frank; I'd like all the Egyptian Christians to convert to Islam. For me it is quite clear that Islam is the superior theologically and in practice too. This should be even clearer to the Arab speaking Egyptians who are not subjected to erroneous translations or anything of that nature.

The problem these Egyptian Christians face is that of indoctrination against Islam as well as pride with regards to heritage - they are too devoted to their forefathers. This is the sign of Jahaliya. I read there were about 10 million Christians (copts) in Egypt. I know peopleare converting but it is frustrating to see the crazy lengths their leaders and families will go to in order to oppose conversions. Their continued propaganda and misinformation campaigns are producing hate-mongers.

An ideal example of a hate-monger produced from Coptic indocrtination is the Egyptian born Osama Dakdok (featured on this blog), he is the type who calls all Muslims "demons" and mistranslated the Quran for hatred and cash. He has moved to America and has not left his ways of Jahaliyah because he can milk the fundamentalist Christians over there for cash. That's exactly what he is doing.

Thing is, in the UK we have so many people to do dawah to but in Egypt Muslims only have the Copts so the effort of dawah can be really sustained and inshaAllah will be sustained and intense.

Of course Allah is the One whom guides.


Anonymous said...

Burn mossies Burrrrrrrrn