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Sam Shamoun Obsessed with Shabir Ally

In October of THIS year (2010) I received two short audio clips via email. I have extracted Sam Shamoun's insults so people can understand the darkness Sam resides in.

Here is the audio of Sam Shamoun’s insults (see appendix for further commentary)

Sam Shamoun Looking for Publicity?

Sam seems to be attempting to gain traction and publicity out his debate with Shabir Ally – a debate which is around a DECADE old. Sam is STILL talking about this debate. Why?
I believe Nazam44’s re-upload of the debate via YouTube (this time featuring video footage along with the audio) gave the debate a renewed interest. However, Sam took this too far.

Sam biting the hand that feeds him?

Along with the insults contained within the audio clips Sam insulted Nazam44 (the gentleman who took the time to upload the debate onto the internet via YouTube). Sam would do well to realise he is DEPENDENT on people like Nazam44 (Nazam44 is a purveyor of apologetic material on YouTube). How is Sam dependent on the likes of Nazam44?

Well, Sam claims to be doing this “fulltime” and thus is dependent on donations to earn a living from his “work” on the internet. Surely, Nazam44 was publicizing Shamoun’s “ministry”. From personal experience; I can tell you uploading material onto YouTube is a time-consuming matter. Sam exchanges gratitude with scorn. Why is Sam unhappy?

Dubious Debate Editing?

It appears the initial audio upload of the debate may have been deliberately doctored as it missed parts of Imam Shabir Ally’s rebuttal. Nazam44 wrote:

I'll put it this way, now I know why they cut certain parts out in the previous recording. For example, in the previous recording they didn't show Shabir's rebuttal to Shamoun's response to the question on how God died and operated the world

Sam Shamoun and Prideful Boasts

Sam Shamoun massages his ego with wishful thinking and shoddy spelling:
Kate, don't forget that this was my FIRST PUBLIC DEBATE and I still whiped the floor with Shabir.

Yes, he wrote “whiped”.

He also went on to state:

I don't think that these mistakes on my point detract from the fact that this was the debate that made Shabir never want to face me again. Imagine how badly I would humiliate him now by God's grace? Maybe his fanboy Nazam can get that debate set up.

A Christian commentator (getrealman) rebukes Sam Shamoun for his unedifying behaviour:

Unfortunately, now it's the only thing I can see. Quit your boasting, my brother. It is wrong and not edifying anyone, but simply proud flesh on display. May we all repent of this as we find it so easily in our own hearts.

ANOTHER Christian rebukes him further and calls Sam to an apology:

Your comments about your debate with Shabir sound very arrogant. Take some cues from James White he never boasts about "wiping the floor" with his opponents...he leaves it up the audience to determine which debater made their case.
More importantly the Scripture exhorts you in...
Proverbs 27:2 (NASB77)

2 Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips.
Sam is it really your goal to humiliate your opponent or to be a humble messenger of the truth?
In the past I have supported your ministry but I am finding it harder to do when you demonstrate an arrogant attitude as you have in your post.
Please apologize to Shabir for your insulting comments.
Doug Myers


Description of the audio:

First clip: Sam Shamoun calls the MUCH respected and renowned imam (Shabir Ally) an "idiot" and "coward". Erudite Christians would NEVER consider Imam Ally an "idiot"- this imam is respected world-wide

Sam's bigotry against Muslims gets the better of him and makes him look uneducated. He also continues his verbal onslaught against Imam Shabir by calling him a "joke"

Sam Shamoun Obliterated Himself

Sam tries to promote himself by claiming to have "obliterated" Shabir Ally in debate (?).Don't be fooled: It is simply attention-seeking rhetoric (and donation-seeking rhetoric?) :(

Don’t’ Say Sam Shamoun Lost the Debate…Or Else!

Shamoun becomes emotional (I think somebody stated Shabir Ally won the debate)

The clip suggests Sam has psychological issues. He continues to bang on about an ancient debate and calls the imam a "snake", then he insults the Prophet (p) and immaturely mocks Muslims by repeatedly saying “Allahuakbar” in a jocular fashion. Sam forgets Arab CHRISTIANS would be offended too.
I think we have just heard why the imam ignores Sam. Sam's psychological state seems to be affected.

Mor insults by Sam Shamoun:

Message to Sam Shamoun

Sam, I have told you before...the sycophant Christians who hang about with you do NOT care about you or your emotional well-being

You are wasting your life, Sam. PLEASE rethink your ways. May Allah guide you.


Learn about Islam here:
Good video resources at Nazam44’s YouTube page:


Yahya Snow said...

It has passed midnoght here so inshaAllah I will try to complete this post tomorrow.


Radical Moderate said...

Lets see if I'm still blocked.

Thanks Yahya I will be donating again to Sam. As a matter of fact I think we are going to start a PayPal donation meter. Every time you blog about Sam or David and crew etc... I will donate to them.

Radical Moderate said...

Oh great I can post again. Yeahhh.

Wow another video on Sam Shamoun. Oh the hypocrisy.

Yahya Snow you have a video of shredded Lewis not only insulting Christians but his fellow Muslima Admin and woman in general.

In the video Shredded Lewis says to nak "Screw you" he calls him a ass and I believe jackass. Then turns his viscous attack on his own fellow Admin. Wahuda a great lady to bad she is a Muslim and I pray to God she will not be trapped for to much longer. But does he stop there NO he goes on to attack woman in general.

But is there any video condemning him for his foul mouth. Of course not. Instead what does Yahya Snow do, he praises Shredded and post's two nonsensical video's of Shredded Lewis proving that the early scholars of Islam did not know what they were talking about and worse yet that the Quran makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

Well done Yahya well done indeed.

Thanks for not disappointing.

Ibn feel free to correct my spelling. You are by far my best secretary.

Yahya Snow said...

@Jeff (aka Fatman)

You know you were not blocked, so please stop with the melodramatics.

My friend TGV does not like communicating with be honest I can understand how he feels.

Yes, Jeff...I am trying to be patient with you.

Sadly, you have made NO progress since the early progress we made via email.

You KNOW my ministry investigates CHRISTIANS who ask for cash and/or talk inaccuraely about Islam.

I have already explained this to you via email. For some reason you think EVERY bout of misbehaviour should be featured on this blog.

I have asked you to pass on any audio of Shamoun...thus far you have not presented anything.

Again, TGV and all the other Muslims who have given up on you will be vindicated by your comment of wanting to DONATE to Shamoun after blog pieces related to his UNCHRISTIAN manner. Sad.

However, you sent this to me via email...this shows you to be a man of double-mind:

We Christians hold each other to a higher standard. Example James White rebukes Ergun Canner, and Walled Shabaat. David Wood rebukes me

Despite these comments of yours (making your Christian "pals" out to be people who disapprove of misbehaviour).

Why are you donating to Shamoun? Where is Wood and White? Where is YOUR denouncing of Shamoun's latest outburst.

BTW...Shamoun has sent me a nasty comment in response to this blog post :(

After I get back from the office I may feature it.

Jeff also sends me this via email:

No sir you are no better then the un repentant cold blooded murders, drug dealers, liars, whores, rapist and thieves that I have met in my life. To be honest your no different. Your going to wind up in the same place HELL. Truth be told you are no better then the atheist across the street who loves his children is active in the community, takes care of his wife, donates and volunteers with charities. Your both going to wind up in the same place HELL.

Jeff...I ask you to have a rethink` and leave this fundamentalist movement you are part of. Look at Sam; he is in his forties and behaving in a manner which is akin to a 12 yr old.

Sadly Christians do not care about Sam and leave him to decay on the internet without lifting a finger to help the man. This MUSLIM is doing more for Sam Shamoun than ANY Christian has done for him (on the net).

Food for thought.

You know I am taking my time to preach the Truth to you...whilst IGNORING your insults.

Jeff, you are a grown must start to think for yourself rather than follow fanatics on the net.

I invite you to Islam


manny said...

shabir ally wins the debate again

sam shame is runing from nadir ahmed. nadir ahmed keeps chalenging and smokin sam shame but sam shame is not debating

sam said bad things to me and blocked me

why sam always humiliate his own self???????????????

he has bad memories

show more on nadir

1MoreMuslim said...

To The Fat Man:

If Shadid misbehaved, how in the world does that excuse the misbehavior of Sam Shame?
Leave this blog Flesh-God worshiper.

Yahya Snow said...

I just re-read Jeff's comment.

For those who are confused...Shadeed Lewis is NOT speaking to Sam Shamoun in the audio clips presented in this blogpost.

Jeff IS SPEAKING ABOUT A DIFFERENT VIDEO.So Sam Shamoun has NO mitigating circumstances

Yahya Snow

Unknown said...

Bro Shabir Ally has gone up against the likes of William Lane Craig (possibly the best defender of Christianity today) and Shamoun still has the audacity for calling him an idiot simply because he is not interesting in redebating a nobody like Shamoun. What next? FatMan saying Shabir Ally is afraid of him because the latter doesn't take him seriously! As the saying goes, "The fool shouts loudly, thinking to impress the world."

Radical Moderate said...

Yahya Snow said...

"You KNOW my ministry investigates CHRISTIANS who ask for cash and/or talk inaccuraely about Islam."

I don't know what's funnier the fact that you think this is a "MINISTRY" or the fact that you think what you do qualifies as investigation.

"I have already explained this to you via email. For some reason you think EVERY bout of misbehaviour should be featured on this blog."

No sir I don't think there is enough storage space in all of cyber space to document every misbehavior of Muslims. I mean really if I had a penny for every time I was told by a pious Muslim that he wants to kill me, crucify me, rape my mother's sisters and daughters. Well I would be a very rich man. And let's not forget that my butt stinks.

Really what is the Muslims fascination with peoples butts. I honestly don't understand it. If my butt stinks then get your nose out of my butt.

Let's not forget the latest Muslim who said that Jesus Christ was a homosexual, that he saw Jesus in a dream and he beat him up and sent him to jail. And the best part is this Jesus he saw in a dream also said he was a Muslim and I was a bad man. So no sir I don't expect you to document every case of Muslim behaving like Muslims.

"I have asked you to pass on any audio of Shamoun...thus far you have not presented anything."

I don't recall you asking for a audio of Sam Shamoun but ok I will give you one not a problem.

What is intersting is that a Christian expresses his opinion that Shabir Alley is a coward and a idiot. And you would think the crusaders are storming Mecca.

But a Muslim tells some one to go screw himself, calls him a ass, and a jackass. Then turns his hatred on a fellow admin. Calling her weak, and soft, and then attacks woman in general. But is this Muslim rebuked NOOOOO instead he is praised.

I have always said let a Muslim speak and he will expose himself. So Yahay Snow keep up the good work. We are enjoying it.

Yahya Snow said...

Jeff wrote:

"I mean really if I had a penny for every time I was told by a pious Muslim that he wants to kill me, crucify me, rape my mother's sisters and daughters. Well I would be a very rich man. And let's not forget that my butt stinks."

I have no idea who discusses your personal hygiene with you....I'm not interested either.

Again, I have no idea who these "pious" Muslims are...or even if they exist.

If any Muslim behaves inappropriately, it is denounced by Muslims. The reason why Sam Shamoun's antics are publicized is due to him claiming to run a @Christian@ mission as well as asking for cash donations under the guise of "Christianity"

for some reason you cannot find it within yourself to rebuke Sam

As for the rest of your post...I don't have the time or energy.

Please stop wasting my time.

WomanForTruth101 said...

Ahaha I stopped reading when Fatman said he'd pray for the Muslim woman. My question to you is why would Muslim women turn to your male dominated faith?

Radical Moderate said...

WomanofTruth said...
"Ahaha I stopped reading when Fatman said he'd pray for the Muslim woman. My question to you is why would Muslim women turn to your male dominated faith?"

Typical Muslim response. Don't like what you read just close your eyes and shut your ears. It will all go away.

Now as far as your question is concerned. Maybe you should listen to Shredded Lewis and his opinion on Woman, before you make such a bogus comment.

Radical Moderate said...

Yahya SNOW said...

"If any Muslim behaves inappropriately, it is denounced by Muslims."

I never really took you serious in the first place. But it is getting harder and harder to even pretend to.

Where is your denunciation of Shredded Lewis? Oh I guess telling people to screw themselves, calling fellow Muslim female admin and other woman weak. Calling Nak a Ass. I guess thats appropriate behavior for Muslims. He also calls Nak a idiot but I guess calling someone a idiot is only bad when Christians do it.

Thanks for proving that such behavior is not inappropriate for Muslims.

Unknown said...

Answer honestly fatman. What is your level of education?

Radical Moderate said...


I got my PHD in one of the finest Federal institutions in the United States of America.

Na just kidding I have a bachelors in Computer Science and a few Certs.

What about you?

Unknown said...

FatMan: I got my PHD in one of the finest Federal institutions in the United States of America.

Given the kind of grammatical and spelling mistakes you make, no way!

Fat: What about you?

Masters in Economics.

Radical Moderate said...


Is that a master's in Sharia economics.

Yes I make spelling and grammatical mistakes in the comment section of a BLOG. Oh no that is so horrible.

Sorry not really important to me.

Radical Moderate said...


But I don't need to worry about spelling and grammatical mistakes. That's what I have you for, your my secretary.

anonymousing said...

This is very bad

Unknown said...

Fatman: Is that a master's in Sharia economics.

That's your worst comeback ever!

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like Fatman's worst is better than Ibn's best.

(By the way, Ibn, are you seriously putting down people's spelling and grasp of English grammar on this blog? This blog? Really? You are a Muslim but are you really so nearsighted that you don't see that your host, Yahya Snow, can't spell any better than you can think? This observation is doubly ironic in light of the fact that Yahya actually makes an issue out of a typo of Sam's.)

Unknown said...

Anon: It looks to me like Fatman's worst is better than Ibn's best.

Just like how Dr. William Campbell completely obliterated Dr. Zakir Naik during their debate?

Anonymous said...

Ibn, that's your worst comeback ever! And you have had some doozies.

Yahya Snow said...


Relax...mine are typographical errors


Yahya Snow said...

@fatman (aka Jeff)

Do you agree with Sam's behaviour?

RefutingActs17 said...

@ Fatman

Man, can't you talk like an adult?

maratsafin said...

oh man sam is a complete joke,i have actually watched the debate,honestly both did alright but imo shabbir cameout the better. but the worse thing is sam after the debate got up and hugged shabbir (he probably knew he lost the debate so was trying to save face) but isnt hypocrtical of him to show so much respect in front of him but act like a complete tosser on internet chatrooms? but i suppose thats the thing about southern american rednecks they like a buffon who talks big but can never follow through.

maratsafin said...


you stated "Thanks Yahya I will be donating again to Sam. As a matter of fact I think we are going to start a PayPal donation meter. Every time you blog about Sam or David and crew etc... I will donate to them." good keep on donating, become bankrupt like most of america (actually america is bankrupt she is running on credit) the down ward decline will come to stunning crash when the uneducated mass,people like yourselves, choose a tea party candidate to run as president and thus officially end the usa as a superpower and sowe in the rest of the world will not have to put up with your stupid missionaries.

Radical Moderate said...


That question on Sharia law was not a come back it was a question.

Do you have a masters degree in Sharia economics?

The comeback was the part about you being my secretary.

Anonymous btw the irony of Ibn's comment wans't lost on me. Sometimes when I respond to Yahya Snow's blather I have to copy his comment into a word dock, and it is just a sea of RED.

Radical Moderate said...

Yahya Snow asked if I agree with Sams Statement.

There is nothing for me to agree or disagree with. I do not know Shabir Ali so I don't know if he is a idiot or a coward. That is Sam's personal oppinion.

Tell me do you agree with Shredded Lewis foul mouthed remarks that Nakdemon should go screw himself?

Unknown said...

ManFat: That question on Sharia law was not a come back it was a question.

Man you're funny (in a pitiful way)!

Radical Moderate said...


Why won't you answer sir. Do you have a master's degree in Sharia economics or in Western economics?

Yahya Snow said...

@ Fatman (aka Jeff)

Jeff, do you have any rebukes to put forward?

Jeff, I noticed Wood left you hanging in the comment section. I told you they don't care about you.

Stop wasting your life (and cash)

As for Shadeed's comments; I don't agree with them.

As for spelling; perhaps it has evaded your attention we (in the UK) don't use American spelling.

However, the internet is destroying our heritage :(

Combine that with typos and you get your "red"

Jeff, I don't appreciate you running off to other blogs with claims of "Yahya Snow is attacking Christians".

I have featured Sam's attacks on Muslims. Just because Sam presents himself poorly does not mean I am responsible.

Please try to be honest in the future and try to think for yourself

I really don't believe you are serving any function here

I ask you to stop commenting

Go away and seek the Truth


Radical Moderate said...

Yahya Snow said...

"I don't agree with Shadeed's comments."

Well that's good that you don't agree with them. But tell me do you "Denounce him" as you said you would do when Muslims act inappropriate?

Yahya Snow said...


Unlike you have I have no problem in rebuking an individual (be they Muslim or Christian, friend or foe)

Shadeed did speak inappropriately. I hope he learns from the mistake.

It is the first time I have heard him use such language.

There, I have just denounced Shadeed.

I would expect Muslims to correct me if I was to fall into error too.

You see, act immaturely when your pals are publicly rebuked (on this blog) and you shy away from denouncing them

Be your own man. Stop worrying what your online pals will think of you. Start doing what is right rather than what pleases your pals. These are pals who don't care about you, Jeff. Wood's dismissal of your plan is quite telling

If a Muuslim denounces an error on my part I will certainly accept it - inshaAllah

Talking about being your own man...TGV encouraged me to block you...I resisted. However, I am now asking you to stop commenting on this blog (TGV was RIGHT!!!)

Recently, your emails and blog comments have been full of nasty comments designed to hurt people. Is this what you are about?

I used to dismiss your comments and insults. However, they get tiring. You see, I allowed you to degrade me via email whilst I peached to you...I gave you an inch and you took a mile.

Jeff, you are immature. Your comments are quite ridiculous at times and you are a wind-up merchant.

Please do not disrupt this ministry again. If, in the future, you feel you have reformed yourself and are ready for mature dialogue then you may return

So Fatman...either you be mature or you remain in the darkness you and Sam are residing in.

If you want to continue our email discussion then we will. However, your blog comments are not welcome unless they come with sincerity

May Allah guide us all. Ameen


RefutingActs17 said...

@ Fatman

Get a life buddeh. Really. Why do you suck up to people like David? he doesn't give a hoot about who you are.

Yahya's right - you're just another bird with clipped wings, with his feet grounded in murky waters.

Sophie said...

Religion is a loaded issue and things can get really heated, and it's especially difficult when you're talking to someone who doesn't grasp the validity of your point of view at all. I know I've said things I regret to people who disagree with me, to my shame.

Nonetheless, it's very disheartening to see some of the mudslinging that goes on between Christian and Muslim debaters. I think that both sides should be more careful when criticising somebody as a person rather than criticising their arguments. Maybe you and your fellow Muslim and Christian debaters should make some kind of written agreement not to attack each other personally, because it's pretty disgraceful. Sam's comments about Shabir Ally are quite shocking but so is your defamation of Sam because he spent time in the Nation of Islam. I'd be willing to bet that you have many things in your past that you regret, and have held beliefs that you regret. When I read some of the crap various Muslims have said (and I mostly have Nadir Ahmed, Osama Abdullah and Sami Zataari in mind here), I think 'Wow, Islam doesn't change people for the better at all. These guys are so arrogant and childish and small-minded'. Then I hear what Sam is saying about Shabir being 'an idiot' and I know that there are Muslims listening and thinking the same thing about Christianity.

Things will always inevitably get aggressive in debate, but they don't need to get personal. You guys are meant to be leading the way in open respectful dialogue but both sides are failing. I hope that things change for the better.

Radical Moderate said...

@Yahya Snow
Praise be to Jesus Christ the Author of Life the Creator of everything, the savior of man kind.
To some it may seem that your rebuke of Shadeed Lewis is as meaningless as kissing and rubbing the black stone. However I am a optimist and I take any progress as forward motion.
To be honest I was done with you and your blog some time ago because a lack of progress in you. But now I see that my time has not been in vain. I understand it must have been painfull for you to finaly come to the conclusion that Shadeed Lewis a leader in MDI had such a foul mouth and temper. Truth be told that was a watered down version of him. He told one of the guests on ABN “You can take you argument and STICK IT SOMEPLACE” he likes to call white Christians CRAKERS and HONKEYS (racial insults) and I believe he even said once that Mohamed was a Black Man. He was quickly rebuked on this one as you can imagine and he hasn’t said it since.
Anyway I hope you re consider and do not give into the temptation now to just shut down the dioluge since your breakthrough. I promise to double my efforts now that a crack of light has shinned through the door of your black heart. However if you shut that door then there is nothing I can do.
Now let’s make some more progress. Can you point out to me when I ever insulted you sir? You said that I degraded you, can you show me where I ever did that. Be honest now.

Radical Moderate said...


Why wont you answer my question. Sharia economics or Western economics?

Yahya Snow said...


Yes, indeed we all have littered pasts.

I would like to state I have not defamed Sam for having been part of the NOI.

I merely used this history of his to make an over-arching point concerning his deep-rooted and prolonged campaign of hatred towards a certain group of people.

The fact Sam was part of a group which hates and demonises white people suggested Sam had a disaffected past which ulitmately led him to cyber-hatred of Muslims. A hatred which has soanned many years.

I'm glad you are willing to rebuke Sam Shamoun and admit his behaviour is shocking.

Muslims have made mistakes and indeed are STILL making mistakes. However, there is a sense of accountability here. If a Muslim makes a mistake then we can certainly rebuke him/her.

Sadly, White, Green, Katz and co are all silent with regards to Sam Shamoun.

This slinece gives Sam Shamoun a sense of vindication. Perhaps Shamoun believes he is acting in the interest of the Church as other Christians remain silent.

I invite you to Islam.


Anonymous said...

@ Jeff,
With all honesty bro, you need to get out of this comment section. Go hang out wiht some friends, go exercise, go do something, ANYTHING.
I do not think you realize that all the things you are saying demonstrate who you are. I always post on Sam's comments reminding him to keep his heart pure, act humble rather than arrogant, and to have respect for people. I find it hard to read what you are typing on here and then believe that you are not a fanatical person. Are you representative of your Lord and Savior or not? I think you will have a lot to answer for with the Creator if you continue on with this hideous etiquette. Speak with respect and you will be respected..
May God guide us all
much love, mike

Radical Moderate said...

@ Anonymous aka Mike aka Yahya Snow?

Oh I thought we were making progress, but you know what they say 1 step forward one step back.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord.

Mash'Allah brothers and sisters may Allah continue to bless you all in your noble efforts!

Sam Shamoun thinks he is ready to debate anyone (that's why he holes up on paltalk)...

I mean I don't understand why a person like Sam Shamoun who is so into debating doesn't have a section on Answering-Islam with all those glorious debates he (and other Christians) have done in which they have "humiliated the Muslims for the glory of the risen Lord".

Why have a public debate with someone (who never features the debate on their own web site), who admits himself that he withholds debates (Yes Sam Shamoun admitted to me he with holds debate material)?

Anthony Rogers does the same thing.

They are scared to death to let the general public to see the Muslim position...

Anthony Rogers said...

TGV, you are prevaricating here just like you did at AM. What debate have I withheld? Please stop lying; you make Islam bad.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord.

Anthony says,

"Blogger Anthony Rogers said...

TGV, you are prevaricating here just like you did at AM. What debate have I withheld? Please stop lying; you make Islam bad.

How on earth are you going to use a word like prevarication in one sentence; and than two sentences latter say, "you make Islam bad".

Wouldn't it be, "You make Islam look bad".

Any way I have already given you the link to the debate material you are withholding from everyone.

So you can apologize for your paltering. You make Christian apologetic look really desperate with your hodgepodge that you try to pass of as serious attempts at engaging Islamic theology.

I have pummeled you enough already.

I think I need to put a sign up "Serious Inquires" only.

Anthony Rogers said...


I have replied to you here, the place where you first posted your lie. (By the way, failing to put a word in the above sentence has nothing to do with "prevaricating". The distinguished honor of trying to mislead people is all yours.)

mike said...

@ fattman, what step forward are you making.
Fyi. I'm not yahya, my name is mike I'm just too lazy to login to post. Sorry if my anonymity confused you about my identity. Seriously, people in this polemical field need to take time to reflect on the condition of their heart. Our beloved Prophet salAllahualayhiwasalaam once related a story about a man guaranteed heaven who passed by a gathering of him and hsi companions. His companions had never seen this man before and were confused about why he was guaranteed Jannah. So one of the companions followed him home sought shelter from the man, he observed the man for three days to see what special things he did. The companion gave up on the third day and told the man why he had sought shelter. He asked the man why the 0rophet salAllahu alayhiwasalaam would say he is destined for Jannah? The man said. I don't know... well, the onloy thing I am sure to do is to clean my heart of anger every night. I forgive anyone who has wronged me and make sure I. Do not have any negative feelings in my heart towards anyone. As much as you may dislike Islam, I suggest you reflect on this teaching as I am sure it exists in whatever brand of Christianity you follow. Don't be so hostile, just be respectful and civil. How can a man proclaim to represent a religion when he acts like a hoodlum. I seek refuge in Allah from wronging myhself or others, you should think about doing the same. Much love, mike

RefutingActs17 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Radical Moderate said...

@Mike, Yahya Snow


Yahya Snow said...

@Jeff (aka the fatman)

Yeah, I'm really going to change my user in order to comment at you on MY blog.

Crikey Jeff...paranoid, a little?

Jeff, if I get time I will respond to your email soon.

Jeff, you asked me to point out where you have insulted and degraded me.

Firstly you have insulted my Prophet (you know what I'm talking about); when questioned upon this you insulted him more.

Grow up.

As for personal insults...aside from all thta I can pull out from our email convo, I can also inform you that you have ben insulting me on paltalk (the walls have ears).

You called me the most vile human being ever

Wow. either have amnesia or you are playing dumb

Jeff...remember; keep it sincere.

May Allah guide you

Anthony Rogers said...


I guess you are right: Lot's daughters weren't very Christian according to this story. But then again, when did I say they were?

Personally I think you are just mad that Lot had to be drunk for that to happen. It would be better in your eyes if he took part in a raid, took someone's wife, and then made whoopi with her and called it an act approved by God.

Yahya Snow said...


I have removed a comment from my pal (refuting acts17)...I have modified it slightly, here it is:

Hey Anthony - how do you feel about Lot's daughters getting him drunk and then going on to have a relations with him? Don't you think that's a little out of your league, or any Christian's league?
Hey - do you think that kind of behavior should be acceptable in today's standards?

-> If you're going to say TGV makes Islam look bad - Christianity needs to answer a HELL lot more questions than Islam does.

Refuting ;)

YS: I will also add that this story is NOT verified. Muslims do not believe in this story. Yes, it is in the OT but the OT is unreliable.


Radical Moderate said...

Yahya Snow

Calling someone a liar, a idiot, stupid, a fools fool etc... is not a insult if it is all true. It's a statement of fact

RefutingActs17 said...

Oh, don't worry. I'm not angry.

I'm just upset that you continue to call the Bible the word of God, despite the prevalent number of absurdities.


Unknown said...

Fat: Calling someone a liar, a idiot, stupid, a fools fool etc... is not a insult if it is all true. It's a statement of fact

I agree my good frienemy. So why do you get upset when I call you those?

Anonymous said...

sam is wrong