Thursday, 7 April 2011

Why Serious Muslims Reject Sam Shamoun

I've never understood Sam Shamoun, I doubt I will ever understand this odd man.This middle-aged bloke hounds people on the internet with "debate challenges" whilst goading and insulting the recipient.

When the inevitable happens - the "debate challenges" are rejected - Sam Shamoun beats his chest and presents it as some sort of victory to his dwindling support base. This seems to be Mr Shamoun's regular formula. How strange and sad!

Mr Shamoun: Unacademic and Unruly

Here is Jibreelk answering one of Mr. Shamoun's "debate challenges" and positing the real reasons as to why Mr Shamoun's "debate challenges" are rejected (i.e. Mr Shamoun's shoddy modes of behaviour and his lack of academic quality)

Dogs, mutts, canines, seriously????

If Mr Shamoun wants to be taken seriously he would do well to desist in his wont of insulting folk via his usual repertoire of canine references. Oh, if he is serious in transforming his shoddy ministry he would do well to apologize for his past lies, distortions and absurd arguments.

Mr Shamoun needs mentoring

I genuinely believe the internet brings out the worst in Mr Shamoun. I would certainly encourage Mr Shamoun to seek some form of help. I'm not saying this to be mean spirited. I genuinely believe Mr Shamoun needs help. I have appealed to Mr Sam Green and Dr James White to act on Mr shamoun's unruly behaviour - sadly the desired effect failed to materialise.

Mr Shamoun, unfortunately, is still acting in an uncontrolled fashion in his interactions with others over the internet. I can bear witness to that statement as he has sent me more malice, in the form of "comments", of late.

Mr Shamoun's church

Mr Shamoun's church would do well to reign Mr Shamoun in - he is maligning the church's reputation through his unrestrained behaviour.

Mr Shamoun, please do expect the next point of call to be YOUR church IF you do not develop a more adult approach in your dealings with Muslims on the internet. In short, Mr Shamoun, it''s time to grow up!

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Radical Moderate said...

@Yahya Snow

Time to make another donation to Sam. This time I'm making it in your name.

Sam thanks you for your contribution.

WhatsYourDeal said...


Sam is a know nothing. He didn't even know the Assyrian Church is Nestorian. He is a dunce.


Why are you hostile towards the shia?

Anonymous said...

I have alway considered Sam a dear brother in Christ. Quite franly yu attacking Sam's academic qualifiaction is rediculous.

I don't know of any one more qualified to debate the failiceis of Islam than Sam Shamoun.

The reason yu all hate Sam so much is that he is because not only deos he expose Islam he won't take any of his bullying whining or complaining.

WhatsYourDeal said...

@ Bartimaeus

Criticizing Sam Shamoun's lack of knowledge and criticizing Islam are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Sam (who claims he is an Assyrian Christian) did not even know the Assyiran Church is Nestorian in its view of Christ. On his facebook fan page he posted that the Assyrian Church of the east survived attacks by Nestorius. LOL what a know nothing hack.

WhatsYourDeal said...

@ Radical

Sam wrote this on his facebook page

"Sam Shamoun ‎@Ruta, Our Sister In Christ. This Chuch Survived the Attacks by false prophets,leaders, teachers and their followers who distorted the true message of Our Lord Jesus right from Nestorius, Arius, Mani,Gnostics, Edomites, Mariamites, Muhammad, Bahaullah and the list follows till date including the Ahmadiyyas.Interestingly what ever arguements Muslims bring up today are not old, you will clearly find these heretical ideas about Jesus and Christianity in Islam from the early heretics. God Bless you!"

The information page on his facebook page says he practices what the church of the east practices. Why would he include Nestorius as one who attacked the church of the East when the Assyrian Church is Nestorian?

He also posted a video about the church of the east which included Chaldean Catholics. The Chaldean Catholics were Nestorians who came into communion with the Roman Catholic Church

Why would Sam say Nestorius attacked the Eastern Churches of Assyria when they were Nestorian in their theology?

Sam does not even know the intricacies of eastern Christians. He is an uncredentialed hack.

LetsMakeADeal said...

Well I can see WhatsYourDeal is not going to last long around here. Not only does he appear to be Shia, but he makes being dumb look easy. Well, for your information, WhatsYourDeal, Yahya is no fan of Shia's and being dumb is something he works hard at. So do yourself a favor and quit stepping on his frosty feet.

As for brother Sam, there is no question that he is Assyrian and that he knows about the Assyrian church. The fact that you are too dumb to see that he is not responsible for the fan page someone created on facebook speaks against your "academic" skills rather than his. Next time you drop by Sam's fb page to learn more about the guy that isn't worth looking up on, make sure you press the "info" link so you can see the words "This fan page is created by his students", which means it is created by some people who read his writings and not by the man himself.

LetsMakeADeal said...

edit: check the "about" rather than "info" link.

WhatsYourDeal said...


You just proved my point further. If Sam was such a good communicator to his students, then they would know that Sam being an Assyrian would therefore be a Nestorian. LOL nice try.

Oh and I am not shia. Though as I have emphasized many times in the past the lebanese shia women in Dearborn have nice bodies.

BigDeal said...

Now that was desperate. Your point was clearly not to argue that Sam is not a good communicator. You've now added dishonesty to your stupidity. And with all this taqiyya, do you really want us to believe you are not a shia?

Also, when trying to attack the character of others in the future, not only is it wise to steer clear of lying (poor communication?), but keep those mu'ta tendencies to yourself. Some of us don't want to hear it.

WhatsYourDeal said...

@BigDeal aka Acts17Sycophant

LOL David Wood you are so simple minded. You equate criticism of Acts 17 associates with being Muslim.


Once again criticizing Sam Shamoun and criticizing Islam are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Pointing out the police wrongly arrested you and pointing out that your false claim of sharia being enforced in Dearborn are not mutually exclusive.

(Insert that claim by David Wood that I am practicing taqiyya)LOL

Anonymous said...

For Mister Yahya Snow:

Slander and gossip rest upon the gullibility of people to believe a lie because it tickles their ears (2 Tim. 4:3). The lie is dressed up as an accusation that is leveled against someone.

Ha!! said...

WhatsYourDeal said: "Oh and I am not shia. Though as I have emphasized many times in the past the lebanese shia women in Dearborn have nice bodies."

Hahaha!!! Hilarious =). You couldn't right this kind of material if you had a paid staff of comedians! The SnowMan's blog is always a good place to get some laughs because Yahya seems most skilled at attracting a crowd of dunder-headed fans =)

Yahya Snow said...


Be sure to pass it on to Sam.


Anonymous said...

thats what Sam do he bad mouth and then expect others to debate him.

may be they are inspired by Holy GHOST to do such kind of things :)