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Dearborn vs. Christian Bigots: Mayor John O’Reilly Owns A Bigot

It appears a group of Christian bigots will be looking to court controversy at this year’s Arab Festival (2011) in Dearborn (MI). One bigot (David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics) will be taking ‘a group of friends’ with him. One suspects this will include the radical bigot who wants to use Iraq as a playground to fight Iran, a deceiver who makes up his own hadith literature and a perverted bigot who claims Muslims can have sex with animals. An obnoxious crew to say the least!

However, Dearborn citizens are fighting back. This fight back is spearheaded by Mayor John O’Reilly who appears to have been reading this very blog and learning about a bigot who has been thrusting a camera in the face of the Mayor of Dearborn. Well, the mayor was having none of it and unleashed a dose of truth in the direction of the bigot (David Wood)

Mayor John O’Reilly Puts the ‘Myth Maker’ of Acts 17 Apologetics in his place

Reading the David Wood section, Mayor John O’Reilly?

Hmmm, I suspect he Mayor has been reading about the lies perpetuated by Dave Wood on this very blog – the David Wood section has catalogued some of David Wood’s myth-making episodes.

Off his rocker or a compulsive liar?

Perhaps Mayor John O’Reilly was referring to David Wood’s outlandish claim of ‘Sharia in Dearborn’. David, I’m pretty sure you and your crew can drink and gamble yourselves silly in Dearborn. Where is the Sharia in Dearborn? It does not exist – it’s simply a product of this myth-maker’s mind.

Honor killings in Dearborn being covered up – a victim of gullibility or a liar?

David Wood has been deceptive with the issue of honor killings in the past as he was trying to convince Muslims honor killings were Islamic whilst censoring links to MUSLIM SCHOLARS who denounced honor killings. That’s why they call him Deceptive Dave.

However, Deceptive David Wood goes one step further this time by claiming Muslim honor killings in Dearborn are being covered up by Dearborn police officers! Yes, it sounds like the bloke is simply off his rocker. It get’s worse as this bloke actually claims Dearborn police officers told him this!

Did he not stop to think these officers (if they actually exist) were playing him for the fool by testing his gullibility – after all this is the same bloke who googled a sick sex hoax about Muslims and presented it as a fact to Christians. He will believe anything.

Dearborn Muslim rebukes Deceptive Dave on Honor Killings

I received this email from a Dearborn citizen (?) a while ago:

David Wood and Nabeel don't want you to know this about Dearborn, MI. The Muslims in Dearborn are funny and like to have fun. They are not fanatics. Most of the Muslims in Dearborn are nominal Muslims. David claims honor killings are covered up by the Dearborn police. This is impossible for a number of reasons. First, the majority of Muslims in Dearborn are Shia from southern Lebanon. Who was the most respected Shiite cleric in Lebanon? It was Grand Ayathollah Fadlallah. He issued a fatwa against Honor Killings and a fatwa saying women have the right to defend themselves in domestic abuse. Lets grant David that the city of Dearborn is under control of Muslims (which is a lie that David likes to tell). Since the vast majority of Shia in Dearborn are from Lebanon where Ayatollah Fadlallah was looked on as an authoritative figure wouldn't that in turn mean that the Shia in Dearborn would also be against honor killings? How would David Wood reconcile that? David claims in the 61st page of his lawsuit that the Police coverup Muslim honor killings in Dearborn. David is a liar.

Here are some comedy videos from Dearborn. You should watch them so you can learn about the real Dearborn. Not the distorted picture David likes to give it. You are welcome to post the information on your blog but please keep me anonymous. I do not want to be slandered by David Wood.

Common sense for Christians

Christians please employ a modicum of common sense when Christian bigots talk about Muslims. I’m simply asking you to question bigots who hijack the church in order to push themselves into the spotlight. Rest assured there will be some of this ilk at the Dearborn ArabFest 2011. Give them a wide birth – they don’t care about Christianity.

In the case of David Wood and his crew – they have not even bothered to answer genuine questions concerning the Bible. I guess their forte is the propaganda method or should I say the myth-making method…


Become a Muslim if you love Jesus (p)

Sexism: Reason to change the Bible

Discover Islam

New Testament Discussed


Anonymous said...

Kathmandu (AsiaNews) - Hundreds of Nepalese women who emigrate to Arab countries in search of better jobs and wages, are unaccounted for. According to husbands and relatives they become victims of prostitution and slavery. The migrants who manage to return, show signs of physical exhaustion, injuries, psychological damage and are often infected with AIDS. To resolve this tragic situation, the Government of Nepal wants to block migration to Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan where most cases are registered. In 2010, 242 women emigrated for work and were never heard of again.

Devi Lal Sunar, from the village of Sanoshree (Bardia district), has had no news of his wife Shanti in three years and is concerned about her safety. "Ten years ago - he says - a neighbour convinced my wife to leave for Kuwait, helping her to migrate across India." Devi said that the last contact with his wife Shanti took place about three years ago. On the phone she said that the landlord did not allow her to leave, that he tortured and beat her when she tried to contact the house and did not give her a salary. "I called Kuwait several times - he says - a voice with an Indian accent always answers and refuses to let me speak to my wife." The man claims to have done everything to bring his wife home, and in recent years has sold most of his property and now has no money to feed his two children.

Lila Thapa, a woman of 35, recently returned to her village of Katarn (Bardia), after seven years working as a maid in Kuwait. "Working in Arab countries is very risky and difficult - she says - cases of abuse and exploitation are rife." The woman points out that she had never been sexually abused, however, she claims to have been exploited and poorly paid for all her stay in Kuwait.

According to Maiti Nepal, an association against the trafficking of women, alleged disappearance are still rising. In eight years we have gone from three cases in 2002 to 242 in 2010. The growth is mainly due to increased migration to the Arab countries that attract women aged 25 to 35 years with jobs as nurses, domestic helpers and caregivers. However, many of them are sold as prostitutes in brothels or are employed in private homes as domestic servants-slaves and subjected to constant abuse by employers. (Source)

Anonymous said...

STAR TRIBUNE--An Ohio man who once lived in Eden Prairie was arrested Thursday morning in Columbus, becoming the 20th person of Somali descent charged in Minnesota for allegedly supporting the terror group Al-Shabab.

Ahmed Hussein Mahamud, 26, made his initial appearance Thursday morning in federal court for the Southern District of Ohio. He is on his way to Minnesota to face charges that he provided money and personnel to Al-Shabab, a group defined as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

Al-Shabab is fighting a civil war for control of Somalia. A Minnesota man was killed last week while attempting a suicide bombing on behalf of Al-Shabab. His family believes the man is Farah Mohamed Beledi.

Beledi was one of 19 people who have been indicted in Minnesota for allegedly providing material support to a terrorist organization. Mahamud, who was indicted last week but whose indictment was sealed until his arrest Thursday, becomes the 20th.

The indictments come from a three-year investigation into the recruiting, training and funding of Somalis from the U.S. to return to their homeland to fight. An estimated 20 young men from Minnesota are believed to have returned to Somalia since 2008, sparking what has been considered one of the largest counterterrorism investigations in the U.S. since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Federal officials say eight of the 20 charged have been arrested in the U.S. or overseas. Five of them have pleaded guilty in connection to the case. Three others are awaiting trial here, including Omer Abdi Mohamed and two women from Rochester accused of raising money for Al-Shabab. Omer Mohamed is scheduled to go on trial July 13. He is also accused of raising money to help send others to Somalia to fight.

Six men from Minnesota are believed to have been killed while fighting in Somalia. The investigation in Minnesota began in late 2008 -- when Minneapolis resident Shirwa Ahmed became the first-known American citizen suicide bomber in Somalia. Since then, Somali-born residents of Europe, Canada and elsewhere in the United States have also allegedly lent their support to Al-Shabab as fighters or funders. (Source)

Radical Moderate said...
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Radical Moderate said...

Wow it took you a while to find that Easter Egg in Davids video documenting the "PEACFUL" Muslims of Dearborn welcoming Pastor Terry Jones to their fair city.

I find it telling that you used only that clip from the orginal video. A clip that played after the ACTS17 Credits rolled. A video in which peacefull Muslims and non muslims are cursing, chanting violence, a video in which the peacfull Muslims broke through the police line to cross the streat to get at Pastor Jones. I wonder what would of happend if the peacful Muslims would of gotten to Mr Jones. They probably would of showed him how peacefull they where and ripped in the PIECES.

You had a video sometime back critisizing freedom loving Americans outside a Mousq for saying such things as follow your Quran and go home and beat your wife etc...

How come there is no video from you critisizing the "PIECEFULL" (thats right PIECE as in cut you to pieces muslims) of Dearborn.

Lets review some of the piecefull things Muslims and others shouted at Terry Jones.

2:00 a Man shouts "ASSHOLE"

3:00 Mr Jones says "The Untied States of America is a free speech zone" the crowd BOOOS very loudly at this FACT.

3:10 Muslims chanting "BURN IN HELL"

3:15 Muslims shouting lots of F words

3:18 No Muslims hate fest would be complete with out the chants of "FREE FREE PALASTINE"

3:56 With children in plane view, the crowd starts chating "Bastard Jones, Bastard Jones"

4:00 Just in case Snowman your going to pull the ol' "These arent Muslims" the crowd is chanting in Arabic "There is not God but Allah, and Mohamed is his messenger ALLAH AKBAR.

4:20 After praising your GOD, and chanting Allah Akbar, the leader of this prayers leads the Muslims in shouts of F YOU TERRY JONES.

4:24 The crowd is in a frenzy now after the Prayer to Allah, chanting F YOU TERY JONES FU TERRY JONES.

4:39 Mans voioce "GO TO HELL" a womans voice "FU TERRY JONES"

4:45 The same woman from above "FU TERRY JONES YOU BITCHES ARE SCARED OF US HA HA" as what appears to be a womans hand, is raised giving the Middle Finger.

4:50 What appears to be a death threat "The Devil will die today"

5:00 Lots of loud boose, as people in the front have there shoes on there hands and lots of middle fingers raised.

5:11 After the Muslim prayer and chants of FU Terry Jones, Go to Hell, you bastard and The Devil Will Die today, the crowd breaks through the police baracade to get to Mr Jones.

5:56 You can see objects being thrown from the PIECEFULL MUSLIMS into the crowd on Tery Jones side.

6:11 People shouting "SHAYTAN" and Middle fingers raised

6:15 More Burn in Hell

6:19 "Your goning to Burn in Hell"

6:21 "Devil go home your going to Burn in Hell"

Well thats about it, after that David Wood does some very good paper bag puppet theater.

Now the real funny part, Mayor O'Reily says "your great inventors of Myth" so I guess as David said it was a Myth that they were FALSLY ARRESTED as the courts decleared. It was a myth that the police, and later Mayor O'Riely LIED about that facts. Snowman I suppose the video that was taken is a MYTH TOO.

Yes I can see that Mayor O'Riely is a reader of your blog. Where else could he get the crash course on Desception, Lies, and Slander but from Muslims like you.

You can see the entire video here
Click here if you are tired of the lies and decpetions of Yahya Snow

Radical Moderate said...

@Snowman I see you continue to mis represent my stance on Iraq. Well I guess Muslims doing what they do best would be a Islamic Playground.

I find it intersting that I want All US Forces to withdraw from the ME, and I want the US to stay out of the politics of the ME and leave you Muslism alone to do what it is you do best and that is Kill each other. And for some reason I am labled a biggot and Muslims seem to be opposed to my idea.

I can only conclude that Bigot Muslims like your self want US forces in the ME, so Muslims like yourself can kill kuffar.

M.R. said...


In an open letter Wednesday to Pastor Terry Jones, Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly Jr. blasted claims that his city is under Islamic law, noting it has three strip clubs and a factory that makes pork products sitting across the street from a mosque.

“None of that should be allowed under Shari’a law,” O’Reilly wrote, referring to a set of Islamic rules and customs.

The impassioned letter was the city’s latest attempt to convince the Quran-burning Christian pastor to stop his planned Friday protest outside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn. And it represents another effort by the city to counter attempts to label it as being under Islamic law because of its sizable Muslim population.

Across the U.S., a growing number of politicians, Christians and bloggers have been claiming that Shari’a dominates Dearborn. But O’Reilly wrote in his letter: “If Dearborn practiced Shari’a law, would we have three adult entertainment bars and more alcohol-licensed bars and restaurants per capita than most other cities?”

O’Reilly noted his city is home to Dearborn Sausage, which makes ham and is next to “the first mosque in Dearborn.”

“No one has ever objected,” he said.

From Newt Gingrich to Mike Huckabee to state legislators, a growing number of officials across the country are proclaiming that Dearborn and metro Detroit are under Shari’a law because of the sizable Muslim population. Urged on by an active network of conservative blogs and groups, they are filing lawsuits and legislation against what they perceive as a threat to the U.S.

It’s all based on a lie, local officials say — but one that continues to stick in some minds because of the growing power of social media. During the past few months, the drumbeat against Dearborn has grown louder as politicians and elected officials increasingly cite the city as an example of how radical Islam has infiltrated the U.S.

M.R. said...


Several states are considering — or have passed — bills banning the use of Islamic law. Last year, Louisiana lawmakers passed an anti-Shari’a bill. In recent months, Texas legislators have cited Dearborn in considering a similar bill. Tennessee also is considering an anti-Shari’a bill. And this week, the Missouri House approved a bill that would ban Shari’a.
Activists also are taking legal action. Earlier this year, the Ann Arbor-based Thomas More Law Center filed a lawsuit against Dearborn, claiming that city officials were influenced by Shari’a when police arrested Christian missionaries last year at an Arab festival.

The fear that Shari’a law is creeping across the country is motivating Florida Pastor Terry Jones and his followers to plan a protest Friday outside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn.

But city officials, Muslim Americans and others see the anti-Shari’a efforts as part of a campaign to whip up hysteria against Muslims and score political points. In Dearborn, officials worry that the power of social media has spread lies about the town that Henry Ford founded.

Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly Jr. frequently has appeared on national TV shows, such as MSNBC’s “Hardball,” in recent months, trying to deflect the notion that his city is under Shari’a.

On Wednesday, he reiterated that in an open letter to Jones, noting that Dearborn has three strip clubs and a factory that makes pork products across the street from a mosque.

“There is no Shari’a law in Dearborn, only constitutional law,” O’Reilly said.

The definition of Shari’a varies greatly, but it generally refers to Islamic laws, rules or customs that might govern a person’s life or society. It could range from personal habits to food to politics and business.

In Wednesday’s letter, O’Reilly said, “Shari’a law is church or faith-based law that is applicable only to the followers of that faith.”

He compared it to Canon Law in Catholicism or Torah Law in Judaism.

“It can’t be carried out in America,” he said in an interview with the Free Press. “No one is trying to do that. And we wouldn’t let them if they would try.”

Imam Radwan Mardini, head of the American Muslim Center in Dearborn, said Shari’a “is not an issue.”

“There is no Shari’a implemented in the state of Michigan,” Mardini said. “There is no basis for these allegations.”

The idea that Dearborn is under Shari’a grew in popularity after an incident in June 2009 at the Arab International Festival in Dearborn, the largest Arab-American festival in Michigan. At the event, some Christian evangelists yelled at passersby “that they were going to hell because they were Muslim,” according to a Dearborn police report.

But a video recorded by a Christian missionary group called Acts 17 Apologetics showed them being escorted out by security guards during the festival. It has now drawn more than 2 million views on YouTube, making it the most popular video on Dearborn.

Some Christians — including a Marlette man who initially organized Friday’s protest — point to that video as proof that Dearborn is under Shari’a.

Last year at the Arab festival, the same missionaries were arrested on charges of disturbing the peace, leading to another uproar. They were later acquitted by a jury and filed a lawsuit against the city.

Their experiences have been used by conservatives to slam Dearborn. In July, Gingrich, the former House speaker, wrote:

“This is a clear case of freedom of speech and the exercise of religious freedom being sacrificed in deference to Shari’a's intolerance against the preaching of religions other than Islam.”

Gingrich said the missionaries were handing out copies of Christian literature, which is “of course, forbidden by Shari’a's rules on proselytizing.”

The mayor, responding to these months of criticism, said in an interview: “These people are trying to suggest that Shari’a has overridden civil law. That doesn’t happen here. We won’t let it happen.”

M.R. said...


Anonymous said...

Ibn here

Radical Fool, are you talking about these peaceful Muslims

M.R. said...



Paul Williams says:
June 22, 2010 at 5:40 pm Jonathan

you are jumping the gun by saying that I am making ‘fantastic claims’ about Wood without proof. I am not. About a year ago I moderated a debate at Westbourne Park Baptist Church (my old church here in London), between Wood and a Muslim. In front of an audience of probably one hundred people, mostly Christians, Wood told the audience of some of the more disturbing aspects of his past including his unspeakable attack on his own father with a hammer. Happily his father did not die (though Wood says he really wanted to kill him). His father is permanently disabled however. Wood spent time in a mental institution.

The entire debate at Westborne Park Baptist Church was filmed by the Christians who promised to share a copy with us. Despite repeated requests the film has never materialised. I wonder why!

It is my guess that Wood’s current aggression against the ‘enemy’ ie Islam and Muslims is not unrelated to the aggression he demonstrated towards his father, it has just been redirected to a more ‘acceptable’ target (acceptable in the context of the Christian Right that is).

If I am right in my assessment, then we will see further aggression from Wood in the future involving the authorities and ultimately see his re-incarceration on serious charges. I hope I am wrong. What I find additionally sad is the influence his dominating personality is having over weaker Christians who look up to him.


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah,

Of course David is a person of dark secrets and a checkered past. A past that haunts his every foot steps.

I find David and his blog as more of a chestnut. It's a hobby horse for sure.

What is embarrassingly entertaining is his pleas for money to buy this or that gadget.

Well, David until we have faces.

Radical Moderate said...

@All the Muslims who have responded so far.

Wow talk about a string of Strawman and ad hom attacks. What does any of what you wrote have to do with the fact that Yahya SNow has ONCE AGAIN been exposed, for being the disingenous, decietful, crafty liar that we all know him to be.

What does any of this have to do with the fact that Muslims are seen cursing, threating, just being foul mouthed barbarians, hethen savagaes, when it comes to free speech.

Simply amazing.

Yes I have heard that about David Wood. What I find miraculeous and amazing is the fact that Christ saved David Wood, that the spirit of God changed him so drasticaly, took a wrech like him and made him into the man he is today.

Loving Father, Loving Husband, a truely gentel man. As well as his academic carer, PHD in Philosopy.

I guess what is surprising to you Muslims is that David did not become a Muslim, after all he had all the qualities and traits that Islam calls for. Violence, deciet, lying, inansity etc...

But thank God, he had othere Plans for David Wood. He took that heart of stone, that violent crazy young man saved him from his sin, for eternal life, and changed his hear so that he is the man he is today.

And that is something your Islamic Master, your fahter, your God, who my God saw fall from heaven like a bolt of lighting can not stand. See the devil tempts and then when man fails as he is prone to do, then the Devil has his minions like you point the finger and say "See look at what you did".

Thank you Muslims for continuing to expose who you truly serve and worship.

b.momo said...

wonderful website, very interesting. I like it very much.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah,

"Violence, deciet, lying, inansity etc..."

Some wonder if David still has such qualities (Christians included).

The one thing I noticed Radical Moderate that you do not touch with a 10 foot pole is that you do not accost David's theology.

Why doesn't David ascribe to a Calvinist soteriology?

You see Radical Moderate you and your ilk have dumped Christ Jesus long time ago.

The beauty of Islam and the light of Islam have left you withering in the darkness. So the only thing you have in common with one another at AI and AM is HATE for the Creator.

Hate for his beloved Messenger. Christ Jesus is of secondary importance.

If Jesus was 1st in all that you do, you would walk in his teachings and in his light, you would also admonish your brethren the disgusting things they say and do which reflect poorly on anyone who even dares to proclaim the title 'Christ like'.

The Calvinist among you would take David, and Nabeel to task for neglecting God's sovereignty.

The Arminian among you would proclaim Christ saving grace as a free gift to ALL men (and not the elect).

But no...alas Christian theology does not even get to sit in the back of the bus.

(Radical Moderate, David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi and all the rest) you left Jesus on the street corner in the pouring rain.

Jesus wanted not only to ride the bus but to be the driver.

Instead when Jesus approached the bus you slammed the doors shut, and proclaimed your deadly alliance of Hatred for Muslims and for your Creator.

I will tell you this until you people can be academic in your approach. You can learn to embrace Jesus and his teachings and until you can take one another to task for failed theological positions your bus is the bus ride to ruin.

May Allah open your hearts because surely the majority of you have hard hearts.

If it was a chance encounter with a Muslim who was lacking in mannerism or if it was something you watched on the daily news I am truly sorry that it has soured your feelings towards your Creator.

I am sorry it has soured your feelings towards one of the most Beautiful and Noble Messengers that ever lived.

May Allah have mercy on you.

Anonymous said...

Well said grand verbalator.. these people cannot even look themselves inthe mirror because of the amount of hatred in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Douglas Murray vs. Tariq Ramadan: Of Mosques and Gyms

Radical Moderate said...

@The Grand Verbilizer

Thank you for demonstrating and acknowleging that Christians are held to a higher standard then Muslims.

It is interesting that the same man who wrote...

"If Jesus was 1st in all that you do, you would walk in his teachings and in his light, you would also admonish your brethren the disgusting things they say and do which reflect poorly on anyone who even dares to proclaim the title 'Christ like'."

Is the same man who has no problem mocking Gods Holy Spirit, is the same person who has commited libel and slander by accusing people of being homosexuals based on their choice in Music. BTW Dire Straits is a awsome band. Is the same person who has no problem with grown men marrying 9 year old girls and having sex with them.

I also find it interesting that this same person, who tells me I should admonish David and Nabeel for "the disgusting things they say and do".

Yes David and Nabeel have said they LOVE MUSLIMS, David and Nabeel have openly prayed for Muslims, David and Nabeel have called on Muslims to repent and accept Christ. David and Nabeel tell the truth about Islam and your prophet. I can see how that would be disgusting to someone who follows the god Allah Ibn Mohamed.

You sir and other Muslims on this blog have done nothing but slander, lie, mis represent, and even blaspheme Gods Holy Spirit. None of you have rebuke each other for the documented things that you have said. And yet you have the stones to write...

"If it was a chance encounter with a Muslim who was lacking in mannerism or if it was something you watched on the daily news I am truly sorry that it has soured your feelings towards your Creator."

Simply amazing. It is true my knowledge of Islam before 19 Muslim missionary's on a "Special Dahwa Mission" shared Islam with the world on 9-11 was minimal at best. However what soured me to Islam was not so much Mohamed followers, but instead the actions, and teachings of Islams inventor Mohamed and his god Allah Ibn Mohamed.

It is painfully obvious, that although you Muslims hold Christians to a high standard, and you should because we Christians are called to a higher standard, Muslims on the other hand, seem to only be held to a standard of going to the bathroom the Islamic way.

As long as you pee'd or pooed the Islamic way you are good to go for the day. You can actually urinate and defecate your way into the Islamic whore house where you will be able to "drink booze, smoke crack, get in bar fights with angles," and of coarse have sex with your many hories in front of a very pleased GOD. (BTW a Muslim Gomerzanzubar on paltalk told us that's what he is going to be doing in Jennah.)

So it wasn't Muslims like yourself and others on this blog that soured me to Islam, it is in fact Islam itself that repulses me.

The way you act and the vile things you write is to be expected, I do not hold you to any standard that you do not hold your self to. To do so would be unfair and cruel, because it would set you up for failure.

Anonymous said...

@ M.R. (and Paul Williams)

Let's face a hard fact people: Christianity does not stand or fall on David Wood; however, Islam does stand or fall on Muhammad.

In this context, let us note several ironies. David went from being a violent offender and rebel against God (as evidenced by attacking his earthly father), to someone who promotes peace in the name of Christ through whom he has received the forgiveness of sins and submitted himself to God. On the other hand, if the Islamic sources are to be believed, Muhammad went from proclaiming a message of peace and non-resistance (in Mecca), to one of ever growing violence (in Medina). So even if someone wants to pretend that anything rides on David's character, it turns out that Christianity still comes out looking a great deal better than the religion of Muhammad.

An additional irony consists in this. David went from attacking his earthly father to proclaiming the praises of God the Father. Muhammad went from a pagan background in which Allah was believed to be a father (albeit in a pagan sense that differed from that held to in Judaism and Christianity), to attacking the fatherhood of God (and by implication the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and of all believers in Him). In fact, since Paul Williams wants to try and psychologize David, it can be argued that all of this stems from Muhammad's less than blessed childhood and resulting personal psychology.

Just like many of the world's most notable atheists, Muhammad grew up without a father. In fact, not only did his father die before he was born, but his mother and grandfather also died when Muhammad was a youth. No doubt this had a big impact on Muhammad. Not at all strange that Islam came to reflect this in its protracted denial of the fatherhood of God.

Is it any stranger that Islam went on to repudiate other notions of fatherhood as the implications of all this began to be worked out over time? For example at one time Muhammad claimed to be a father to believers. This was later changed. At one time Muhammad accepted the idea of adoption. This was also later changed.

So with all these problems (and more) at the foundation of your religion, you might want to reconsider this line of attack on Christianity and the personal attack on David Wood. Perhaps you will still decide to keep it up...but just be forewarned. You are only provoking people to bring up some dismal facts about your prophet and the character of your god and religion. Proceed at your own risk. (S. 6:108)

Anonymous said...

So I had a look at thegrandverbalizer's blog. I found it interesting that this guy would conclude that a man who is happily married with children is gay because he likes the band Dire Straits, one of the sillier arguments I have heard in the ongoing attacks of Muhammadans against God's people, and yet this same guy has a pretty pink background color on his blog. And so, if I can have the liberty of playing thegrandverbalizer's game, I will bet dollars to donuts that he is also a pretty good interior designer, that he likes Bachi boys, and his favorite hadith are those in which Muhammad, as a mercy to mankind no doubt, is shown to be titilated by young boys sucking his tongue.

Anonymous said...

i was in dearborn with terry jones, and i saw for myself the "peaceful muslims" as they attempted to storm the barricades.

like everyone else in the world, i see the videos of creeping sharia all throughout europe.

like everyone else in the world, i see the videos and reports of muslim violence, murder and mayhem throughout the middle east, india and anywhere else that the muslims have settled.

the author notes that the dearborn muslims are from lebanon - i know many lebanese christians that were driven out of lebanon by the muslims, during the 1980's.

i, like most americans, am completely tired of hearing about the muslims and all of their grievances.