Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Former Christians Persecuted By Christians for Converting to Islam?

And not only was the former Christian family persecuted by Christians, but within an Islamic country, namely Pakistan! Hmmm.....I can't seem to hear the Islamophobes talking about this particular incident within the blogosphere. The full story is reproduced here, below:

PESHAWAR: Asghar Maseeh Bhatti, who along with his wife and three children embraced Islam recently, has appealed to the authorities to protect him from the injustices of his elders and rivals.

Talking to reporters outside the Peshawar Press Club on Friday, Asghar Maseeh, now Sheikh Abdur Rehman, showed signs of torture on his body, saying that his elders had not only expelled him from service but also tortured him for embracing Islam.

"....showed signs of torture on his body, saying that his elders had not only expelled him from service but also tortured him for embracing Islam."

Sheikh Abdur Rehman, who has done his FSc, said he decided to embrace Islam after listening to speeches of Maulana Tariq Jamil and Dr Zakir Naik. His wife, whose new name is Bibi Zainab, also agreed but now her parents and elders of the community were creating hurdles for them by dragging them in the court of law.

“Bibi Zainab also recorded her statement in the court that she was willing to live with me,” he said, adding that their elder daughter Amisha Asghar Bhatti had been named as Bibi Fatima and younger Adisha Bhatti as Bibi Ayesha, while his son Aashar Maseeh was now Abdullah.

He appealed to the chief justice to protect him from the injustices of his elders, including Robert Aiqeul and Robert Paul, who, he alleged, had taken him into their headquarters in Islamabad and tortured him. He said the minorities enjoyed equal rights in the country but they were not ready to accept his decision of embracing Islam.

"He said the minorities enjoyed equal rights in the country but they were not ready to accept his decision of embracing Islam."


Anonymous said...

Good Article

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah....

you could actually hear a pin drop.


Radical Moderate said...

LOL the desperation, its possible, this happened but I doubt it.

A couple of things that make me doubt this story.

1. He gives the story at a press club. That tells me this is planned and staged.

2. This quote puts it over the top
"showed signs of torture on his body, saying that his elders had not only expelled him from service but also tortured him for embracing Islam."

My money is on tortured to embrace Islam.

But either way even if it is true, I gurontee you I can find 10 more stories just like that except involving Muslims kidnapping Christians torturing and raping them to force them to join Islam.

M.R. said...

"Fight the Coptics"

Most of you probably don't know what I'm talking about but its big news down here (Mid-East).

Christian women who converted to Islam are being held in Churches and forced to go back to Christianity, one of these died. Wafaa Qonstanteen Rahimahullah, she escaped to Cairo but the Christians put pressure on the police. The police inturn went to Cairo arrested and drugged her, and brought her back to her village (she was married to a high priest). The Christians held her in the Church claiming that they were only talking to her, thats why the Church had double security!? Untill now I think they're still saying she's alive but never left the church and embraced Christianity again, most reports says she's dead due to torture. She's not the only one but a lot of these sisters are still in these prisons or churches as they call it.

M.R. said...

Christian terrorism comprises terrorist acts by groups or individuals who claim Christian motivations or goals for their actions. As with other forms of religious terrorism, Christian terrorists have relied on idiosyncratic or literalistic interpretations of the tenets of faith—in this case, the Bible. Such groups have used Old Testament and New Testament scriptures to justify violence or to seek to bring about the "end times" described in the New Testament,[1] while others have hoped to bring about a Christian theocracy.[2][3]

Ali said...

radical, yes its true the same happens to christians but this only shows the backward CULTURE of pakistan.

Ali said...

Ntice also how radical doesn't even condemn this but see's this funny. is it holy spirit awareness week already?

Ali said...


Radical Moderate said...


You are right I forgot to condem this.

I strongly condemn with extreme prejudice Muslims lying and saying that Christians are persecuting them for embracing Islam. I also condemn with extreme prejudice Muslims persecuting Christians, just for being Christians and especially persecuting those Christians who left Islam.

Thanks for reminding me.

Ali said...

yet again, radical takes everything as a joke. wont be long till she thinks the same about her bible.

Ali said...

however hopefully this would shed some further light on ex christians.

a son killed his very own mother for letting his sister convert to islam:

christian man kills sister for converting to islam:

turkish christian kills sister for converting to islam:

3 christian brothers kill sister for converting to islam:

and who can forget wafa constatine? she was abducted by her own family for converting to islam:

camillia shehata, abducted by the local church for converting to islam. whereabouts are currently unknown:

Ali said...

haiti is a country that is 96% christian. Article 269 of their constitution says men can kill their wives.

Federal Government of Nigeria has said Churches cannot kill kids:

Radical Moderate said...

Let Freedom Ring, Geert Wilders found NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS.

Ali said...

radical, geert has called the bible retarded. oh my he's blaspheming christianity.

what a loser. notice this kid didn't even answer back.

answering muslims said...

Dearborn Police Bar Christian Group from Public Street Near Mosque
A few hours before Dearborn's Arab Festival began last week, Pastor Terry Jones was preparing to give a speech at City Hall. Police were there in full force to protect Pastor Jones. The police presence might easily give the impression that Dearborn respects the U.S. Constitution. But alas, appearances can be deceiving.

Dearborn Police were protecting Terry Jones for one simple reason: more than a dozen cameras, including many news cameras, were pointing at Terry Jones. Dearborn Police had no concern for protecting First Amendment rights. They were there to protect the reputation of Dearborn.

How do I know? Well, just as Pastor Jones was preparing for his speech, a few peaceful Christian evangelists were preparing to distribute DVDs, pamphlets, and copies of the Gospel to Muslims near the largest mosque in North America. Without a dozen cameras recording, Dearborn Police showed far less concern for the U.S. Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Ali, was that a threat to Radical Moderate on your 4th post?