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Perverted Christian Apologist: 'Hijabbi Hotties and Burka Babes' Video Absurdity

Wow, where to start? One of Christianity’s most active defenders on the internet has further revealed his debauched and perverted mindset with this comment:

I write bad things about your prophet, funny limerics about Muslim woman, I want to do a video called Hijabbi Hotties and Burka Babes gone wild

Screen shot of his entire comment (double click to enlarge):

Notice the sexual perversion in this Christian man’s words. He wants to make videos of Muslim women? Is this the standard of right-wing Christian bigots in America - perversion? Let's give this pervert a stern rebuke whilst warning of the pornographic mindset of some of the Christian bigots young Muslims are being hounded by. If you are a female and suspect this Christian Islamophobe (or any other) is e-stalking you please do report him and forward his comments to this blog for purposes of further exposure and rebuke.

Muslims should certainly take precautions on the net to avoid people such as this Christian apologist as these people clearly have sex on the mind - strange sexual thoughts. Sadly, I fear this attitude is not simply isolated to this rogue Christian who has also been caught preying on a female (Christian) pastor from Christian TV channel (ABN) in the past. Remember, this is a Christian who defends and promotes Christianity whilst peddling anti-Muslim/Islam rhetoric so we would imagine he is a church-going, right wing Christian. Why do these right-wing Christians show themselves up?

Perverted Islamophobes (haters of Islam)

Be wary of Islamophobes as the man who made such a comment is a prominent Islamophobe on chat sites such as Pal Talk and blog comment sections such as this one and the bigoted AM blog. He regularly insults Allah (his creator), Islam and Prophet Muhammad (p).

Who is this Islamophobic Christian Pervert?

He goes by the name ‘Radical Moderate’ on blogger and a chat site called Pal Talk. He previously used the name ‘The Fat Man’ (silly name for an obviously silly person). This Christian apologist is a supporter of many Christian ministries including Nabeel Qureshi’s Creed2:6Ministries, James White’s Alpha and Omega Ministries, Anthony Rogers, Acts 17 Apologetics`and Answering Islam. He is also a regular caller and supporter of Bassim Gorial’s Aramaic Broadcasting Network.

This pervert has claimed to have been invited to write for a prominent anti-Islam website by Sam Shamoun, if true, it simply further highlights the link between sexual depravity and the right-winged Anti-Muslim brigade. He also financially supports Islamophobes on the net as well as cheering for them. I guess he is getting his money’s worth if his goal is to become a perverted Christian missionary.

Christian needs help

Muslims should be at the forefront of denouncing and rehabilitating dangerous Christians such as this perverted Christian apologist.

I have tried to help this Christian man previously (via private communication) but his hatred of Muslims, Islam and truth is hindering him. I hope this man seeks help and rethinks his belief system. I suspect he has been deflated by all the posts showing the holes in the Bible and Christian theology, hence any Muslim attempting to help him should bear this in mind.

Muslim girls and women should steer clear of this American Christian man and people of his ilk. Be wary of Islamophobes!

Message to Radical Mod

Please rethink your ways and grow up. I invite you to a relationship with God. Do you want a relationship with God? Yes/No? If yes, please become a Muslim. Learn about Islam:


Hijab in Bible

New Testament Studies for Muslims and Christians

Tough questions Christians do not answer



Radical Moderate said...


So should I be killed?

Anonymous said...

Robert Spencer vs. Moustafa Zayed: Does Islam Grant Equal Rights to Women?

maratsafin said...

lol radical moderate is a disgrace to all oap's. he seems make a useless comment on every blog post you make. I suppose though he is only following in the foot steps of his mentors/idols for his disgraceful behaviour. he is a 5 point calvinist who supports shameless shamoun,mr fake phd white and david wood but funnily enough the holy spirit told him to vote for mr obama!!! lololol i bet he cringes now at defending his choice to his fellow nutcases on paltalk ( some of whom i can remember questioned is belief ). This is a honest question mr moderate do you still consider mr obama a christian?? or is the holy spirit telling you something different now?? hehe

Radical Moderate said...


First thing, I never did consider Obama a Christian.

Anyway I'm wondering if you can answer my question, the very question I asked in the comment section which Snowman refused to answer.

SHOULD I BE KILLED for doing the things I said I have done?

Yahya Snow said...


Should you be killed for having sexually perverted thoughts and intentions?

Is that your question?

I don't know American law but I'm pretty sure Obama will not kill you for your sexually perverted mindset. If you are worried your fellow American Christian fundamentalists will come smashing your door down to mutilate or kill you then draw some comfort from the news story that a Christian pastor who was caught filming naked Christian teen girls in church showers was not killed but was simply given a short prison sentence:

AUGUST 8--Using a hidden video camera, a Texas man filmed four naked, honey-drenched teenage girls while they showered at a church where he worked as a youth pastor.

But since the statute of limitations has already expired, prosecutors today were forced to dismiss felony charges lodged against Thomas Fortenberry, who allegedly did the surreptitious filming in November 2007 at the Greater Harvest Community Church in Pasadena.

The 30-year-old Fortenberry, investigators alleged, organized a “Fear Factor” game that included honey being poured over four girls he had picked to participate. After the contest, Fortenberry instructed the minors that they “could take a shower and wash the honey” off their bodies.

It was at this point that he allegedly videotaped the four teenagers with a camera he had hidden in the church bathroom.

The story is taken from:

I think you are safe, if that pastor was not killed for actually making his voyeuristic dirty videos of Christian girls in a CHURCH then I doubt you will be killed for having the idea of making your lude (porn?) videos that you have in mind.


Yahya Snow said...

@Radical Moderate continued

I would suggest you rethink your ways. I would also suggest you rethink the view that Christians have the Holy Spirit (Christians believe the Holy Spirit is a person of God) dwelling within them. Surely, being the source of such sexually depraved thoughts goes against the belief that God is dwelling within you. The same applies to the youth pastor cited above who would also have professed his belief that the holy Spirit dwells within him yet he is not only thinking sexual immorality but is acting on his impulses.

I don't want you to think I'm insulting the Holy Spirit or "blaspheming" as you normally do when I aks a genuine question related to the Christian view on the Holy Spirit. I want you to answer or at least ponder upon it and subsequently rethink your views.

I do want to state it is a sin for Muslims to insult other people's gods - this includes the Christian concept of the Holy Spirit


I would recommend you try fasting as it will help against sexual desires, inshaAllah (God willing).

May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

Radical Moderate said...

Snowman snowman snowman

Again I ask the question. Why are you so reluctant to answer.

You gave a post defending your prophet murdering a jewish poet for writing poetry about mohamed.

I told you that I have done the same thing about your prophet, I have made youtube videos one of them is called "Interview with Mohamed" the image of Mohamed is one of the Danish Cartoons with a bomb on mohameds head.

I told you I want to do a video called Burka Babes and Hijabi Hotties gone wild. Btw what that video will entail is hijab and burkafried woman showing their ankles and elbows. I know it is porn to you Muslims since you can not control your selves. But the premise of the video would be a Mujahadeen recruitment video, giving the brave Mujahadeen a sneak peak of Allah's whores in jenna.

So again I ask you should I be killed by Muslims writing the things I have written about your Mohamed?

You where so eager to defend the murder of a jew by your prophet, how come you are not so eager to defend me being murdered?

Yahya Snow said...


Stop, please just stop.

The Jew who was executed was Kaab bin al Ashraf . Kaab’s deplorable actions included the treachery of breaking a pact with Muslims, enticing the polytheists to war with and annihilate the Muslims, insulting the honour of Muslim women amongst other actions. You can access scholarly information (i.e the work of Dr Shala, Moustafa Zayed and Sheikh Mubarakpuri) about Kaab ibn Ashraf’s assassination here rather than the twisted nonsense Christian internet extremists are passing off:

I don’t know if you have called for Muslims to be exterminated. However, I do know Muslims do not have a pact of co-operation with you thus you have not committed the treachery of siding with those who are trying to kill Muslims whilst being part of a pact with Muslims.

Don’t feign sympathy for a Jew who was killed for, amongst other reasons, inciting the murder and destruction of the nascent Muslim community whilst agreeing with the biblical teaching of hand chopping of a woman who helps her husband against an attacker via a low blow, Deut 25:11-12; nor do you have sympathy for the 3000 killed by Moses (Exodus 32) and his men in the bible nor the apostates who were to be killed under OT law;

Yet you come over here and feign sympathy for a Jew to prop up your duplicitous argument which essentially throws the bible under the bus. But hey, what else can we expect from anti-muslim Christian extremists on the internet? Oh I know, apart from double standards and ignorance/lies we can expect perverted minds.

Yahya Snow said...

@Radmod continued..

You wrote:

I told you I want to do a video called Burka Babes and Hijabi Hotties gone wild. Btw what that video will entail is hijab and burkafried woman showing their ankles and elbows. I know it is porn to you Muslims since you can not control your selves. But the premise of the video would be a Mujahadeen recruitment video, giving the brave Mujahadeen a sneak peak of Allah's whores in jenna.

My Response: Oh, so you want to show ankles and elbows? If that is true then you really are the infantile middle-aged man that you present yourself to be.

I don't know whether you are backtracking or not but you certainly show a perverted side to you in your use of "babes" and "hotties". Are they common terms being used in anti-muslim Christian extremist churches? Did you hear it from your pastor/preacher of hate? Or did you get it from one of the ministries you support financially? Sam, Dave...?

You wrote: But the premise of the video would be a Mujahadeen recruitment video, giving the brave Mujahadeen a sneak peak of Allah's whores in jenna.

Me: You clearly have been swotting up on the dribble Christian preachers of hatred and perversion are saying about Islam.

Muslims have WIVES in paradise. Maybe you consider your wife a "whore", oh wait, you're not married and have the mind of a 14 year old lude school boy - hence your immature comments.

Try to over-come your Muslim elbow and ankle fetish and GROW UP!

Anonymous said...

all nerdy librarians should exit immediately RadMod is here.

Anonymous said...

Hijabi hotties and burka babes? I thought like most Christians, RadMod was into young boys.

Erik F. said...


Radfudie fasting isn't a complicated business.

Not only that Hijab *is* in the Bible, why don't you follow Jesus (p) when he provided specific instructions on fasting, in Matthew 6.

It is practical display of righteousness.

Radical Moderate said...

Awww Yahya wants me to stop lol.
He has thrown in the towel again, he knows he is exposed AGAIN.

Well snowman I have no intention of stopping.

First let me address all your personal attacks. Yes I am everything you said and a bag of chips.

Now lets get back to the question. A question that you are trying to squirm and slither out of.

You wrote...

"The Jew who was executed was Kaab bin al Ashraf . Kaab’s deplorable actions included the treachery of breaking a pact with Muslims, enticing the polytheists to war with and annihilate the Muslims, insulting the honor of Muslim women amongst other actions."

Lets see I have insulted the honor of Muslim woman, I also as you know have incited Shia to go to war with sunni's and Sunni's to go to war with Shia and annihilate each other in Iraq , a country my country has a pact with.

So I have done everything that this Jew has done, I even named my dog Mohamed may allah be pleased with her.

Geeze what does a guy have to do to get a FATWA around here.

So I have done all the things that the JEW has done and I would say even worse, but yet Snowman will not say yeah or nay as to whether I should be killed or not.

Hmmm oh wait I left out something. Snowman my grandmother on my mother's side was a German Jew who escaped the Holocaust something Muslims love to deny but at the same time promise to carry it out.

So snowman do you know what that makes me. It makes me a JEW, I have the right to return. Maybe one day I will apply for my Israeli citizenship and go back and occupy my ancestral homeland. Maybe buy a condo in East Jerusalem or a nice house in the west bank :)

So now I ask again, should I THE JEW RADICAL MODERATE BE KILLED for the things I have written said and done just like THE JEW Kaab bin al Ashraf? Yes or NO, its not a trick question. Can you just answer yes or NO?

Anonymous said...

Rad, are you not content being worse than an animal, or will your lust not be satisfied until a death Fatwa has been issued on you?

Radical Moderate said...


Who wrote...

"Rad, are you not content being worse than an animal, or will your lust not be satisfied until a death Fatwa has been issued on you?"

Not at all, I just want a answer to my question. A simple YES OR NO will sufice.

maratsafin said...

radical moderate you are a liar and very old one at that. you can deny all you like about not considering obama a christian now since your idol mr james white said so straight after the elections but before that on many occasions on paltalk where you were verbally abused by your fellow haters you called people ignorant and foolish those that denied obamas christianity and called him a closet muslim and also you had a blog post about it which has long disappeared but it also gave the same opinion the very opinion you are so ashamed of that you have to deny it. so i have one more evidence of the many out there that the so called holy spirit isnt really holy after only regret is that if i had known you would become such a liar i might have screen capped all those comments and blog post. but hey you know truly in your heart what you said back then and what you say now and you now that you are a big liar but to be charitable i will also add that it may be old age that is fudging your memory a bit if that is the case i am sorry. keeping visting here though you may be guided one day

maratsafin said...

out of curiosity will you be voting for one of the mad tea party candidates? or will you go for a sane person like dr ron paul?or is he not christians enough for you because he hasnt bowed down to AIPAC?

Radical Moderate said...


Wow, can you answer my question? Who I voted for or didn't vote for or what people called me or what they didnt call me, or anything else has nothing to do with my question.

I will repeat it and continue to repeat it.


YES OR NO, can you answer please.

As far as the blog post is concerned hear it is.

Decision 08

Now show me where I called President Barrak a Christian?

News flash, I do not consider any politician to be a Christian.

maratsafin said...

ok radical moderate i retract my comment about you stating in your blog post that obama is a christian although imo you certainly do insuniate it. should you be killed for your comments?No.

but i do still remember that you were harrased by your fellow haters for supporting obama and you did call him a christian that i am sure of.I have no idea when you became a 5 point calvinist but you certainly did not sound like one back then but then again back then you sounded like a sane person.

Radical Moderate said...


Thank you for answering my question. So I can say and do what ever I want to Mohamed and not be killed for it. Now if I was killed by a Mujahadeen would you defend my murder's like Snowman did?

As far as calling Obama a christian, to be honest I remember way back after I heard his speach at the Dem convention getting into it with a few paltalkers. Someone said something he goes to some church on the south side and I may of said something like "well what do you have to do to be a christian" or something like that.

But that was back in 2004. Long before I new what "Liberation Theology" is, and long before I was even going to vote for him.

After I announced that I was going to vote for and did vote for all hell broke loose like you said. I thought it was funny had a good time with it.

Espeically one nut lady who kept saying over and over that he wasnt a american citizen and he would never be president. That was at 9 pm on the night of the election when it was clear that Obama had just destroyed McCain AKA "the old wrinkly dude".

I think it was that night or the shortly before or after that some enlgish guy said that "If Obama takes the oath of office I will be the one who puts a bullet in his head". I got on the phone and called the secret service and reported him live on the mic.

Oh good times.

As far as voting for tea partiers, naaa don't think so their obstructionists.

I am a Republican who wants the party to go back to its core values of the 1854 platform.

As far as me being a 5 pointer, that came about gradualy over time, to the point now where I am almost fully Calvanized.

Its funny there is a DL where I called in and told Dr White that I voted for Obama and asked if he was going to throw me out of the kingdom, he laughed and said no, the same for Dr M Brown.

RefutingActs17 said...

It's hard to believe you're a Christian RadMod.


Radical Moderate said...

@Non Refuting

Well considering Muslims like their Christians a little on the softer side, that is a compliment.

But can you answer my question please?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

snowman what's wrong?
you gave a great defense of mohamad murdering a jew for doing the very same things I have done. yet u are unwilling to call for my death or defend those that would want to kill me?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "Rad, are you not content being worse than an animal, or will your lust not be satisfied until a death Fatwa has been issued on you?"

Are you suggesting that if Radical Moderate continues with his current actions an Islamic scholar is going to call for his assassination?

Also, you say he is "worse than an animal". Please elaborate on why you place him in this category. Is it related to the Koran's claim that kafirs are "the worst of creatures"?

Radical Moderate said...

Yahya why wont you answer my question. I think it is apparent to everyone that you are RUNNING FROM ME ON YOUR OWN BLOG LOL.

Radical Moderate said...

Pretty sad Muslims looks like I drove the Muslim blog owner off of his own blog lol

maratsafin said...

radical moderate,old man please stop this ego trip your on. you fundies need to understand one thing just because people dont respond to you it dosent mean thier somehow trying to avoid you, it just means,and this is the case with you rad mod, you are not worth it!!!go and try and save your country go to rick perrys prayerfest and let the useless holy spirit work its wonders!!! i think it is you who are obsessed with yahya you seem to make a worthless comment on every post he does!! dosent the holy spirit guide you to more fruitful activities?? btw you being filled with the holy ghost say that there is not a christian politician!! that is a very big statement considering many holy spirit filled pastors and clergymen support these nutty politicians and hold prayer events for them,so again the holy ghost is proved anything other than holy!!! you were a decent sort of guy a few years back this calvinism has totally pushed you over to insane ramblings.i invite you towards islam were you will not see the world in a dualistic way. christianity unfortunately has never got rid of its gnostism through paul were they see the devil everywhere

Radical Moderate said...

LOL ohh I'm not worth it now. LOL
Well I would agree with you except for very important multiple points.

1., I was worth it enough to do a main blog post on ME.

2., I was worth it enough for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR lengthy comments from Snowman on this very post.

3., I was worth it enough for YOU to comment to me even answering my question. Worth it enough to you to respond to me multiple times, worth it enough for you to respond to tell me that I was not worth it.

4. I was worth it enough to be responded to by mulitiple muslims multiple times on various topics on this blog.

But now, I'm not worth it?

Nice try kid.