Monday, 15 April 2013

Message to Peter Lumpkins and James White

Give it a rest fellas. Shake hands and move on. Really. 


Semsav12 said...

I'm going to be blunt Yahya, I find White to be one of the most pompous people I have ever known. The arrogance of Richard Dawkins and co does not compare. The man is self obessed.

Yahya Snow said...

Hi Semsav

I am not a fan of James' style either. However, his argument with Peter Lumpkins seems to be futile.

Surely James R White would be better served having a word with his friend here:

Or even trying to coach his friend Sam Shamoun away from spewing hatred and vile lies in comment sections of YouTube videos.

Or he could try to have a word with his producers and superiors at ABN who are effectively running an anti-Muslim hate and propaganda channel:

The point here is, he can make better use of his time - so can Peter Lumpkins.

As long as Christians involve themselves in personal bickerings the easier it is for then next Ergun Caner or Walid Shoebat to come to prominence within their communities.

Muslims really could do with Christians denouncing their more lunatic cyber-fringe. I mean how in the world can somebody such as Shamoun be allowed to go unchecked for decades?