Saturday, 27 April 2013

Usama Dakdok is Similar to Ergun Caner [Correcting Usama Dakdok on his 'The Generous Quran' title]

Usama Dakdok's Ignorance on the Front Page
A Quick Arabic Education for Usama Dakdok

For those who are unaware, Usama Dakdok is a charlatan who has ‘translated’ the Quran in English (being retailed on his site for ‘donations’ of $24.95 or $44.95) despite not having any qualifications at all nor any real training in classical Arabic.

I was going through some of his material on ABN and this guy’s brazen foolishness and lack of Arabic skills struck me. He even translated the title  القران الكريم as ‘the generous Quran’. In his animated style he challenges folk to go and look in any dictionary regarding the word كريم (kareem) convinced the meaning is generous and not holy or glorious.

The man really makes himself look silly. كريم when used with regards to a person can mean generous however when used with regards to a book the meaning is going to be different. Common sense dictates this.

The Hans Wehr dictionary translates كريم in many ways including 'decent', 'noble' and 'distinguished'. ‘Decent’ is a synonym for ‘good’ in English – in turn this is a synonym for ‘holy’ so the translation of ‘holy’ is no conspiracy Usama! The same applies to the translation of ‘glorious’ as the word distinguished is a synonym of ‘glorious’ in English.

Usama Dakdok would do well to actually read the dictionary definitions of the words he is going to comment on especially if he is going to go against popular translations. I assume he knows how to use an Arabic dictionary.

I guess the following construction in the mind of Usama Dakdok will mean a generous stone and not a precious stone

حجر كريم

Usama Dakdok, we know you’re a charlatan sadly the Americans in the churches and gatherings you frequent actually think you are a man in the know. I’d imagine they are your cash-cows for now. Usama Dakdok, if you’re ignorance is highlighted on the FRONT COVER of your translation through the TITLE we only worry as to the accuracy of the contents…

Note: Dakdok does not fit ANY of Ahmed Von Denffer’s educational requirements for translating the Quran in English.



CP Destroyer said...

a amazon review on usama book--->

Just a heads up. The "translator" here, Usama Dakdok, still openly promotes on his website the somewhat silly myth that Barack Obama is a Muslim. He has also openly referred to Islam as a virus, a cancer, a disease. So just be aware that you are reading a "translation" by someone who clearly has a bit of an axe to grind.

Beyond that, it's commonly accepted practice among linguists and translators to always translate from one's secondary languages into one's first language. You can tell from watching videos of Usama Dakdok on youtube that he is speaking English as a second language--hence he is operating against accepted translation protocol by translating from his first language into his second language. In my opinion, when you read a translation made by someone who doesn't speak your own language as their first language, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to read a translation which is beautiful in the receiving language. This combined with Usama's clear hatred for Islam means that you are going to get at best a very ugly slant on the historic religious text. I would suggest skipping it and reading a translation by someone who has the tools and experience which a tertiary education in both languages as well as in the field of linguistics can provide

kama saleem exposed said...

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