Sunday, 26 May 2013

UNVERIFIED: EDL Attacked 3 Muslim Women?

I just noticed unusual search words which led to my blog - it appears folk are trying to ascertain whether 3 Muslim women in hijab were attacked by the EDL recently. I've done a quick internet search and cannot find any confirmed report of such an incident. This 'story' appears to stem from a few tweets 22hrs ago:

Muslim Women should stay indoors. EDL stripped and beat 3 women of their hijaabs and clothes in central london... People are so sickening !

EDL have attacked 3 muslim women, snatched off there hijabs and stripped off their clothing, in central london, edgware road.

The EDL have attacked three hijabis in central london, retweet this so other hijabis can see

Just heard that 3 Muslims have been stabbed by a mob of 30 EDL in central London, also some Muslim women stripped. Is this true? #Woolwich

These are unverified - twitter is a place where anybody can say anything and gain some traction. No news agency (as far as I can see) has reported such either, despite this claim being at least 22 hours old. I doubt it's true.

Muslims should certainly desist in spreading this claim, there's absolutely no confirmation of this story at all. In fact, it could even get somebody in trouble with the police.
As Muslims we should maintain calm, use wisdom and verify information before accepting it. The EDL are indeed a far-right group that offer a physical threat to Muslims but it does not mean we should jump to any conclusions or hasty actions. We should all exercise caution and wisdom.

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Anonymous said...

I did a search, and no one actually has a source or confirmation for this. Maybe someone else can try, but really, people should not be spreading anything without being able to verify it.

Anonymous said...

Re: Can anyone confirm if muslim women were forced naked in london?

i doubt its true since there would be a war on the streets if such a thing happened.There are some handy Muslims in London.

I think it may be EDL disinformation to try to goad the Muslims into a reaction

Re: Can anyone confirm if muslim women were forced naked in london?

Yeh I agree, Im not posting this as info Im posting it to request confirmation. My wife is quite concerned as are many sisters understandably. Personally Im dubious but I dont want to make light of a serious sexual assault if it really did happen