Sunday, 29 September 2013

Christian questioned his faith and wants to go to a mosque after seeing Sahdid Lewis Debate David Wood on 'Is Islam a threat to the West'

Shadid Lewis of the MDI appears to be doing a great job in getting the message of Islam out there

I have not seen the debate but I will point to a Christian, who is a member of the church which hosted the debate between David Wood and Shadid Lewis, admitting Shadid Lewis made many good points and who now has an interest in going to a mosque and learning about Islam!

Folks, this is what can happen when you  combine a switched-on Muslim who is willing to engage Christians in dialogue with a Christian who is willing to listen and think with sincerity.

Christian Audience member admits good points of Shadid and now is interested in Islam
After Shadid Lewis' debate with David Wood another honest Christian audience member comes to him on his own accord and confirms he (Shadid) made many good points vs David Wood, plus he expresses his interest in Islam. All Praise be to Allah

Shadid Lewis' website:


Is the Gospel of John reliable?

James White and defending the NT reliability?

Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim. Now is the time.

Learn about Islam:


Anonymous said...

Islam is a threat to all civilizations. Just look what it has done to every civilization it has conquered or infiltrated.

In any case, the guy in the video was not persuaded by Shadid. He is just acknowledging that he thinks Shadid did a good job representing his position. All in all the debate comments on the video give the debate to David. Praise the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

All praise be to Jesus Christ. The church got rid of another problem. He is your problem now.

I hope you all keep up on the young man so we can document his progress in Islam.

Anonymous said...

ooops, i was thinking of the guy in the second video on the post below this one.

But it is good to know that of all the hundreds of people who were there, this is the one guy who we have evidence for being impressed by Shadid to the point of wanting to go to a mosque. There is one in every crowd. You can tell this guy isn't very bright.

Anonymous said...

David wood supporters r mad. They r saying bad things on the honest Christian who said shadid lewis did good debating.

Anonymous said...

Anon Muslim mad cause they got another idiot to convert to Islam.

Anonymous said...

dumb muslim thinks kid who said he was going to visit a mosque to hear what they teach has converted to islam. lol

Anonymous said...

May Allah guide that kid. May Allah reward Shadid for sharing some light amidst all that darkness.

Anonymous said...

All prais to Jesus? I wonder who has tought you Christians to pray like that? Rather all praise to The Lord of Jesus, his God and our God.

Anonymous said...

Why Christians insulting ther Christian brother?

Anonymous said...

Jesus never worshipped himself. Why Christians worshipping Jesus ?

Anonymous said...

And the hits just keep on hitting. Another brilliant video exposing the messy theology of Islam.

Come and give a hand or two to Allah.

Anonymous said...

From Minoria:

I have not heard the entire debate about "Is Islam a threat to the West?",only 50%,so I can't give a definite opinion.

But in another debate,about the NT,Shadid Lewis,said something that caught my interest.He said the "this generation" prophecy(which is about his Second Coming) makes Jesus a false prophet,but he does not believe it was said by him,but added later by others.

Shabir Ally had said,essentially,the same thing in a debate with William Craig.

The most radical NT scholars(except for the very few who believe Jesus never existed) all accept that prophecy as utterly authentic,and they all say Jesus failed regarding the time of his Second Coming.

The reason they both said that was because Jesus being a false prophet would make the Koran be a false book,since it calls him a real prophet.

Their position is at least consistent,but Paul Williams falls into inconsistency since he literally always does not see his position should by logic make him reject the Koran.

I was reading some of his comments here:

And he wrote:

"I do not flee in terror. My methodology is to use the best in contemporary critical scholarship.

If one rejects the very epistemological foundations of modern knowledge and choose to adhere to a belief irrespective of the evidence there is little I can say, other than quote from the Quran."


"reading the Bible in the original languages taking into account all sorts of factors such as context, other literature, archaeology etc is not a simple or easy task.

To ignore scholars research is foolhardy, but sadly typical of fundamentalism both catholic and Protestant."


"you wrote

‘I do not ignore scholars research, I ignore non-Catholic scholars research.’

lol – this is a contradiction. You do ignore research when it comes from non catholic experts. This is not an honourable methodology and your sources will always be biased having assumptions favourable to catholicism.

A more objective methodology is that followed by Socrates: follow the truth wherever it may lead.

Doing this lead me out of catholicism and into Islam. One day, inshallah, the same will happen to you."

Anonymous said...

From Minoria

Having heard most of the content of the Wood-Lewis debate on if Islam is a threat to the West,and considering what I know,one has to say that the Shia variety of Islam is a real threat.

For Sunnis,the Shias are not orthodox Muslims,their Islam is not the real thing,but Iran(an officially theocratic state,where the Ayatollah,the Shia religious supreme leader,is the highest authority in the country),which is racing to make atomic bombs to use them against Israel,is a real threat.

1.A nuclear destruction of Israel would affect the world economy making it go down desastrously,including Europe and the US.

2.Already,and all who are financiers know this,Europe and the US are on the verge of economic collapse.Under Obama in his first term the US debt went from 4 trillion to 16 trillion dollars.And yet Americans(who I though were intelligent regarding their wallet) voted him in again.

3.A nuclear war launched by Iran would ruin the world economy but they don't care,as log as they destroy Israel.

Anonymous said...

USA used atom bomb. US are biggest threat to world.