Friday, 6 September 2013

Sam Shamoun Confuses Hindu Philosophy with Christianity: Debate "Is Jesus God?" Inamullah Mumtaz vs Farhan Qureshi

Panentheism (from Greek πᾶν (pân) "all"; ἐν (en) "in"; and θεός (theós) "God"; "all-in-God")  [Wiki]
Here's a lesson for us all, wake up and pay attention!
In this debate, it becomes apparent, to those who stay awake and pay attention, that Farhan Qureshi is not defending the Trinitarian Christian concept of 'deity of Christ'. In fact, he was promoting the belief that all humans are 'god-men' - Farhan believes all humans (and everything else) are inside God and one with God. This is a Hindu concept that Farhan was promoting - panentheism.
Shamoun: '[Farhan Qureshi]  is now defending the Deity of Christ in debate against Muslims!' 
I let Farhan know of Shamoun's comment. Here is Farhan's response:
Farhan Qureshi: My metaphysical beliefs don't matter but it's always an interesting discussion or debate about what makes more sense about our reality. I believe in panentheism and monism, that all is within God and one with God. Therefore Jesus according to mystical traditions was awakened or enlightened when he spoke of his divinity. Before Abraham was born, I AM. Each of us can realize this. Each of us can realize we are one with God. I simply debated my beliefs on the subject. 
I listened to a fair bit of Farhan in the debate and he was not making sense whilst imposing his Hindu beliefs on the Gospel accounts. It makes it stranger still that an experienced Christian apologist (Sam Shamoun) would pronounce this as 'defending' Christian beliefs.
Wake up and pay attention. Oh can somebody hop over to Shamoun's and nudge him so he wakes up and stops showing himself incapable of differentiating between a Hindu concept and the Trinitarian concept of god-man. I just checked Shamoun's latest comment on the debate, he STILL remains in absolute delusion that Farhan is defending Christianity despite having seen the debate:

As you will see from the debate itself, Farhan admits he is not a Christian which makes his willingness to stand up for the Christian faith concerning this topic all the more amazing. Pray since he seems to be at the door

Shakes head

A comment on the debate
I don't recommend the debate at all. Farhan was making no sense at all. Inamullah dismissed Farhan as 'confused'. I would like to offer a lengthy review but I'm pushed for time.
Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother /sisterof Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim. Now is the time.

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Anonymous said...

You are pushed for time? Does that mean you have to work for two hours today? On a previous post you said two hours of work a day is too big of a workload.

Yahya Snow said...

Uh? Anon, when did I say that?

I work 9-5 in a professional capacity, study and do my blogging plus vlogging. Takes more than two hours...

Please don't make stuff up.

Please pass this information onto Sam as he is showing himself up. You have a bloke promoting a Hindu concept and Sam confuses this with 'defending' the faith of Christianity.

It's time to try and wake Shamoun up.

Radical Moderate said...

Snowman Farhan did defend the diety of Christ from the bible. That is a fact. Then he went off into la la land, something that Sam and of coarse any Christian would disagree with.

But the fact remains in his first few minutes of his opening he defended the Deity of Christ right out of the New Testament.

Anonymous said...

Spam shamoun. Spam not Sam.

Anonymous said...

Spam shamoun is mad. Spam u still crying from shabir debate ?

Sam said...
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Anonymous said...

Spam shamoun is mad coz he got caught thinkin a guy chatting bout Hinduism was defending trinity things. Spam shamoun u still got sleepy? I challenge u to debate bassam zawadi. U wid get pwnd. U got pwnd by shabir and all over YouTube ppl like yahya videos have exposed u and smoked u. Come to ac room now. Tell me when you on pal talk next time coz we can hav homer smoke u. Come answeringhristianity room today? Agree or disagree?

Yahya Snow said...

Sam Shamoun spammed a heap of stuff. I've just managed to clear that stuff up.

However he did mention he wrote the following on somebody's blog:

BTW, pray that God delivers him from his new age/hindu understanding since his pantheism and panentheism is coloring his reading of the Holy Bible as you will see after reviewing the debate. Like I said, he is close but not there yet which is why we need to continue to pray for his salvation since God is able to enlighten him to the truth.


That's fine, but he misses the fact that my post is solely based on his FB comments and post. He knows this as evidenced by my heads up email.

Why did Shamoun not put this on his FB? I don't know.

The point here is, Farhan did not 'defend' the Trinitarian Christian belief in the divinity of Christ. He was promoting the belief of panentheism - he projected this belief onto the Gospel accounts. If anybody sincerely believes he was defending a Trinitarian position regarding Jesus is clearly in error.

Note to Sam, thanks for that comment. Next time stop with the nasty insults. Take a deep breath before posting. Why do you get so emotionally charged? You need to relax.

Sam, I ask you to pray right now, ask the God of Jesus (p) to guide you away from false beliefs.

I ask you to give Islam a chance.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact Bassam will not debate Sam. He says he is not in his league yet.

Anonymous said...

Yahya, tale a deep breath. Then pray to the Lord Jesus to deliver u from falsehood.

Yahya Snow said...


Nope. Please try to understand Farhan. His claim in that debate is that Jesus was teaching panentheism.

Listen to the debate. Think about it, he's not going to defend Trinitarianism for 5 mins and then the rest of the debate bang on about Hindu beliefs?

I know he was making no sense but I did go through his presentation. Perhaps you switched off after he went to 'lalala land'

Really, try to understand him.

Sam has poor comprehension if he really believes what you just wrote. Not to mention you.

In any case, read Farhan's comment in the blog post.

Sam said...
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Sam said...
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