Tuesday, 7 January 2014

ABN Still Silent...

It never rains but pours!

Previously we scolded Pastor Joseph Najm and his pal for their homosexual allegations on ABN Sat’s News and Views program.This time Pastor Joseph has found a new partner in crime; an ignorant regular caller to ABN’s “Jesus or Muhammad” shows.

What’s the new ABNSat scandal and deception?

The Pastor and his caller pal have been claiming JESUS sends the Prophet in Surah 61:6. This is errant nonsense. This ridiculous claim of theirs was exposed here

Furthermore, the duo suggested Muhammad and Ahmad is not the same person. Sheer ignorance! Ahmad is another name for the Prophet Muhammad (p), see here. ABN seems to have a propensity in inviting the clueless to distort and misinform concerning Islam. Another sad episode of deception and outrage!

ABN's New Lies are Exposed Spectacularly

Mary Jo Sharp of Confident Christianity commended

After this debacle, Mary Jo, on her blog, did correct the caller’s claim of Muhammad not being Ahmad. For this we commend her and encourage other Christians to abjure themselves and the bouts of unedifying deceptions on ABN.

I imagine she is aware of ABN’s previous shamefully deceptive and hate-mongering episodes. After all, she knows Mr Wood and Mr Shamoun. Both of whom have been caught peddling this lie (Shamoun was exposed in 2008, Wood in 2010 on ABN):

Rebuking Mary Jo Sharp?

Initially I felt Mary Jo should be rebuked for not correcting the caller’s erroneous claim of “Jesus sending the Prophet” whilst on air – as she had the translation in front of her. However, I will put this down to human error on her part.

“Son of a gun” ( ابن مسدس )

How shocking! Insulting somebody in such a manner was childish but the egg was well and truly on “Pastor” Joseph Najm’s face as he was caught in deception and ignorance. May Allah guide this shamed man to reformation. Ameen.

Where were Gary Cobb and Pastor Vance?

Gary Cobb and/or Pastor Vance should have put an end to the deceptive charade immediately. Surely they had a translation of the Quran on their person? Come on Gary and Vance, feel free to step in and prevent your colleagues from uttering deception and insult.

Surely Pastor Vance felt calling somebody a “son of a gun” was going too far. Is that edifying to the church?

A word on Pastor Joseph Najm (Joseph “Star”)

His surname is translated as “star”. He was lacking sparkle in the video.

Is this bloke for real? He even claims to be an ex-Muslim. Peculiar stuff indeed – since when was “Joseph” a Muslim name? I would understand Yusuf, but Joseph? It’s getting fishy.

Fishier still, why did this “Pastor” (along with his friend) claim Islam condones homosexuality and encourages homosexuality? Does the “Pastor” want to tell us something…?

The “holy spirit” and “Christians”

I have never understood fundamentalist Christians. They claim to have the Holy Spirit inside them (which they believe to be God) BUT simultaneously utter lie, hoax and inaccuracy about Islam whilst carrying themselves immaturely. Care to explain…

Invitation to Islam

Are you disenchanted with the church and thinking of leaving. Before you jump into atheism please look into Islam. Islam offers everything a soul needs:

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ambuzzzephier@yahoo,com said...

I am not very knowledgeable with these computers so this may not work, but I will give it a try. Facts about islam; allah, islam, mohammad, muslims, and all other offspring of the islam cult do not exist. the fact is, they are here. the Truth is, they do not exist due to fabrications only, therefore they do not exist It is the same as my claiming to be superman; I am here, superman does not exist. So, both, allah and superman are figments only of someone's imagination, therefore islam does not exist. And, also, neither the Old Testament of the Hebrew People nor the NEW TESTAMENT of JESUS, neither supports the existence of allah, Muhammad, or the quran. None of these are mentioned by the Jewish people in their HOLY BOOKS Even though the islam prophets, preachers, advocates want so desperately to believe so. And they try very hard to convince those who have little if any faith of their own. Neither Moses, Isaiah, nor St.John mention anything about allah, islam, quran, Muhammad or muslims. And if muhammas was the prophet and comforter sent by JESUS why does that comforter attempt to use 'lies' to discredit JESUS the ONE WHO was claimed to have sent him in the first place??