Sunday, 12 January 2014

From Yasir Qadhi's FaceBook: Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon, aka 'The Butcher' for his merciless slaughtering of thousands of people, is dead. We trust that Allah will deal with him as he deserves.

What is truly amazing about this excuse of a human is that his own people, and his own judiciary system, accused him of war crimes and brutality. Multiple times during the course of his military career, his superiors publicly and privately chastis...ed and rebuked him; he was demoted for his murders; over 50 thousand Israelis marched in the streets protesting against his ruthless killing of civilians; he was convicted of bearing personal responsibility in the brutal massacres of Sabra and Shatilla; and his own Israeli courts recommended that he be banned from public office. Yet, despite all of this outcry, he eventually rose to become Prime Minister of his land - the last bastion of apartheid on earth.

What does that say about the morality of such a country, and the convictions of its own people, when they can elect, and honor, someone whom they themselves know to be a brutal mass murderer?

Ariel Sharon is dead, but the thousands of people he was directly responsible for massacring live on as martyrs, and are not dead.

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