Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Message of Concern: ExMuslims Come Back To Islam - Don't Give Up on the Mercy of God

This is a message of love and concern to any former Muslims that are out there experiencing hardships and loneliness.

The Islamic faith is the most spiritually uplifting when you understand a faith as opposed to being a nominal and cultural Muslim. Look into Islam with a renewed focus on spirituality and a desire to get closer to God. Start of slowly with the prayer - praying to God attentively rather than nominally will lead you to feel a spiritual empowerment that all humans yearn for.

Here's a short emotional clip from Hamza Yusuf which I think is ideal for exMuslims to see their pathway back to Islam is not irrevocably hindered. There are a number of exMuslims who make the journey back home to Islam. Come on home.

Ex Muslims invited back home

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