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Vocab Malone Shocked by "Racist" James White Fan Boys

Vocab Malone was appalled by the bigotry coming from Christians who were following James White's debate with a Hebrew Israelite. Before we get into this sorry episode, this is hat I wrote on FB before going on to view the debate on livestream:

Heard James R White will be debating a Hebrew Israelite. Hide under your sheets! This could literally start a race war. I've been tracking Hebrew Israelites for a while (they are those uber racist and ill mannered folk that you see on YT preaching on American inner-city street corners). Their basic claim is that they are the true Israelites (along with other groups such as native Americans).

They will call the White man the so called white man - they are really anti white man (Edomite). And they take from the KJV and claim King James was black. They also look down on people from Africa and basically anybody who is not considered Hebrew according to their chart.

Will be interesting to see if the Hebrew Israelite will race bait. James White has had his issues with bigotry towards Africans, African Americans, Arabs and other Easterners.

This could get nasty. Hide!!!

Well, it seems the gentleman from the Hebrew Israelite stance was not with GMS or ISUPK and appeared to be from a milder BHI group. I'm not 100% sure which group he belonged to as I missed the start of the debate.

James White and the Hebrew Israelite representative weren't the problem. Some of James White's supporters were the problem. They appalled Vocab Malone with their anti-black bigotry and racism. I managed to copy some of Vocab's responses:

Malone: black people use emotion - specifically black people??? ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN??

Vocab Malone: Chris Park, how dare you? Black people argue in circles??? specifically black people???

Vocab Malone: black people use emotion - specifically black people??? ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN??

Vocab Malone: I am not, I am appalled at all the racist comments. Zane.

Vocab Malone I can not believe this. I did not expect to see this kind of behaviour in these comments at all.

Vocab Malone: Movement is one thing. To make such bigoted comments about black culture is prejudice.

Vocab Malone: Felix Lee, are you a Christian? cause your thug life worthy comment is not [sorry the rest of this comment got cut off when I copied/pasted it]

Christian apologist, Vocab Malone is shocked. I'm not. Bigotry/racism towards non-Whites is not alien to Christian apologetics - I've seen Christian apologists and/or their supporters incriminate themselves in this regard. Nothing novel. Vocab was upset and shocked to see folk on the chat say black people argue in circles and are emotional.

I wasn't. Actually, I'm not surprised. These folk may have taken their cue from James White himself. White has made bigoted/racist comments about African Americans, Africans, Middle Easterners and non Westerners in general:

James White's Bigoted Comments About Middle Easterners, Africans and Asians

Now, look at it from my point of view. I'm a Muslim. I see a bunch of Christians claiming they are inspired/guided by the Holy Spirit. I also seem them being racist/bigoted towards other cultures (amongst other things such as being mean-spirited, pride-filled, rude, malicious, dishonest, Islamophobic, etc.). Thus, I see them as self-refuting!

[Some good news from Vocab Malone, one of the individuals Vocab rebuked (Chris) later thanked Vocab for the rebuke and accepted it]

A quick comment on some of the "debate". IIRC think White tried to argue for a Trinity belief  from the Old Testament, that type of argumentation is crummy as highlighted in this response to James' evangelical colleague Nabeel Qureshi. James also brought up Ignatius of Antioch and quoted from him, as there was a lot of commotion in the chat I don't recall what his precise point was to this effect. If he was doing the same as he did in his debate with Yusuf Bux by bringing those quotes up, he has thoroughly been rebuked via a video on this:

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