Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Is Nabeel Qureshi's Wife Ravi Zacharias' Daughter? No.

A Christian street preacher, who I was in conversation with over the phone, was under the impression Ravi Zacharias is Nabeel Qureshi's father-in-law.

This is not true. Nabeel is married to a lady called Michelle Qureshi. Whilst Ravi has two daughters: Naomi and Sarah.

Even as RZIM has seen phenomenal growth around the world, it remains a family ministry as Nathan’s sister Sarah Zacharias Davis serves as executive director of RZIM, his sister Naomi as a Vice President and Director of Wellspring International (a RZIM outreach), and his wife Sarah Parker Zacharias as a Marketing and Development Associate at Wellspring. [From an interview with Nathan Zacharias on Patheos]

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