Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Newcastle Muslims Disgusted by Grooming Gangs

Following similar patterns of abuse in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford, the convictions have provoked fresh national debate over whether select minorities should be taking responsibility.

Dipu Ahad, Newcastle councillor, said local Muslims were “absolutely disgusted” by their crimes and feared a possible backlash. [Independent]

Do Muslims Condemn Grooming Gangs? Tommy Robinson Supporters Answered
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The sexual grooming of children has been condemned by Muslim leaders across the UK in a sermon read to thousands of worshippers.

Organisers Together Against Grooming (TAG) said imams at hundreds of mosques had pledged to read the sermon to congregations during Friday prayers.

The sermon highlighted how the Koran emphasised that Muslims must protect children and the vulnerable.

The policing minister Damian Green said it was a "very important" move.

"It reminds people that the vast majority, the overwhelming majority, of British Muslims, condemn child sexual abuse as strongly as any other group in modern Britain," he said.

Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, an imam at Abu Bakr Mosque in Leicester, said: "People were troubled by us reading the sermon and one man asked me how he could stop it being read.

"He said 'it was not our fault this had happened, our religion does not teach us to do these things and we are condemning it'.

"But as I said to him our only option is to speak out about it."

Mr Mogra added the sermon's message was very clear "this is an evil against humanity" and he was "absolutely delighted with the response".
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