Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Did Walid Shoebat Harass Debbie Schlussel?

Another "Christian" con man falling
Walid Shoebat: a “fraud and creep”

Everybody with the capability to do a Google search distrusts Walid Shoebat. Many, including myself, consider him to be an outright conman. It appears EVEN his fellow right wingers have cut him loose and labelled him a “fraud and creep” [see Debbie Schlussel’s article – linked below]

Walid Shoebat Harassing a female whilst posing as a female?

OK, Debbie Schulussel is amongst the Islamophobic crowd but she is still a lady, however, according to Debbie our Walid has been “HARASSING” her whilst posing as a female.

How ironic...

The irony is immense. This bloke hangs about with the anti-gay and anti-cross dressing crowd yet is accused of masquerading as a female email correspondent. Interesting.

It gets worse as Shoebat and his pals would attack Muslims on “women’s rights” issues whilst this lady is accusing him of harassing her. Very interesting.

Walid Shoebat and his alleged foul mouth

We have already highlighted Ted Shoebat’s foul mouth but based on Debbie Schlussel’s allegation bad language appears to run rampant in the Shoebat household.

Debbie Schlussel alleges Walid Shoebat “told me, “F-ck You, Bitch”

I need not say anymore. Christians, please stop being taken for a ride by Walid Shoebat – have some self respect by holding onto your cash. Don't be Shoebat's next victim.

Debbie Schlussel’s scathing attack on Walid Shoebat:

Walid Shoebat’s cash empire and naïve Christians

Look, it is not difficult to realize this bloke is untrustworthy and it’s a big business for him. The Jerusalem Post announced his business to have an annual turnover of $500,000. Why is there so much corruption in the fundamentalist camp? Shoebat should have been sent packing along time ago but is STILL raking in cash. The ones who are being duped by this “ex terrorist” are STILL the Christians – nothing new there!

As Bill Maher says – that is why they call them the flock

You really have to be a fully fledged member of the flock to believe he actually bombed a bank. He even denied it at times whilst at other times claimed he did. I guess "ex terrorists" are prone to amnesia as well; either that or our Walid has been telling porkies.

To bomb or not to bomb - Walid Shoebat - HILARIOUSLY shoddy!

If you cannot see through Walid Shoebat's cons after viewing MrAyamen1's video then you really need a trip to the opticians. [video by Ayamen1]

Walid Shoebat’s Mark of the Beast lie
Walid Shoebat shown to be a liar via the Jerusalem Post

Invitation to Islam

Christians, are you tired of being deceived and taken for a ride by your co-religionists? Would you like to learn about Islam without paying a dishonest money-hungry Christian? If yes:


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