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Soul Searching Over Criticism of Acts 17 Apologetics?

Siding with Acts 17 is the RIGHT thing to do

It has just passed midnight here - don't worry I have not been celebrating New Year so I am writing this with a sobre mind. I shall not go to bed before finishing this piece.

After the trial and the "not guilty" verdict I have been left with the feeling the Dearborn Police Department set Acts 17 (Wood, Qureshi, Mayel and Rzkalla) up. It is obvious. They botched up spectacularly and their desire to gain revenge for Acts 17's reporting of the 2009 Dearborn farce moved them into the realms of dishonesty.

The police force are corrupt. They were motivated by revenge. What type of farce are they operating here? The type of farce that sees four innocent  people arrested under the shallowest of prenises. Absolute desperation and corruption.

Acts 17 SHOULD sue and SHOULD win their law suit and certainly be offered some sort of compensation.

Negeen Mayel's guilty verdic SHOULD be over turned at appeal.

Roger Williams SHOULD offer public repentence and an apology.

The Dearborn Police Department SHOULD hang their heads in shame - especially the protagonists and the chief of police. In fact the chief should certainly resign if he has not already done so.

The Mayor is a disgrace. Yes, he is. He should be removed from his post or leave with a shred of dignity, that is to say he SHOULD resign.

The critics of Acts 17 need to take stock of whether the critique is fair or not. MOST critique, in fact ALL critique, has been unfair to varying extents. Of course, NOT all critics have been unfair on purpose but have been rash or misinformed. The critics SHOULD hang their heads in shame.

Those who rejoiced in the "arrests" (now proven false) SHOULD rethink their ways and question their intentions.

Of course, one can point the finger all day long but the one wagging the finger needs to look at himself. I have indeed blogged on the subject and spent more time on this episode than I would have liked. Looking back I feel the episode was deconstructive. What real positive could have been gained from such blogging and vlogging?

At times, we as Muslims get carried away and think EVERY Christian critic of Islam lies in EVERY instance and we lose a sense for genuine balance. A genuine balance that religious folk should strive for.
Qureshi in his short initial piece informed of the arrest and somehow, I wound up with the footage and my reporting on the episode began. A reporting which flew in the face of Acts 17's pleas of innocence.

So did they "disturb the peace"? No. They were set up by the cops! The cops deceived us all and led us into condemning innocent people. Criticising people based on conjecture (guess work) and false/dubious reports from Roger Williams, RevHaytham, the Mayor, Dearborn Police chief and the cops iimplicated.

I know I offered an apology previously as well as posting on their "not guilty" verdict but I think I should do so again. Of course, I shall be reviewing and/or removing the material I have posted on the subject over the course of the next few weeks but I do want to make it clear at the festival this group did nothing which broke the law of the land. The real criminals are the police force.

Suffice it to say, it would be criminal of you to not apologize if you impugned the group based on conjecture and misinformation which was pumped out by the police and the other folk.

I have appended their summary of the events so their critics can gain a more accurate picture of what actually transpired rather than relying on shady police reports and misinformation from the mayor.

An apology to Acts 17

Yahya Snow

It's not the Muslim New Year but...

I pray all the readers have a year in which they all progress spiritually and achieve any noble resolutions they have in mind. Ameen.

NOTE: This post is solely conerning the alleged "guilt" of Acts 17 at the Dearborn festival 2010. For other issues please contact me

UPDATE: I need to look into this further so I have removed the Acts 17 version of events.

Acts 17 Apologetics in Dearborn, Michigan

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Anonymous said...

Yahya, I agree with you that in regards to the legality of the situation the acts 17 people have been wrongly arrested. However, it is undeniable that they are a bunch of liars. Until they recant about their BS campaign regarding being victims of shariah implementation they truly are not worthy of your time or attention. It is a genuine move on your bhelaf though.