Thursday, 16 December 2010

More Deception from Nabeel Qureshi and his friend!

Arrrgh. these two really are deceptive pieces of work!

Dr Nabeel Qureshi allows his pal to state something which he KNOWS is UNTRUE  - deceptive stuff from Nabeel Qureshi (nothing new here)

His pal (David Wood) asserted "a ton of the quran was lost after the battle of Yamama". This is obvioulsy untrue - Nabeel Qureshi CONFIRMS it and spills the beans. In the process Nabeel Qureshi incriminates himself. These two "Chrstian missionaries" clearly did not check to see what they had said earlier on public record. Caught red faced and red handed. how long will Christians continue to give their Acts 17 ministry cash? I guess the honest and informed ones stopped a loooong time ago!

Islamophobes: a puzzling bunch!

Why are Islamophobes always getting caught in scams? Surely, they would have mastered the art of covering their tracks? Oh well, these two have not...

Dishonest Nabeel Qureshi Slams David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics

It is late here, God willing I shall add to this post tomorrow or over the weekend.

InshaAllah links will appear here shortly. For those who want more information on such subjects please refer to the work of Sheikh Yasir Qadhi (online plus offline), brother Bassam Zawadi's presentation on this topic, Dr Mohammed Mamdou's online lecture and imam Shabir Ally's online presentation. Don't be fooled by deceivers such as the two "Christians" in this video.

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