Monday, 5 August 2013

Another Reason Why Christian Apologetics is Unreliable (Sam Shamoun with James White)

Christians really need to think for themselves rather than absorbing anything and everything Christian apologists tell them. Here is an example of a Christian apologist from a satellite TV station (ABN) simply presenting nonsense. Absolute nonsense!

Shoddy Apologists

The Christian, Sam Shamoun, was claiming the church fathers were careful in what books of the New Testament they chose to accept. He claimed they knew the author of Hebrews had apostolicity (it either written by an 'apostle' or by a companion of an 'apostle'). This made no sense at all:

_Firstly, the book of Hebrews is anonymous. Christians will admit they don't know who wrote the book!

_Secondly, the church fathers (as confirmed by prof Bart Ehrman) included the book of Hebrew because they WRONGLY thought Paul wrote it!

The Christian apologist, Shamoun, tried to convince his audience of the 'care' the church fathers took in deciding which books to accept and which to reject. Well Bart Ehrman refuted the Christian apologists spin by pointing to the disputed books within the NT (some of which he believes to be forgeries)

If video does not play:

Christians, please think about things for yourselves. Do not allow internet Christian apologists to think for you. These are important issues.

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Alexander said...

Haha, may Allah guide dr Bart Ehrman. Amin. Thanx for the post. Jazakallah Khayr

Alexander said...
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Anonymous said...
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Yahya Snow said...


I will delete your comment. Please don't make blanket claims like that without any evidence. The guy was not taken out of context - those are his words. He made the claim about Hebrews and it did not make sense, thus it was highlighted in the video. He also made a claim about 'the care' which the church fathers took in decided which books to accept for the NT - this has shown to be exaggeration on the part of the apologist in the video.

It's interesting I have a ton of posts on that apologist, much of which catalogues his dishonesty yet that apologist remains largely silent.

I also find it interesting that rather than discussing the NT you have chosen to prop up the apologist. Friendship can blind at times.

Here's a number of posts on that particular ABNsat apologist:

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Lothar Lorraine said...

These points might very well be valid, but this by no means shows Christianity to be false.

Unlike Islam, the Christian faith doesn't stand or fall with the inerrancy of a holy book.

Kind regards.

Lothars Sohn - Lothar's son