Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bassim Gorial Afraid to Debate a Muslim?

Now I don't do this fancy stuff of debating; I'm simply a blogger and vlogger. I recently threw out a debate challenge to the influential folk at ABNSat in an attempt to get a debate going between them and a few Muslim debaters. There was no response. Well actually, one of ABN's employees claimed that the debate challenge was not a direct challenge from myself. He was right. I'm not sure why that matters. Why would it matter? A Muslim whom I find to debate Bassim should be more than sufficient as it's not about personalities but rather about beliefs.

However, just so Dr Bassim Gorial has no excuses made for him, I'm throwing my hat in the ring. OK I will debate him. I would rather have somebody else debate him on behalf of the Muslims but if this is a genuine stipulation (i.e. that I debate) then I will debate him online.

Original debate challenge to the Islamophobic ABNSat:

For those who have been following some of the recent blogging and vlogging; you will know much refutation, condemnation and rebuke has been poured on the claims and actions of folk on ABNSat:

Rather than give the main protagonists further attention how about we challenge those with editorial/managerial control of the ABN programming?

Yes, indeed this is an open debate challenge to Bassim Gorial, Haifa Gorial, Samar Gorial and Pastor Joseph Najm (you can also bring along Pastor Joseph Habibi too)

It's time to engage with the more influential people at ABN rather than the career foot-soldiers of ABN – who have been discredited and/or refuted:

David Wood (cross-dresser)

Walid Shoebat (try not to laugh at his title ‘ex-terrorist’)

Sam Shamoun (considered foolish)

Kamal Saleem (be wary of this fella, he has 3 different conversion stories out there)

Usama Dakdok (Doesn’t know Islam nor classical Arabic yet is selling a book which he styles as a ‘translation of the Quran’ for ‘donations’ of ~ $25 or ~ $50!)

So Bassim and Haifa, you folk believe in Christianity right? I assume you’ve read this part from 1 Peter 3:15:

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have

So here’s the challenge for Dr Bassim and Haifa Gorial. I and all other Muslims believe the trinity is something Jesus never taught. Sir Anthony Buzzard states, there’s 12000 accounts of ‘God’ in the Bible; none of which are mentioning tri-unity. You believe in the trinity. If you are confident in this, I ask you to come to the table and respond to this challenge.

Here is the challenge for Pastor Joseph Najm and Pastor Joseph Habibi; you both believe that Jesus is divine, right? Well, we as Muslims see him as a Prophet who NEVER taught that he was divine. This is a huge stumbling block between us, how about coming to the table and discussing this?

That leaves Samar Gorial, well Samar I assume you believe in the inerrancy of the New Testament. Your faith as a Bible-believing Christian is based on believing the NT is reliable and inspired. I invite you to come to the table and accept a debate challenge on such (if you believe in the above). Here is a sample of the type of discussion to expect:

If any of you are indeed willing to accept this offer for a dialogue please be in touch, I shall endeavour to find a suitable Muslim debate opponent for each one of you.

To those whom are addressed in this blog-post, feel free to contact me to accept an invitation to debate/dialogue:

Did you know Jesus has Muslim brothers and sisters? Would you like to become the brothers/sisters of Jesus? To learn more please see:


Anonymous said...

Here's the latest from Pat Condell, who argues that Westerners should boycott halal meat (i.e. meat from animals that are slaughtered according to Islamic practice).

Anonymous said...

Dear Yahya,

I accept your challenge to debate you. How does June 29th on ABN sound to you? Let me know and we can work out further details.

Anonymous said...

Since it isn't about personalities but about beliefs, then why are you unwilling to debate, and why are you pretending that it needs to be one of the people you mentioned from the Christian side? Just man up and debate the people you misrepresent already.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The abn ppl are scared I think. Ther spotters dnt no. They just give moneys to abn. Dnt by dummy dnt give money to them

Anonymous said...

ABN people have accepted the challenge. Yahya is the only one scared.

Unknown said...

I will gladly debate anybody (Muslim), at any time and any location that I can possibly get to. Unfortunately, at the moment that is only the greater San Diego, CA area, but hopefully I will be able reach a further area soon.

You will notice this is not an anonymous reply, so if anyone is interested, you have my profile or just RE to this comment.

I have been studying Islam ever since a Muslim missionary tried to evangelize (dawa) in a Christian online community over 10 years ago and frankly the more I discover, the more it amazes me how anyone cam believe in what Muslims teach, you can read a bit more about what I mean on my blog post called "What Muslims believe" at

I have tried to get any number of people to debate me, the closest I came was on YouTube where my challenge was "accepted" just as they ban me from accessing their video then they ask "where did you go", an excellent case of taqiyya, but not very convincing of how confident Muslims are in their faith!

Does any Muslim actually have the strength of character and conviction to stand against a logical analysis of their belief? If so, I make myself fully available at your disposal.

The saddest part is I wrote a short message to a prominant Muslim dawa-ist, quick amd to the point about Jesus the Messiah's divinity being in the Old Testament (see Micah 5:2 or again a post on my blog) to which he responded "youll have to read my books" which I got PDF copies of and did a word search for Micah and didnt find anything. I really doubt that this fancy Muslim debator with multiple books forgot that he never wrote about a passage from the book of Micah, his answer just means that he has no response to the fact that the Old Testament says the coming Messiah will be divine