Monday, 8 June 2015

Reactions to BBC Three's Anti-Muslim Video of Ex Muslim

BBC Three recently aired a video with the description:

Kicked out of home for not believing in the Muslim faith, Sara, a young, ex-Muslim has a powerful story to tell.

Here are a few responses to this silly anti-Muslim video which shows the BBC is trolling Muslims. Since when was the last time it attacked Jews, Sikhs or Christians in such a way?  

The BBC would never air a programme on youngsters being thrown out for accepting Islam. I am personally aware of individuals who were thrown out due to their belief in Islam. While the BBC deliberately ignores thousands of Muslim reverts, for obvious reasons, the organisation focuses on very rare cases of apostasy and attempts to paint them as normal.

This is another campaign to spread hatred against Muslims. Such individuals can easily sell to Islamophobic institutions like the BBC for money or fame. Many of them apostatise due to personal inclinations such as homosexuality, extra-marital relationships, hatred of culture etc. Very often religion has little to do with their grievances. Mostly youngsters apostatise either due to lack of knowledge or lack of connection with their faith. While one or two leave the faith, thousands of others are joining every single day.

Her (un)belief aside, why is this unfortunate character hurting her parents by parading her story in public. It is evident that her parents are not happy with her disbelief. Just like any parents wouldn't like their children to leave their faith. llllllSuch cases of apostasy must be dealt with carefully and parents must convince their children with love and compassion. If parents do not practice the faith or take it seriously then such outcomes are inevitable. It is not the faith where the problem is, it is the way it is taught or not taught at all. [Adnan Rashid]

How come the BBC never shows a documentary about:Jews leaving Judaism [Taleb Al-Dean]

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Zhill AbdRahman: The irony about the ex-Muslim brigade, who by the way, most muslims would tell them that it's their choice, do what they want, but what you find is that it is them who can't let go and without their association with the word "Muslim", they appear to have no relevance.

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