Sunday, 19 July 2015

Christian Polemicist David Wood Attracted to Deception like a Fly is to Dung - Re Abdullah Al Andalusi and Taqiya

I feel sorry for Christians who empty their pockets of cash for David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics. This man has been cashing in on hating Muslims and Islam for a few years now. You'd think he would have found proper employment by now and given up on the hate campaign.

What's he done now? Well he's only just posted Andrew Gilligan's article, which has been roundly denounced as misleading.

To see how deceptive Gilligan's article was see:

1. Chairman of Atheist Ireland, Michael Nugent, runs through Mr Gilligan's betrayal of journalistic integrity:

2. Mr Andalusi himself offers a responses which sheds further light on Mr Gilligan's lack of journalistic scruples:

Is it any wonder David Wood reposted it while banging on about something that he wrote five years ago (I did not bother wasting my time clicking and reading what he wrote five years ago - I kind of know Dave's modus operandi pretty well. Well enough to know the truth and accuracy are regular casualties at his hands)

Oh and David Wood also tries hard to prop up the old adage of  'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' as he appends a video at the end of the post about Taqiya. Erm, Dave's already been refuted and rebuked on his propaganda regarding the concept of Taqiya previously. That did not stop him from sounding like a stuck record and presenting the same misinformation to those who encounter his recent blog.

Seen as Deception Dave presents the same spiel on Taqiya, I was obliged to offer a similar rebuke to the previous one.

Christians, stop giving this man cash to pervert truth and blur the lines of accuracy.

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