Thursday, 23 July 2015

Muslim Message to Tomi Lahren

Hi Tomi Lahren, I'm a Muslim. Please don't send America to bomb me. In fact, please don't send America to bomb anybody in Muslim countries because every time America does this, many babies, toddlers, teens, women (some whom are pregnant) and elderly people die. So please Tomi Lahren, please don't encourage the bombings of any more Muslims.

By the way Tomi, I don't live in a Muslim country, I am a British Muslim but every time the West bombs a Muslim country it makes it more difficult for me to live here in safety because it radicalises a bunch of Muslims to revenge attack Britain and that leads to the deaths of my fellow countrymen and women as in the 7/7 bombings (London).

Yeah Tomi Lahren, American and British state terrorism results in terrorism from terrorist groups in the Middle East.

So please Tomi Lahren, rise above right wing extremist talk and start thinking about peace. I would also like to invite Tomi Lahren to Islam (if she's not a Muslim already).

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