Thursday, 16 July 2015

Were the Tennessee Shootings Domestic Terrorism?

It's reported the suspect was an American citizen. We don't know if this man was suffering from psychological problems, attempting reprisal attacks on behalf of disgruntled groups in the Middle East who may have been subjected to American attacks or whether there were other motives.

Four U.S. Marines were killed on Thursday by a gunman who opened fire at two military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before being fatally shot in an attack officials called a brazen, brutal act of domestic terrorism.

The FBI named the suspect as Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, 24, but said it was too early to speculate on a motive for the rampage, which comes at a time when U.S. military and law enforcement authorities are increasingly concerned about the threat posed by 'lone wolves' to domestic targets. [Reuters]

IF a serious and intellectual discussion does develop from this the media need to begin getting intellectuals such as Yasir Qadhi and Noam Chomsky in their studios to offer insight which is much more convincing than the right wing Islamophobic narrative out there.

Perhaps now we can actually move away from the narrative of 'theologically driven' terrorists and start to look at how Western foreign policy has led to home-grown terrorism.

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