Thursday, 5 November 2015

Quilliam Foundation's Hypocrisy in Hiring Adam Deen

While people just pass off Adam Deen's employment with the Quilliam Foundation as another former extremist nutjob to get a few shillings from the ex-Islamist industry I see a little more to it than that. You do see a few of these 'ex-Islamist' characters doing the rounds in American churches as supposed Christian converts all the while raking in the cash through church speaking tours and book deals. Muslims have their own ex-Islamist industry in the West - the Qulliam Foundation features heavily on that horizon. However, I see the contradictions and inconsistencies here in hiring Adam Deen.

Just have a look at Adam Deen's recent work. He's a 'Non Violent' extremist according to some at the government and a 'homophobe' according to large sections of the media. More relevantly,  Adam Deen's views are in opposition to Quilliam's public statements yet hypocritically - I can't be bothered to use fluffier terms -  Adam Deen is hired as the Quilliam Foundation's head of  'outreach' (yep they call it 'outreach,' perhaps a term borrowed from the ex-Islamists operating as figureheads for Christian missionary activity across the pond in America).

Adam Deen, Homosexuals and Quilliam Foundations' Inconsistency

If Anjem Choudary taught the things Adam Deen teaches about homosexuals the media would call Anjem a homophobe yet Adam Deen gets a job at Quilliam while doing precisely that. Hypocrisy, here's a chunk of text Quilliam had on their website in support of homosexuals:

Quilliam believes that homosexuals should be treated equally in all respects and in all countries. Consequently, we will continue to campaign for civil liberties for all human beings, and don’t think we need to dabble in theology to do this. We at Quilliam address theology only to dismantle the ideology of Islamism itself. Hence, we will speak out openly against anyone who calls for, or believes, that homosexuals should be punished by law in any way, in any country.  [Source]

The last sentence is key as Adam Deen through his organisation (the Deen Institute)  and more embarrassingly for the Quilliam Foundation through his comments on the Quilliam Foundation website supports the capital punishment of gays!

On the website he claimed to be a Hanafi - the Hanafi position calls for the punishment of any man who is caught in homosexual activity. To top this all off, this is confirmed by Adam Deen's own instructor at the Deen Institute. If you don't believe the Quilliam Foundation could have made such an oversight, see the video below, at the timeframe 2.00, featuring a clip of the Deen Institute's Aabek Shukurov going through the maximum punishment of homosexuals.

I'm not too sure about Quilliam's view on the punishment of adulterers but Adam Deen's Deen Institute's chief instructor teaches such at the timeframe 1.35 onwards in he video below.

The Quilliam Foundation, if they were true to their words concerning homosexuals would have spoken out against Adam Deen NOT allowed him to cash-in on the ex-Islamist industry with the likes of Maajid Nawaz!

On top of this, Adam Deen would be called a Non Violent extremist by folk in the media due to his views which contradict 'Western values' as the video suggests.

Perhaps this is not hypocrisy from the Quilliam Foundation and their financial backers but rather indicative of a U-turn by Quilliam and its band of 'ex-extremists'.

PS I have no problem with people like Adam Deen and any person with a religion (of which I am one) having freedom of conscience to believe whatever they want about adultery, homosexual practices and inter-religious marriage.  I am certainly NOT calling for Adam Deen and those at his Deen Institute organisation to drop their beliefs - far, far from it. Rather, I'd like to see less hypocrisy from the Quilliam Foundation and those in the ex-Islamist industry as well as the Islamophobia industry. Call a spade a spade. Be confident to say what you are actually about regardless of whether it means you will struggle to pay your mortgage or not.

I will finish off with a quote from a contemporary Muslim scholar and a man who I admire greatly:

'I have to say, I've ever only felt the need to shower after meeting someone once in my life... And it was quilliam people.' [from Dr Jonathan AC Brown's FB]

The video referenced in this blog article:

If this video does not play please see:

Update: A comment I left on Paul William's blog discussing Adam's appointment:

Very disappointed in Adam.

What's there to stop Adam from trying to form his own organisation rather than jumping in bed with the folk at QF?

At QF he will obviously have to tow the party (donor) lines. They will have their own protocols and agendas their employees will operate from. I don't really hold much hope for Adam changing this corrupt organisation from the inside.

It would have been better for Adam to have got a band of Muslims together and formed an organisation which upheld mainstream Muslim beliefs and interests. Perhaps working in conjunction with one of the big mosques in the UK (East London or Regents Park Mosque). That's something Muslims need much more than a Muslim swelling the ranks of QF. Muslims here are crying out for an organisation which can be backed without any issues and which voices its social and religious interests in the media

If his job is to infiltrate the organisation, all the best to him - set up the James Bond theme tune - grab a water pistol, squeeze into a tux, call me Deen, Adam Deen! If he's just going to be a bit of an errand boy over there what's the point, use your energy more wisely. Having said that, I doubt Adam will last in that organisation for long, from my sketchy knowledge of his history (folks correct me if I'm wrong here - don't go OTT though) he has left that Al Muhajiroon group, HT, MDI and perhaps some other groups in the past. Adam is  not afraid of jumping ship so I guess he will jump ship if he thinks the QF are not changing to his liking or if he's not happy.

I think Adam's shower will get a lot of use when he gets to meet all his new colleagues:

'I have to say, I've ever only felt the need to shower after meeting someone once in my life... And it was quilliam people.' [from Dr Jonathan AC Brown's FB]

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