Monday, 16 November 2015

Wassim Doureihi on ISIS

Let’s start an honest conversation.

If Muslims were going to tear apart the West, they would have done so a long time ago.
Muslim rage did not begin with the invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan. It did not begin with the atrocities of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo or even Syria.

Muslims understand very well the destructiveness of Western colonialism precisely because they have been its victims for centuries.

But the sublimeness of Islam prevents us from acting upon whim, even when we are the victims of the greatest injustice. The West should thank Allah (swt) a million times for allowing us to hold on firmly to our Islam despite the overwhelming pressure to act to the contrary.

If Muslims were a people of pragmatism, the entire West would have already been burned to the ground. The scale of the West’s destruction in the Muslim world is still to this day mostly ignored or not understood in the West.

Western states competing for global hegemony have been at the source of the world’s chaos for centuries. And the methods employed in the race for hegemony are unrecognisable to our humanity.
Details surrounding the events in Paris will inevitably unfold with time. Some details may very well not ever be fully realised. What we do know for sure, and what we have known for centuries, is that Western states competing for global hegemony are willing to pursue the most depraved policies for purposes of political expediency.

We will never understand the events in Paris unless we looked to events in Syria. Here we will witness an intense struggle between France and America for leadership over the future of that part of the world. The struggle is real and it is deadly, and its embers do not recognise borders.
Innocents, both Muslim and non-Muslim, will inevitably be its victims.

This truth is easily recognisable by the Muslim. To others, a war needs to be waged upon ignorance.
Western states are playing with our lives. Their policies have already killed countless millions and they are ready to kill countless millions more. It is time we all confront this stark reality. [from Wassim Doureihi's FB]

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Anonymous said...

Hello Yahya:

Minoria here.

I really think Daesh would literally use a nuclear bomb if it could.The group is dangerous.Obama doesn't want to stop it.Europe will have to do it.

But will it?It is 50%.That is reality.

Regarding Robert Spencer, will he,after 15 years,be able to convince Americans to pressure Obama to destroy Daesh,the answer is no.He is only known by a few million.While Wood and Shamoun are known by like 100,000. None of my friends and acquaintances had ever heard of them.

Even after I tell them,they never research them,read them,see their videos.Spencer and Wood rarely use abusive language but Shamoun does all the time(at least 10 years).Google his fight with Walid Shoebat,it was disgraceful how he insulted Shoebat,but Shoebat showed he had equanimity.

Shamoun actually claimed the Inquisition killed 50-68 million,and when shown he was wrong,never,as far as I know,publicly retract.So my opinion of his scholarship is low,one has to verify all he says.Sometimes he is right,other times not.

Then I very recently learned Shamoun insulted,for no reason,a man,non-religious,who asked him his opinion,about a passage in Matthew.Shamoun's answer was so disgusting that it convinced me Shamoun is not saved.Here is the text,in,Shamoun insulted the man 11 days before Christmas 2014:

Anonymous said...

Hello again:

Yahya,about the link,don't read the article,but instead the comment section(10 in all).

I forgot to add that the man sent Shamoun a 2nd email,very polite,and Shamoun acted like a sinner again,it is in the 5th comment in the comment section of another article.That second email from Shamoun convinced me he is not saved:

Unfortunately Wood and James White,his friends,will never publicly rebuke Shamoun,which is morally repugnant,seeing how Shamoun treats non-Muslims(Shoebat,for example),who only have a theological disagreement with him.A real bully.

The good news is few will ever know about Shamoun(after 10 years of activity he is unknown by 99.99% of Americans),because if the US's 300 million knew all about him....then Jesus would be dishonored.Non-Christians specially would be shocked by such
SNEERING and UNCALLED-FOR CONTEMPT by Shamoun.And the fact that White and Wood never rebuke him has made me lose respect for them as persons.