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Specialities of Prophet Muhammad Seerah 1 - Yasir Qadhi

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Some of the broad characteristics of Prophet Muhammad p are discussed in this video by Dr Yasir Qadhi.

And raised high for you your repute. See Quran 94:4

In Quran 21:107 we learn Prophet Muhammad was a sent as a mercy to the entire world.

Allah has raised up the mentioning and remembrance of Prophet Muhammad. Muslims ask Allah to send peace and blessings on Prophet Muhammad on a daily basis.

Names of Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad had many names. Many of which were given to him after he left this world. The  Prophet Muhammad confirmed some of his names:

Muhammad - this name was mentioned 4 times in the Quran. This name means he is given continuous praise (it refers to the quantity of praise)
Ahmad - this name was mentioned in the Quran from the tongue of Jesus p. This name is a reference to the quality of praise Prophet Muhammad receives.

Both Muhammad and Ahmad come from the word Hamida (to praise, yaHmadu). Praise is different to gratitude (shukr). Hamd is higher than shukr, it's the highest form of praise. It's something that's given due to the inherent characteristics of the object being praised.

Muslims obviously praise Prophet Muhammad but even those who reject Prophet Muhammad also praise his qualities such as his leadership abilities, mercy, character, nobility, manners etc.

Prophet Muhammad is the most praised man in history. There's no minute on earth that goes by that somebody around the world is not asking God to send more blessings on him.

Prophet Muhammad is given the Maqam al Mahmoud - the praise-worthy station/rank . On the Day of Judgement all of mankind will go to Prophet Muhammad p and ask him to be a representative to plead to Allah and ask Allah to begin the Judgement.

Mahi - the one used to erase disbelief. Maha means to efface/wipe out. Allah wiped out disbelief through Prophet Muhammad. This can be seen geographically following the expansion of Islam.

Hashir - people will be resurrected after him (he will be the first person to be resurrected). Ala qadami means at my feet, as a reference to right after me.

Aqib - there's no prophet after him. It means the one who comes at the end (of the chain of the Prophets)

Nabi of Rahma - Prophet of mercy

Nabi of Tawba - Prophet of repentance

Mukafa - the one who comes at the end and makes the message of the previous Prophets complete.

Nabi of Mulahim - the Prophet who signals lots of trials.

Prophet Muhammad's specialities

Some scholars have listed up to 50 unique characteristics and blessings that only he was given. Some of these:

He is the last of the Prophets of Allah. (see Quran 33:40)

The Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad was decreed before the existence of Adam. (See 26 min mark of the video)

He was the only Prophet Muhammad who was specifically sent to all of humanity unlike Adam and Noah (pbut) whose situations led to this.

He has been given the largest Ummah out of all the Prophets. It is hoped that his Ummah will be two-thirds of Jannah. There's a prophecy discussed  around the 33-34 time frame. Prophet Muhammad was speaking at a time where there was only perhaps 1500 Muslims on earth and 2-3million Christians.

He has been given the most powerful miracle - the Quran. We do not have access to all the other miracles that Prophet Muhammad and other Prophets were given. The Quran is a living miracle.

He was given the night journey of Isra and Miraj.

He is the leader of the whole of humanity.

He will be given the main river of Jannah.

He will be the first to enter Jannah.

He will have the highest level in Jannah.

Muslims give the most charity and have least sex outside of marriage!

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