Tuesday, 25 May 2010

An Appeal to Dr James White and his Audience Concerning Sam Shamoun's Misinformed Input

Sam Shamoun called into The Dividing Line (White's radio show) and presented misinformation by claiming the Quran teaches us Allah worships. Of course, White could not challenge him on the issue but White and his audience have real food for thought presented to them concerning Shamoun's lack of reliability. It is left in the capable hands of James White to take this issue seriously as this affects the reputation of White's ministry.

White would be well advised to put in place precautionary measures to make sure Shamoun is not presenting misinformation on the show in the future; it would alos be beneficial and responsible onthe part of White to rectify the dubious material.

Related article is here:


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah, Peace be unto you noble brother.

I am also willing to put the icing on the cake in this. Brother Yahya if you are kind enough to run a blog entry on this and your other at wordpress that GV19 <myself is willin to put up the money so that Sam Shamoun will take the following exam.

http://www.arabacademy.com/id/alpt < In response he simply has to place his test scores on the internet. We can also arrange for some Muslims to accompany him for this test. This way it will ensure his honesty and integrity (both of which I believe he already lacks).

My e-mail thegrandverbalizer19@gmail.com I am willing to put up cold hard cash for Sam Shamoun to take the Arabic Language Proficiency Test.

Let's see how sincere he really is.

As you already pointed out the fact that this is not the definition given in the classical text in Islam and the fact that other Christian missionaries who have translated the Qur'an have never made those kind of remarks is enough to bury his extremely weak polemical arguments to the silence of the dust bins of history.

These arguments coupled with the fact that they say the Qur'an cays Mary is apart of the Trinity. Or that the Qur'an mistakes Mary's brother as Aaron in a literal sense.

These "arguments" prove one thing. Christian apologist are bankrupt! Absolutely bankrupt when it comes to it's polemic against Islam.

Yahya Snow said...

Interesting idea...I'm interested

Yeah I will try to get the word out about your challenge

Do you have a set amount of cash?

Anthony Rogers said...

thegrandfertilizer19 said: These "arguments" prove one thing. Christian apologist are bankrupt! Absolutely bankrupt when it comes to it's polemic against Islam.

If our arguments are bankrupt, why has our host here ignored Sam's written remarks which actually address the arguments he raises?

If our arguments are bankrupt, why has Yahya turned down Sam's challenges to debate this and other topics? It surely can't be because Sam behaves in such a way that interaction with him is ill-advisable (as Yahya has tried to claim in the past); after all, Yahya continues to talk about Sam and respond to what he says.

The real reason Yahya does not do so appears to be because he knows his responses to isolated snippets of what Sam has said (as in the radio broadcast on Dr. White's show) don't take into account the full-fledged defenses Sam has made in print. Yahya knows that he wouldn't be able to get away with offering a ten minute rebuttal of a thirty-second clip in a debate, and that Sam would be more than able to respond to anything he brings up.

If our arguments are bankrupt, why did Yahya turn down my challenge to a written debate on what the prophets taught about the Trinity?

In fact, if our arguments are bankrupt, how do I know in advance of making any challenge that Yahya would decline a written debate with me on the identity of the Malak Yahweh in the Old Testament (a subject He has written on in the recent past)?

I'll tell you how I know it: Islamic apologists are apologetically bankrupt.

Yahya Snow said...


Declining a debate invitation is hardly ground to base an allegation of "bankrupt arguments"

As for Shamoun...toonk inot account his written work, that is how I noticed he was being deceptive and making his own translation up

This is all rather concerning, as of yet I am still waiting for Dr White to comment on this worrying saga

Yahya Snow said...

As for your challenge...if it was presented formally...perhaps I would accept

You don't know either way...so if you really want to know then present a formal challenge

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance.

Yahya the money would only need to be around a few hundred U.S dollars (throw in few extra bucks for a cup of coffee and some donuts).

I'm glad to see more written debates and exchanges. There is less ego involved and it allows people to read and think rather than pay attention to the speakers.

I mean I have seen these video debates so many times and what gets resolved?

I think that if people engage in written debate they should state their goals and their agenda clearly.

How many exchanges do they plan to have how long is the written exchange going to last?

What is the hoped out come? What is it the people hope to achieve.

So Anthony how are your Bull Mastiffs doing?

Hope they are well fed and doing their job.

Sam said...

This is Sam Shamoun. Let me see if you really have the courage to post this without editing it.

I am glad that people are now coming to see you for who you truly are, thanks to all the efforts put forth from David Wood, Anthony Rogers and myself. You are no better and no different than Osama Abdallah since, like him,, you masquerade as an apologist when in reality you only rehash the same garbage that has been refuted over and over again. Yet this is to be expected from the likes of you since this is the best you can do and are capable of.

Had you actually taken the time to peruse our site you would have found that I already anticipate and refute all of your pathetic points in the following rebuttals:



These replies directly address your misuse of Lane's Lexicon.

Now prove to me you really do have courage and confidence in your abilities and that you really believe that you have actually refuted my argument by allowing this message go through with all of my links so that your readers can see and judge whether you actually were able to provide a coherent, logical, and truthful reply to anything I said and wrote.

But in light of your track record and outright cowardice where you have consistently ran away from accepting debate challenges from both myself and Rogers I doubt you have the confidence to post this on your blog.

And I am once again challenging you to a live debate, this time on Allah worshiping and praying. If you think your stuff is that good then surely you will have the courage to debate and refute me for all to hear. Now is the time to put up or shut up.

Now if you back down then maybe granddiarheaofthemouth19 can volunteer to take your place.

Yahya Snow said...

MBI3030 (aka Antonio) went to ask Shamoun about this issue and Shamoun told him he had responded...yet when I went to check there was NO response on Shamoun's site (I checked in the "what's new" section)

Shamoun has much explaning to do...so too does James white..

White is still yet to respond (as far as I know)

Yahya Snow

Yahya Snow said...


I'm with you on your challenge...BUT Shamoun has just seen your challenge

Sam...take his challenge up

@ Sam...you can call me whatever names you wish...it will not detract from your unscholarly material and misinformation.

You can remain silent on this issue if you wish...whilst you think about apologising for your unscholarly material on this issue I will be combing through the rest of the call (from first inspection I noted there are two other issues of concern which arise from the call...hoever a colleague emailed me and pointed to at least another issue arising from your call...)

Sam, all I call for is for you to review your materialand remove the material which is error-laden and misleading.

Otherwise you will further repel people from the faith you are calling to.

BTW...Sam, you block my comments fromyour YouTube but I allow yours...interesting...but unfair :(


Sam said...

I know that it is hard for you to understand what you read and follow your opponents arguments. I find that this is common among your ilk. You haven;t refuted anything and all your points were already refuted YEARS AGO in those links which I provided. This is why I am offering you the golden opportunity to expose me and my unscholarly arguments in A LIVE EXCHANGE between the two of us which we will record and post on youtube for all to hear. That will save me time from writing responses to your pathetic rebuttals since they are not worth a written response. It would take me less than 30 minutes to expose you and your points

So one more time. DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE YES OR KNOW? If not I will make a note of it in the article which you failed to refute for all to see.

Time to put your money where your mouth is.

I have to be honest and say that your cowardice and rebuttals are very appalling and repulsive.

Anthony Rogers said...

Yahya said: As for your challenge...if it was presented formally...perhaps I would accept

I, Anthony Rogers, on this 27th day of May, Anno Domini 2010, for the reclaimation of the lost, the edification of the redeemed, and, above all, for the glory of Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as well as of Peter, James and John, do hereby, formally and officially, challenge Muslim Dawagandist Yahya Snow to debate the identity of the Malak Yahweh, whose first recorded appearance in Scripture was to Hagar, who identified Him as "God", even as the sacred author in the same passage identified Him as "LORD", i.e. Yahweh. :)

Yahya Snow said...

@Sam and Anthony

Both of you will receive a response shortly.

As Shamoun has blocked my comments from his YouTube (in a possible attempt to keep his audience away from material which highlights his mistakes?) I will respond to Shamoun's challenge in my next video concerning his mistakes on James White's Dividing Line

Anthony's debate proposal seems more appealing and he will receive a response once I have thought about the pros and cons of such a debate


BTW Sam, please show this post to Dr White; White is yet to respond


Sam said...

Let me correct gross lie because you can't help yourself;f from lying. The good is that I still have the posts which explains why you got blocked. I only blocked you when you wouldn't allow my comments to appear on youtube videos. Everytime I would send in a response I get message saying that my comments were pending which meant that you needed to first see them before approving them. I also blocked you because you refused to post the comments of others on your blog. THAT IS WHY GOT BLOCKED.

So if you are going to lie make sure you do a better job of covering your tracks.

Anyway, what's it going to be? DO YOU ACCEPT TOP DEBATE ME ON YOUR GOD PRAYING AND WORSHIPING? Here is your chance to prove to everyone that my arguments were unscholarly so why are you afraid?

Like I said, you are quite repulsive.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah, Peace be unto those who follow guidance from their lord. Allah and his angels send blessings down upon Muhammed (saw) oh you who believe therefore send your blessings upon him.

Yahya I would suggest not to debate either one of them, and just continue to post videos and written material that refute them (which is not difficult at all to do).

You see Yahya these people have never been interested in sincere dialouge and discussion. They just want to get you and Muslims worked up.

Especially now the Roman Catholic Church is exposed beyond redemption.

The Reformed Christian theology especially Calvinism total depravity and preservation of the saints is absolutely demolished.

Infact Yahya once people find out that Sam Shamoun is the "Christian Priest from Syria" 'teaching' James White Arabic the cat will be out of the bag.


"I intend to meet with my tutor (a Christian pastor from Syria) next week to go over each of these examples very carefully."

*note* that James White doesn't give us the name of his tutor which you could almost bet the kitchen sink is Sam Shamoun.

James White feels that out of sight is out of mind. If he doesn't give sources than he cannot be critiqued.

Yahya would you be offended if I referred to Sam Shamoun as SS from now on? As in the Nazi SS?

So now because Ergun Caner is being exposed, Christians are also now starting to wonder who this mysterious 'Abdul Saleeb' is that Caner claimed to have debated.

You know Yahya the same Abdul Saleeb that wrote 'Answering Islam' with Geisler and is now running around co-authoring books with R.C Sproul.

You see Hussein Wario and these people all travel the same circles.

So it is all unraveling for them.

SS is done. He has been done for a while now. But they will hang around sure enough, makes for interesting tid bits here and there while having a cup of coffee.

What will end up happening Yahya is that James White will eventually have to distance himself from Wood and SS in order to maintain any semblance of credibility.

Once people find out that SS is the mysterious 'pastor from Syria' than the gig will be up.

Not only that but I also see that both SS and David Wood are slowly turning on Nabeel Qureshi. I think Nabeel tries to play along by being subversive though eventually he has to be sickened by the Christian Taliban that he has now embraced.

I don't know how long that love affair will last until Nabeel will wise up and leave David and SS (since those guys are really tight you know what I'm saying).

But Yahya I would propose the following for SS and for Tony sorry Anthony I hope you don't mind me being a little informal.

I would propose that SS takes a simple Arabic exam and post the results on the internet for everyone to see. This will allow those interested to get a fair assessment on where he is concerning Arabic.

If SS declines than it will become apparent that he is someone who would be more intriguing to invite to birthday and holloween parties and not necessarily sincere dialouge.

As for Tony I would LOVE to see a written debate between David Bernard and Tony Rogers on the identity of Malak Yahweh.
I think a good written exchange between David Bernard and Tony Rogers would be amazing. It would allow us to see two sincere Christian apologist debate on an issue they have more knowledge about than us Yahya.

Here is a link where Bernard and White debated on the issue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNdB83Kh7NM&feature=related


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God continued from above...

The thing that is very strange about Tony's request is that it seems a little misguided brother Yahya.

You would think that a person like Tony who seems interested in theology would know that Muslims believe in the pre-existant nature of Christ.

He is called the word of Allah and the spirt of Allah. Even among Ahl Sunnah Wal Jammah the belief is that Muhammed (saw) pre-existed as the first soul of Allah.

Many Christians believe that Satan prexist in a disembodied form but will eventually become embodied in the form of an anti-Christ.

So Tony's debate request seems a little misguided to me.

But let us say for the sake of argument we take his request seriously. Namely we say that Esau (Jesus) did pre-exist as an angel.

Infact if I recall Tony had some fantasy about debating you on the Trinity in the 'Old Testament'.

Where ever he wishes to go with his fantasy it will easily be stopped at Mark 13:32 “But concerning that day or that hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father"

So this is where Tony Rogers is truly in over his head. Even if we allow Esau(Jesus) to pre-exist as an angel or as the son Mark 13:32 does not allow either to be deity, and the Trinity is thus annihilated.

I did not know that Tony Rogers advocates that Jesus's knowledge is not the same in essence as that of God. Very interesting.

Tony Rogers is embracing sabellian doctrine very fascinating! I will make a note of it.

Any way I hope the Bull Mastifs are eating well.

Yahya Snow said...

@ Grand

You said:

Yahya I would suggest not to debate either one of them, and just continue to post videos and written material that refute them (which is not difficult at all to do).

I am going to follow your advice. Shamoun was never a serious debate opponent. Shamoun does not seem to be interested in the Truth...this is evidenced by his unscholarly material.

As for the Syrian pastor...I got the impression it was Pastor Joseph (the guy who hosts the ABN show Shamoun and wood guest on)
Look into that possibility as the chance of it being Shamoun is remote as Shamoun isn't from Syria, If I remember correctly Shamoun's from Kuwait

As for the SS issue...They are his intials but I would advice against addressing him that way as this may offend him. Though shamoun has no issue offending others we should not stoop to his depraved level. His debauched level is the reason why people avoid dialogue with him like the plague...I'm STILL surprised James White has not come out and pushed himself firmly away from Shamoun and Wood...WE are all STILL waiting James...

As for your challenge...let us get shamoun tested for Arabic. God willing I will do a blog post and set your reward to 200 dollars (I'm sure a man of your wealth can afford it:))


(We all know that is not the reason why you block my comments sam)

As for the rest of your comment...????
Sam if you had a refutation you would have presented it instead of flexing muscles by offering debate challenges which are empty (as were your previous challenges)...YOU HAVE NOT RESPONDED...stop telling Antonio that you have responded...it is called misinforming

"Misinforming" is what you have been doing to James white and his audience AND your readers ...have you discussed this issue with White????
I thought not.


Anthony Rogers said...


You have grossly misstated my view vis-a-vis the Malak Yahweh. All I can say for now is, if Yahya excepts my challenge, I hope for his sake that he does not repeat the same errors.

As for a debate with Bernard, why would that be of particular interest to you? I have most of Bernard's books and many of his debates. Although he is an anti-trinitarian heretic, he still believes in the deity of Christ (contra Islam). Nevertheless, thanks for the sentiment that a debate with Bernard would be something worth reading. (I've encountered and (informally) debated many UPCI and Apostolic folks in my area.)

P.S. Yahya didn't need you to dissuade him from engaging in a debate with me or Sam. I already predicted that he would decline. (That means I have one more true prediction to my credit than your prophet.)


My bullem is doing great.

Yahya Snow said...

Anthony said:

(That means I have one more true prediction to my credit than your prophet.)

Well,Anthony, you just show your lack of knowledge of Islam and the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Research his life and you will learn the numerous prophecies he made (which all happened exactly how he predicted).

So please stop withthe ignorant digs at Islam. Anthony raise your scholarship and respect levels above the level of Sam Shamoun. Are you trying to curry favour with Shamoun by imitating him?

Be your own man Anthony. I have noticed you are absolutely reluctant to criticise (or rebuke) Shamoun and Wood. Be a stand up guy Anthony! Jesus(pbuh) was a stand up type of person.

This post was originally about Shamoun's deception and unscholarly ways (not the well being of your dogs)

We are still waiting for you to denounce Shamoun. For that matter, we are still waiting for James White to respond too....surely this impacts uponhis reputation

As for my explanation with regards to the unaccepted debate challenge...wait for it. I intend to post it...as you know I'm a busy man.

As for the angel of the Lord (which Shamoun bizarrely claimed to be God)...I await your final piece on it.

I do relent to Grand's request and I would read the debate too (between Rogers and Bernard).

Is it possible to get a debate intitiated with Bernard?

As for Grand's point...is does hurt your position, Anthony.

BTW Anthony...I believe I have the decisive quote from the Bible to show you and Shamoun that the angel is NOT God.

Anthony can I ask a serious question; have you read ALL the Bible? (I don't believe David Wood has, but I believe you (and Hogan) are more likely to have read it ALL than Wood and Christian Prince)


Yahya Snow said...


I find it touching to see Grand's concern for the well being of Anthony's dogs.

Anthony...you have a BIG TV in your lounge.

I don't have a TV full stop.

Anthony; in all seriousness my advice to you is thus:

Stop hanging around unscholarly and unsavoury types (Shamoun and Wood)

Increase your knowledge of Islam

Stop having childish digs at Islam

Rethink your beliefs concerning the Trinity.


Anthony Rogers said...


You have a flare for the dramatic, but I have little interest in all your character attacks. Indeed, it reflects poorly on your own character and makes it look like you have nothing of substance to contribute to the Christian-muslim dialogue. It would be better for your name as an apologist, if that is really what you are trying to be, if you would channel your energy more consistently to addresing the salient issues.

In short, just let me know when you have officially decided to decline my challenge.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto those who follow guidance from their Lord.

Well Tony or Mr. Rogers it looks like it may not be a beautiful day in the neighborhood after all.

Just so Yahya knows, I have recently sent an e-mail to the UPC Church that David Bernard attends to see if he or a representative would be interested in engaging Mr. Rogers in a debate on the identity of Malak Yahweh.

You see Yahya I was a bit concerned. I just wanted to make sure that Mr. Rogers is a man after the truth.

I had to double check and make sure he wasn't attempting to debate you so that in the end he could derive some very unhealthy pleasure from commenting on answeringmuslims talking about he 'walked all over you' and 'schooled you'.

It seems like this kind of self angradizement is very unhealthy. Also considering the obscure nature of the answeringmuslims web site one wonders about the psycological state of people who feel empowered from debating what they deem to be 'lesser' opponents.

So Mr. Rogers I know that you are reading this and I know that you have also received the cc e-mail that I sent the UPC Church as well as yourself.

Mr. Rogers my intention is not to think or speak ill of you. Though you may not appreciate my concern.

Mr. Rogers I rarely feel that any good comes from 2 to 2 1/2 hour video debates.

There is so much self angrandizement and ego involved in them. I like the idea of study, reflection, comparison, prayer and weighing out presentations.

"As for a debate with Bernard, why would that be of particular interest to you?"

I think not only would it be of interest to me it would be of great interest to all truth seekers. To see a Trinitarian and Unitarian to discuss an issue that seems like a matter of intra-Christian misunderstanding than Muslim Christian debate.

What I am trying to say in plain English Mr. Rogers is I get the impression that you are a mentally balanced person, who lifts weights and keeps a bull mastif as a pet:someone who is respectable and most likely is quite friendly with his neighbors.

A guy who loves Christ Jesus, and really likes matters of spritual truth.

I really don't want to get the opposite impression. That your an anti-social guy who is usually quite in public but becomes quite the chatterbox on the keyboard.

A man who has become a sycophant at answeringmuslims.A man who has very little interaction with people in real life but has taken on an almost batman alter-ego online.

A man who lifts weights and keeps bull mastifs not because he particularly loves weight lifting or knows anything about bull dogs, but because he owes some drug dealer money from his pre-Christian past and is scared to death that a beat down is coming around every corner.

I really don't want to get this kind of impression from you Mr. Rogers.

Yahya to me seems like a good brother who is truly interested in dialouge and an exchange of ideas.

Mr. Rogers I also want to give you the benefit of the doubt.

So lets try and be civil with one another?

Yahya Snow said...

@grand...nice email...perhaps something will come of your email of it...unlike my email to White concerning Shamoun...I'm still waiting onthat one

I agree with grand's suggestion of Rogers debating Bernard (or somebody from his camp)

I would also ask Anthony to take up grand's advice and suggestions concernig conduct. Anthony has a tough call to make...

Anthony, as you know from our past exchanges one of my concerns has been you being experienced debating and writing about these topics and thus a debate against me in this field would lead to an obvious advantage which could cloud the scene for the Truth seeker.

Anthony, as you may have ntoiced, I don't have donate options on my sites; I operate as a guy who does this in his spare time and NOT for material gain.

Wood's blog has the capacity to raise over a 1000dollars in less than a week. This type of financial incentive is a temptation which can lead to ego, underhand tactics and self-preservation

Underhand tactitcs...in so far as misdirecting the audience and desperately attempting to appear asthe victor in any small contest (even in the comments sections of a blog post)

I have noticed this trait in a memeber of the AM team.

I have to dash to a lesson

May Allah bless both Grand and Tony..Ameen

Oh yeah...May Allah give the bull mastiff good health too. Ameen

Anthony Rogers said...

Now you see there verbalizer? What has become of your grand claim now? Christian apologists are bankrupt? Well, the verdict is now in.

As I have said all along Yahya has been pontificating on issues that he doesn't have the slightest competence to speak to. His arguments are weak, have been refuted, and cannot be succesfully defended in a debate, especially not by the likes of you or Yahya. Now you guys have admitted it and we may all safely ignore you now.

Worse still, since you guys have both now conceded this, not only does this show all lack of confidence in the ability of your champion, Yahya, to prevail in a debate on issues that he has written and spoken about, vaunting himself some kind of scholar in the process, but it shows that you don't even have enough confidence in any other Muslim apologist to debate such issues with me (or Sam). That's why you had to turn to Oneness Pentecostals in the vain hope that they could be of some kind of help to you.

It certainly was a crafty move, and I grant that you are more crafty than any other beast of the field, but if you want to be a snake in the grass than you have to be smarter than the guy with the net. I will happily debate anyone who challenges me. However, I will not let you set it up in such a way as to enable Muslims like yourselves to slither away while I do so. Therefore, I propose the following:

Since Oneness Pentecostals could, in terms of their theological construct, accept the absolute deity of the Malak Yahweh, and some have, we would all greatly benefit from seeing such a debate between Yahya and a Oneness Pentecostal.

After that, I will be happy to debate the same Oneness adherent and prove that the same Malak Yahweh that he has successfully proven is God (over against Yahya), is personally distinct from Yahweh at the same time.

So there you have it. I will debate any one you put in front of me, and happily, but not in any way that will let you, Yahya or any other Muslim to slither away. No matter how slick you think you are in your desperate efforts to get me to redirect my attention away from Islam, by the grace of God I will fight Islam till I go to be with the LORD, i.e. the Malak Yahweh who became flesh and dwelt among us.

After Yahya declines to debate the Goliath you have sought out for yourselves, this chapter will be closed and I will have little reason to look to Yahya as a force to be reckoned with in the battle against Islam. It is already apparent that he doesn't have the goods to refute Christianity or prove Islam, but this last move will seal the deal.

Semper Paratus,

Anthony Rogers

Anthony Rogers said...


If you choose to censor my last comment, and I know you have seen it because there has been activity on your blog since I sent it, I will simply include it in a blog post at Answering Muslims that will also chronicle our torturous history with you. As you know, many more people will see it there than will ever read your blog.

It is your choice. I did't say anything untoward given the present context and you have no good excuse for not clearing it.

Yahya Snow said...

Anthony Rogers...


I'm not going to censor your commnets if they are within the bounds...you KNOW I don't care about personal attacks on me.

As a YouTube veteran I am used to it.

I even allowed Shamoun's commnets even though it had irrelevant links...btw, I'm still waiting on James White.


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their lord.

Well, Mr. Rogers you can say you will 'fight Islam' but it seems you have proven my theory about you correct.

You say Semper Paratus the quote of the United States Coast Guard but no amount of preperation can prepare one for the hurricane!

The thing is Tony I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. But I don't know how someone who claims to be a follower of Christ can have a heart so dark and so filled with cowardice.

You liken me to a beast of the field and a snake in the grass.

You like Latin phrases I have one for you. Noli me calcare!

Only a person with an immense amount of fear in their heart runs around with a net to catch a creature of God that only seeks to be left alone.

You have shown your cowardice through your choice of words. You want to be the coward who nets a snake?

Let's look at some Synonyms of the word 'Net'

bag*, catch, enmesh, ensnare, entangle, hook*, lasso, nab, trap.

You want to hook me? You want to trap me? You want to ensnare me?

A real man grabs the snake using his own hands.

A coward is someone who says,

"Although he is an anti-trinitarian heretic..."

Let's take a look at your closing statment Mr. Rogers.

"After Yahya declines to debate the Goliath you have sought out for yourselves, this chapter will be closed and I will have little reason to look to Yahya as a force to be reckoned with in the battle against Islam. It is already apparent that he doesn't have the goods to refute Christianity or prove Islam, but this last move will seal the deal."

You people really don't get it do you? Do you not realize that not a single Christian (of any stripe or denomination) has debated a scholar in Islam.

(Deedat,Shabir, AbdulMalik, Yahya Snow,Sami Zatari, Mr. Islam Answersback, Nadir Ahmed, Sheikh Jalal, Sheikh Awal, Dr. Naik, Yusuf Buccas, ad infitium none of them are scholars). By Allah it's true.

These people are local imams, or people who have taken up apologetic as a hobby.

Our Shyookh and Imams (both Sunni and Shi'a) simply are not even involved on that level with any of you. Because your false doctrines do not even warrant such high profile attention.

I mean are we to take seriously a man like SS? You claim him to be fearless but he's afraid of a piece of paper! How can I take a man seriously who is afraid of a sheet of paper? I'm talking about the Arabic proficiency exam that I am willing to pay for!


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

continued above...

And Mr. Rogers (why do I smile when I say that name) my sincere advice to you is to pay off who ever you owe money to.

Or tell me how much you owe them and I will try and help you out.

However, Tony I will tell you here and now enough with your games.

You can pretend to be a BullMastif all you want, but Tony don't ever put a bullmastif in the same cage with a diamondback rattle snack because that is plain cruel.

The bullmastif is absolutely no match for the God given quickness, of the diamondback.

Watch this video and see.

But before you get too excited and start rubbing your hands together Mr. Rogers i'll clue you in (It's three on one and the diamondback is ALREADY dead)...

Noli me calcare!


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

*correction diamondback rattle snack should be diamondback rattle snake.

ty :)

Odo said...


The Islamic propaganda machine hit its plateau. There is nowhere to go now but down.


asinus asinum fricat!

Odo said...

Whoops! Silly me!