Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sheikh Awal Cancels the Debate with David Wood

This decision of Sheikh Awal's had nothing to do with the blog posting below as the posting in question was piblicized AFTER the sheikh's decision.

I feel the sheikh made the right decision and showed himself to be a man free from self-aggrandizement and ego


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto you.

I can tell you right now that I had something to do with the cancellation of those debates.


Here are some of the reasons listed above in my post.

You see right now the Christians (Calvinist) especially are coming down upon Ergun Caner a man who claims to be an X Muslim who converted to Christianity his story is not straight.

So now what has happened is that I show James White on his own inconsistency. James White is also under a microscope right now especially over issues of rather or not he truly has a doctorate.

So when I posted a link of Sam Shamoun saying I will put you back in Muhammed's *&@#@( (istaghfirullah) and I posted the link to answermuslims blog entry by David Wood where he ha showed nudity this shocked the Christians.

Many Christians wonder how James White ( man who has been descent up until this point ) could share the platform with Sam Shamoun ( a foul mouth individual ) and with David Wood a person who takes pleasure in posting sadomasichistic videos...

Infact I think all Muslims should decline further debates with Shamoun and David. Muslims have been about open dialouge from the beginning.

It's obvious that answeringmuslims deletes every comment of substance that we as Muslims make.

I don't see how any Muslim (Sunni or Shi'a) with an ounce of shame in their heart or even an ounce of love for Muhammed (saw) could stand on a podium next to a people like Wood and Shamoun.

Now debating James White is no problem as he does not post half nude sadomasichistic videos, and nor does he trash talk people's mother's like Shamoun does.

Hopefully we as Muslims will try and hold ourselves as well as our debate opponents to a little higher standard.

Yahya Snow said...


The debates with White were not cancelled

The ones involving Wood were...due top Wood's behaviour

I must agree with your concerns regarding White's associates...I too am shocked to note white's association with Wood and Shamoun

I'm off to visit your post

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, As salamu 'alikum wr wb noble brother.

Now that you have seen the information on James White maybe you can get the word out to the Muslims on the U.K side.

James White "doctorate" is not proven. These people have been trying to take us (Muslims as well as fellow Christians) for a ride and banking on our ignorance for a very long time brother Yahya.

Did you also know that James White's sister left reformed Baptist to become a Roman Catholic? She also claims (may Allah have mercy upon her) that James White's father molested her when they were growing up.

James White denies this and has cut his family ties with sister Patricia.

I am not making this up!

http://abbaslittlegirl.blogspot.com/2009/04/out-of-darkness-cross-i-carry.html <You can also get her e-mail address and ask her about this matter. I for one believe her story.

Brother these people and their lives are more complicated than we can imagine. Spiritually most of these people doing missionary work have very tortured souls and very dark past.

Insh'Allah I will inform you once I drop another bomb shell about David Wood.

The fact that David Wood is a closet bisexual with a love for sadomasichism.

I am not here to poke fun. I am simply here to say these people do need prayers. The prayers of anyone who are willing to pray for them.

May Allah grant them his mercy and guidance and take the veil over thier eyes. Ameen!