Tuesday, 11 May 2010

David Wood Tries to Ruffle My Feathers :)

Perhaps this is an internet tactic amongst experienced internet apologists such as Wood...but I will not be playing any games...I will continue utilizing an analytical and methodically rational approach to my refutations of Wood's work...an approach which is yielding excellent results

It was interesting to note that Wood is still talking about my rebuke of his behaviour but is ignoring my refutations of his work...what is more important to Wood...his ego or the validity of his work???

David seemed to be commenting in a provocative manner...so I ended the conversation with this comment (I hope he approves this comment):


Judging by your comments towards me of late I think it is best for us to stop conversing at this juncture...futility and sensationalism are of no use to any Truth seeker

I bid you good night

I await your second video in the series on the Quran...I will respond to that too (unless my colleagues beat me to the punch)...God Willing

Peace...I wish you and your family all the best...May God bless them further...Ameen


Ali said...

most likely this comment you wrote will be dismissed with ignorance. christians aren't into respecting others.
so david came up with a new post in his blog saying the prophet fled mecca because he wanted to slaughter the tribes there. i bet it's just the way he words his writings but could you shed some light on whatever he's trying to say?

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto you.

I am very serious when I say this to you brother Yahya I think David Wood may actually 'like you' and by 'like' I am not talking on a platonic level at all.

I think he actually might have a thing for you brother.

Anthony Rogers said...


Given that you were so enrankled at a video David put up before, why do you have no problem posting thegrandverablizer's perverted and slanderous remark about David?

Do you seriously think this remark about David is anywhere near the truth? I don't know thegrandverbalizer well enough to know why he might be titilated to make such remarks, but surely it is in your best interest to make it clear that you don't share thegrandverbalizer's proclivity for reading gay desires into other men.

Yahya Snow said...


I think I told him David Wood was married.

So if he continues to believe David Wood has " athing for me" then that is up to him

However...personal beliefs concerning individuals are allowed in the comment sections on Wood's blog...so you are a little hypocritical in objecting to me allowing Grand to vocalise his "personal view" of David.

I don't agree with Grand's personal view...most do not

Anthony...calm down, I have been accused of the same allegation on my previous YT channel...and guess what...I allowed the comments to stay up

Personal attacks do not bother me...I doubt David is concerned about Grand's personal view

What matters to me is David's misinformation...hence my refutations of his material

Anthony...you are making a mountain of a mole hill


Anthony Rogers said...

People at AM are not reading their slanderous and perverted sexual proclivities into others; but at least we now have the official proof that your earlier remarks about the video from David were simply opportunistic.

Anonymous said...

"Personal attacks do not bother me"

Well in that case I think thegrandverbalizer19 is a cross-dressing hermaphrodite that enjoys sex with ducks.

[I'm sure "most do not agree" with my comment, but at least my comment shows some originality unlike the tired old stuff 'verbalizer is weakly verbalizing.]