Tuesday, 18 May 2010

David Wood Wastes my Time AGAIN

He accuses me (Yahya Snow) of sabotaging his debate. He also questions my honesty and accuses me of being a bloke called "Santos".

I had NOTHING to do with Wood's opponent cancelling...but Wood has gone off on a tirade against me based on his conjecture. David Wood is transfixed on accusing Yahya Snow (myself) of ruining his "debate series" and partaking in "mild terrorism"??!!??

He has gone down the unreasonable path of avoiding communication full stop. I guess the sheikh who has cancelled the debate is being vindicated as Wood's behaviour and integrity is thrown into question yet again :(

I asked him to PM me for clarification...he refuses to do so as he wants no further communication...why in the world make accustaions and ask questions of me if you don't want to know of my answers? Unreasonable and illiogical!

Wood, initially accused a group named the MDI...but for some reason exonerates them and decides to use me (Yahya Snow) as the scapegoat and blame me for the cancellations. I never knew I had so much influence! :)

He accuses me of CENSORSHIP...yet I had NOTHING to do with it...yet I have a whole host of individuals complaining to me of David Wood CENSORING them...to add to the irony, Wood has CENSORED me from his blog...go figure!

He asks questions concerning the MDI group...well, if he really wanted answers he would email the group and would email me...but he doesnt email me...he simply throws unsubstantiated claims out and leaves it at that :(

Wood loses more and more credibility with each comment and posting

A CENSORED comment I tried to post to aid Wood's understanding...he disallowed the comment:

With regards to Wood's update...

If he had bothered to check he would note that the sheikh had cancelled the debate prior to my post

Somebody else contacted the sheikh BEFORE I could even post...so the sheikh's cancellation was nothing to do with me...though I support his decision.

However...if ANYBODY (Muslim/Non-Muslim) has an issue with my blog post...they are free to contact me and discuss it in a rational fashion.

I do not want to dwell on this subject...I hope this is enough for those who wanted more info

If not...feel free to contact me...via YouTube or email


A response to Negeen, which was also CENSORED by Wood:


I apologise if it has affected your personal plans BUT this has nothing to do with me

I support the sheikh's decision...you can still view the debates between White and the Muslim guests

Wood has censored MANY things in the past...in fact, he even censored the video addressing your conversion story...he went to great lengths to censor that .

Note...Wood is not being censored but REBUKED by the sheikh

He (Wood) is free to post on YouTube and Blogger...quite simply a respected Muslim has seen sharing a podium with Wood to be irresponsible

As simple as that

Feel free to contact me


God bless all

NOTE: If a further post is required I will make a further posting (and/or an audio presentation to Wood's audience in order to get the FACTS out to them to counter Wood's conjecture...however I would like to get back to my refutation work ASAP

Thanks...feel free to contact me via email or YouTube

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