Thursday, 29 July 2010

Censorship: What Are Acts17Apologetics Afraid Of?

Recently I’ve seen a number of complaints of censorship by people who have been banned/blocked by David Wood/Nabeel Qureshi (the founders of Acts17).

It is all too telling to note the people who are on the end of Acts17 censorship are people who are willing to criticize and/or ask pressing questions. What are Acts17 afraid of?

Why block people for simply challenging your views?

A user named 1MoreMuslim has been censored by them. Now, I know of 1MoreMuslim from YouTube and I don’t recall him using offensive language EVER. However, this user does ask pressing and difficult questions concerning Christian theology. Perhaps that is the reason why this chap was censored by David Wood/Nabeel Qureshi; for simply questioning Christianity.
His YouTube:

Wood and Qureshi claim to be doing things in the interest of the Church despite recent speculation of their motives being monetary (cash) rather than spiritual. Surely if they were serious in evangelising and confident in their Christian (Trinitarian) theology they would not censor those who ask questions or put forward counter arguments…questions are there to be answered, not censored :)

Previously we blogged about David Wood’s wholesale censorship of a Jamaican apologetics group (kufrtokufr). They simply asked 17 questions and they were censored! Are 17 questions too many for people who claim Trinitarianism is the truth?

Kufrtokufr’s (censored) 17 questions to Act17Apologetics:

NOTE: Recently Nabeel Qureshi dropped them a comment, after many complaints regarding the unfair censorship, and did say he will answer their questions. This seems odd; they censor this group (kufrtokufr) and then return with a comment claiming they will respond after much complaining over their censorship. That seems like a double mind and an attempt to appear censorship-free. No response has been put forward thus far.

Now there is Ali and Womenfortruth. They seem to have a blog which highlights negative stories concerning Christians in the news; similar to what David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi do to Muslims. You would imagine Acts17 would welcome dialogue with these two as there are huge similarities in their respective approaches. No dialogue but censorship. Perhaps CENSORSHIP is Acts17’s idea of dialogue. Here is Ali’s comment concerning Wood’s censorship:
Ali said...
I find it humorous christians saying they've been censored, yet at the same time their own sites do the same. david wood will certainly block any comment that threatens his ministry or his senseless views about islam. and i believe david wood went all the way to britain to do a segment on freedom of speech on how islam threatens it. pure hypocricy

Their blog:

Not 100% certain here: If I remember correctly thegrandverbalizer19 (TGV) is also blocked from commenting on David Wood’s blog (answeringmuslims), why? TGV is familiar with Christian theology and apologetics as well as being a bright guy. Surely Nabeel Qureshi/David Wood and co would welcome dialogue with him…it does not seem so. What are they afraid of? People asking questions and putting forward reasoned arguments?

Was Nadir Ahmed not blocked from their blog too?

I also recall David Wood threatening a Christian (ibn Malik?) with blocking…it really does seem to be a case of agree with us or get lost!!!

Lupus el Lobo is a commentator who has suffered at the hands of censorship by…yep you guessed it; Acts17. This user is a polite enough chap, why censor him? Here is Lupus el Lobo filling us in:

I have never used any foul language. It seems to me that the truth they say they are seeking is very selective indeed.
They have developed a very clever scheme for appearing to promote freedom of speech. They only allow comments, however critical, which they know they can counter. Whenever they encounter a comment that they find difficult they simply block it.
There goes their so-called advocacy for freedom of speech.
Lupus el Lobo:

I have seen a number of complaints from YouTube users who have been silenced by David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi. Why?

What are Acts17Apologetics striving to achieve? Are they looking for a group of sycophants who will only ever agree with them and blindly click on the donate button and empty their wallets and purses to such a group without asking questions or even THINKING?
If it is a herd of mindless minions they are after then the internet is not the right place for them to shop for such a group as the internet is bursting with individuals and herding individuals is like herding cats.

Of course, David Wood does have a few minions at his disposal; apparently one of these minions drove 100 MILES to pick up some court documents on a bloke who was disagreeing and feuding with Acts17Apologetics over the internet. Talk about mafia-like behaviour and taking the internet way too seriously. That sad action reeks of Tony Soprano not a serious Christian. Then again, whoever thought the censors-happy brigade at Acts17 were ever serious Christians?

Another quick anecdote…I recall sending David Wood a link to an article showing a scholar teaching us honour killings were NOT part of Islam. Our David Wood censored that particular link and continued to try and convince a Muslim (Ali)) that honour killings were part of Islam. In this anecdote you have the reason behind their censorship. Peddling the type of nonsense Nabeel and David have been doing will only ever be propped by the mindless brigade and CENSORSHIP

What about the other guy who is so terrified of counter arguments he will censor you if he smells a whiff of intelligence and free thought…Christian Prince? Is he linked to this group too?

More censorship from the Dearborn "Christians":


Ali said...

the side bar on the blog is screwed up. trying to fix it causes whatever computer i'm on to freeze. some bug problem. inshallah we'll be able to put it back the way it's suppose to be.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord.

I know that I am censored over there. I can't recall anything I said or did that I would feel wrong but than again I guess that depends on who is telling the story and depending upon what side of the bed the admin woke up on that particular day.

However, after looking over their material some of it is interesting but for the most part it really is rehashed material.

I think that Nabeel's debate with Bassam Zawadi and Abdullah Kunde's debates with James White and Samuel Green show that the Muslims can more than hold their own and that the Christians don't seem to have any breakthroughs in their apologetic.

Anonymous said...

thegrandverbalizer: I think that Nabeel's debate with Bassam Zawadi and Abdullah Kunde's debates with James White and Samuel Green show that the Muslims can more than hold their own and that the Christians don't seem to have any breakthroughs in their apologetic.

You know when I was posting at AM, the debate between Dr.Naik and Dr.Campbell on science in the Quran and bible once came up, and to my surprise, the bigots at AM were claiming that Dr.Campbell had won the debate. This shows that whether Muslims actually win or lose, the AM folks will always claim that the Christian side won. Same is true of the debate between Sami Zataari and David Wood on the prophecy of Muhammad(saw). Sami had clearly won, but the bigots were claiming a victory for Wood.

lessirey said...

I was also blocked by them for simply asking them why they are not answering the 17 questions posted by kufrtokufr, the next thing i saw was my comment being deleted and me getting blocked.

I do not and did not use any kind of foul language.

Their actions speak for themselves.