Thursday, 1 July 2010

New Evangelical Scandal: Sam Shamoun's Recent Orgy of Vile Comments in Audio

Yes, it is Sam Shamoun at it yet again, his latest bout of preaching was only yesterday (30/06/2010) and it was recorded.

Sam Shamoun is a missionary who is in his 40's at the moment, he caused a stir a couple of years back when his foul antics were documented; Chrisitans were reluctant to admonish him and excused him as it was a couple of years ago...well he is at it again, this time there is NO excuse

Sam Shamoun brings the Church into disrepute once again and his student (James White) is left with serious egg on his face, White has to admonish and rebuke Sam Shamoun otherwise the Alpha and Omega Ministry will be interlocked with further scandal at the hands of one of the most infamous "evangelists" on the internet

Here is the awful Sam Shamoun doing his worst, quite literally:

Any mitigating circumstances, well

"Liverpool" asks "why was the Jesus statue burned?" (he is speaking of the "Touchdown Jesus")

Fair question, kid...but Shamoun goes ape!!!

Sam Shamoun starts abusing the boy's mother..we realise "liverpool" is only 16

Shamoun speaks about women's privates etc and the boy asks "why do SOME Christians worship a penis prepuce"...bizarre question but it seems it is a valid question on "paltalk" as this kid heard a chap called "Gomerozdubar" (sp?) mentioned it with a link to wikipedia:

Mkvine, a gentleman who claims to have been present also points out the teenager asked "did Jesus go to the toilet"

SamShamoun then starts shouting "Allahu Akbar" for some reason, eventually blocks the kid from the chat area and then continues his pursuit of this kid via text by calling him "child of satan"

Sam Shamoun panicked when the teenager told him he had emailed the recording to "Yahya Snow" and Shamoun began a process of damage limitation in the comment section prior to this post being uploaded...this was indicative of Shamoun's guilt and tacit admission of his "bad behaviour

Watch out boys and girls at ISNA...Sam Shamoun is being dragged there by the Acts17apologetics crew...all funded by the innocent Chrisitan who believes evangelism of the highest order will take place :(


NOTE: If the teenager, "liverpool", said anything indecent then he is to be admonished and rebuked. I have not see any evidence of "liverpool" insulting Shamoun. However, Sam Shamoun and his pals are trying to smear the kid due to his admiration for Nadir Ahmed etc...Sam grow up and rectify yourself rather than trying to find an excuse for the inexcusable

A more detailed response will be produced in the future...God Willing