Monday, 5 July 2010

Convert to Islam

Taken From Converted2Islam

What is the true religion?

Have you read the Quran?

What do you know about Islam?

Who is Allah?

Thinking of converting to Islam...


Anonymous said...
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minoria said...

I believe that once saved,always saved,so I hold that he is still saved,even though he left the Jesus of the gospels.

From my experience with converts to Islam(the ones I have debated with),and at the time I didn't know they were converts,they approve of the killing of civilians by Hamas,Hizbullah,etc.

He should make a video where he states in clear terms what his position on those groups is.Does he agree with DR. ZUHDI JASSER(he is in youtube)who is 100% against those groups?

Or is he for them?

Because we have already had more than 15,5000 attacks from them since 9/11.
As a Muslim he has to make to his position clear on that...we are living in troubled times.It is imperative.

Anonymous said...

i born in Islam,my parents is Islam but when christian friend ask me to tell them about islam,i was blank.dont knw wht should i tell them..thanks to this video,i now really open up my eyes..n had shared this video to my roman Catholic friend,i it make they interested to learn about islam more...thank again..