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Christian Missionaries: A Dishonest Past on Islam Sleep Walks into the Present

Actually, quite a few Orientalist scholars were Christian missionaries. One notable example is Sir William Muir, who was an active missionary and author of several books on Islam. His books were very biased and narrow-minded studies, but they continue to be used as references for those wishing to attack Islam to this very day.

That Christians were the source of some of the worst lies and distortions about Islam should come as no surprise, since Islam was its main “competitor” on the stage of World Religions. Far from honouring the commandment not to bear false witness against one’s neighbour, Christians’ distortions and lies about Islam were widespread, as the following shows:

“The history of Orientalism is hardly one of unbiased examination of the sources of Islam especially when under the influence of the bigotry of Christianity. From the fanatical distortions of John the Damascus to the apologetic of later writers against Islam that told their audiences that the Muslims worshipped three idols!

Peter the Venerable (1084 – 1156) “translated” the Quran, which was used throughout the Middle Ages and included nine additional chapters.

Sale’s infamously distorted translation followed that trend, and his along with the likes of Rodwell, Muir and a multitude of others attacked the character and personality of Muhammad.

Often they employed invented stories, or narrations which the Muslims themselves considered fabricated or weak, or else they distorted the facts by claiming Muslims held a position which they did not, or using the habits practised out of ignorance among the Muslims as the accurate portrayal of Islam.

As Norman Daniel tell [sic] us in his work Islam and the West: “The use of false evidence to attack Islam was all but universal…” (p. 267)” [From An Authoritative Exposition – part 1, by ‘Abdur-Raheem Green]

Taken from: p35-36, Studies in Hadith Literature with a Complete Hadith Terminology, Omar Ahmed Kasir, Al Firdous Ltd, 2005

Tired of cataloguing current Christian missionary lies

I ask you, has there really been a shift in Christian missionary communities with regards to their level of intellectual honesty when dealing with Islam? From what I can see on the internet (and beyond) there are a number of Christian missionaries, either fabricating or blindly peddling fabrications initiated by their dishonest predecessors.

If you are a Non-Muslim, PLEASE start learning about Islam for yourself do NOT rely on a missionary to teach you about Islam as he/she could very realistically be fabricating lies or obliviously presenting the lies of past Christian missionaries in good faith.

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