Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Yuvan Shankar Raja News, Tamils and others Invited to learn about Islam

Yuvan Shankar Raja, a Tamil singer and song writer, is following Islam according to reports. Reports did say Yuvan Shankar Raja received some opposition from his fans at his decision to announce that he follows Islam. This clearly shows these fans to be sadly ignorant of what Islam is. If they really understood Islam they would have been congratulating Yuvan Shankar Raja on his decision. If you are interested in learning about Islam, check out:
A snip from a news report about Yuvan Shankar Raja:
Yuvan Shankar Raja posted, "I follow Islam and I'm proud about it. Alhamdhulillah." It is believed that the music director has been missing his mother, who passed away in 2011. During this time, the music director, who wanted to find peace and return to his normal stage, met a spiritual guru from Islam.

Invitation to Islam

Would you like a relationship with your Creator? Would you like to worship the God of Jesus – the same God that Jesus worshipped? Would you like to become a brother/sister of Jesus? If yes, come to Islam.

Bible: Muslims are blessed


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