Sunday, 6 July 2014

Daily Mail Accused of Anti-Muslim Deception...

The following comment was posted on a online chat forum for Muslims yesterday inviting responses:
Mail Muslim extremist
Some of the other members of the forum became suspicious by the strange comment and decided to check the new member’s ISP address:
mail Muslim extremist 1
More up-to-date checks of the ISP address by other members of the forum showed the comment was posted by someone working at the Daily Mail Group (the Evening Standard used to be part of the Daily Mail Group):
mail Muslim extremist 2
The whole thread has now been deleted from the forum but it can still be viewed on Google’s webcache here.

So it seems the Daily Mail ordered one of their journalists to pose as an extremist on a Muslim forum to try to elicit comments they could use for an anti-Muslim story.
Fortunately they were busted.

In a civilised society, a national newspaper journalist trying to stir up hatred and controversy with lies and subterfuge should be so professionally shameful it would normally lead to the sack for the hack concerned and investigations into standards of journalistic accountability at the publication.

At the Daily Mail – it’s just another day at the office.

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