Thursday, 17 July 2014

George Galloway and Gayatri: First Child

By the Grace of God and the limitless kindness of the NHS staff at St Thomas's Hospital Westminster London, Gayatri and George Galloway MP are grateful to announce the birth of their son Toren Mustaqim, a brother to Lucy Zein and Faris.

Toren was born at 3.22am on July 15th after a mammoth period of labour weighing a heavyweight 10 pounds (4.57 kg). Mother and baby are both doing well.

Toren in Gaelic (Irish and Scottish) means both "Chief" and "craggy hill". In Dutch it mean...s "tower". In Arabic it is related to the word for "mountain".

"Mustaqim is from the Arabic"Sirata Mustaqim" meaning "true path" repeated five times daily by Muslims in the "Al Fateha" prayer.

Toren was born to a troubled world but he began his life gazing over at the Houses of Parliament surrounded by a family which loves him.

May the Lord of all the worlds protect him and keep him, let him stand tall and strong, and always on the true path.

Gayatri and George Galloway MP

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