Thursday, 17 July 2014

Muslim Sister Needs Kidney Transplant

I was diagnosed with renal failure 3 years back, since then I have been dialysing for 9 hours every single day. Now this treatment has stopped working and due this the level of toxins are really high in my body. these toxins are making me unwell and unless I have a transplant, I will be getting worse day by day.

I am unable to get up, walk or do anything, have breathing problems, acid reflux, sore feet and face, high blood pressure which is damaging my heart and can cause cardiac arrest or stroke. other than this I`m experiencing eyesight problems, migraines, acid reflux, skin problems, dental problems and infections .low haemoglobin and iron levels, high phosphate levels which can make my heart stop. The only for me to survive is to have the transplant, if anyone with blood group B or O, living in the UK is interested in donating a kidney please contact me

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